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Saturday, October 22, 2016

Talking Dead and the Presidential Race

Yesterday, you read about the dead voting. Estimates are that over 4,000,000 fraudulent and/or fictitious voters—including the dead—will cast ballots in next month’s presidential election.

Here are a few references on the severity of voter fraud:
2 Million Deceased Americans on Active Voter Lists

Illegals voting
Voter Fraud: We’ve Got Proof It’s Easy

Fraud: CBS News Discovers Hundreds of Dead Voters in Greater Los Angeles
Elections Expert: “We Now Have 4 Million Ineligible and Dead Votes on American Voter Rolls”

Like the deaths in Benghazi, Liberals don’t believe in voter fraud. No, to them its just a vast rightwing conspiracy.

However, today we have finally heard from The Dead. Yes, the dead are talking and they don’t sound very grateful.

Thanks to a street artist Sabo in L.A., The Walking Dead has entered into the Presidential election.

Link: Poster and related story Hollywood Reporter

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Friday, October 21, 2016

The Election is Rigged! Trump was Right!

By “X”

Donald Trump is correct about the election being rigged and the system being stacked against him, but not in the way you think.  The election is always rigged against the Grand Ole Party; and at every level too!  The Blog Father had a thought provoking post Wednesday this week, and if you missed it you should scroll down and take a look, it’s worth the read! 

Today I want to focus on the national election.  As all our readers are aware, the deceased always turn out in record numbers to vote Democrat during election season. As some operatives would say “It’s not over until the dead people’s votes are counted”.  This has been going on for years and no one in the Grand Ole Party or specifically CRA wants to do anything about it.
Period end of that conversation.

(For those too young to remember, in the 1960 Presidential race, John F Kennedy beat Richard Nixon with the votes of the dead from Chicago. Hence the saying, “In Chicago, when you die, you don’t quit voting, you just switch parties”—editor)

Next, I want to talk about the media completely ignoring the WikiLeaks document dumps and perhaps more harshly, the double talk and backroom dealings regarding our likely next president, Hillary Rotten Clinton.  Honestly, the media has ignored all of this like it never even happened.  The irony is that they have had a front row seat to the whole thing. Even more disturbing they are in on it.

Donna Brazile, while working as a CNN host, actually emailed questions from a supposed “town hall meeting” to Hillary’s handlers before the questions were even asked.  This isn’t even a case of crooked media or handling a candidate with kid gloves, this stuff is exactly how a corrupt country like Russia holds elections!  If I were Trump, during Wednesday’s debate, I would have interrupted moderator Chris Wallace and said, “Chris, let’s stop with the hard questions and get to the ones Donna Brazile sent her please.”  Then look into the camera and say, “Rigged election folks!”
Game, set, and match.

Perhaps more disturbing, the media is running with this story of all these woman who have come forward accusing Trump of sexual harassment or assault.  Trump has been asked over and over since the infamous tape he and Billy Bush were on making locker room talk about these women.  His response has been the same the entire time, I have never met any of them, and I do not know who they are.  Yet the media keeps asking; moderators at debates keep asking; it’s literally insanity!

Just think about it for half a second. If this stuff were true, Jeb Bush or some other establishment guy would have crucified Trump with it before the Presidential Primaries ever started.

X believes these women didn’t ever meet Trump, EVER!  I firmly believe these women were hired by that thug, and that’s what he is a thug, that lowlife democrat scum who hired the rabble-rousers to raise holy hell at the Trump rallies.  That’s right, the media took a fake story from democrat pro-Clinton operatives and ran with it.

Please notice the timing. Coincidence? I think not. Trump started doing better in polls and especially with women so the media had to dump a phony narrative on him to slow his momentum. 

Which brings me to my next point about the corrupt election…….Robert Creamer and his braying lowlife associate Scott Foval.  These are the two morons that hired thugs to go to Trump rallies and start fights with the intention of creating a narrative that Republicans are a bunch of hooligans.  How is it that the media has not reported on this at all? Both men claimed to be employees/contractors of the Democrat National Committee and for the Clinton campaign, but again no mention by the media about this incident. 

CNN, also known here as the Clinton News Network, through wannabe journalist Anderson Cooper, actually tried to blame film maker James O’Keefe saying that recording people secretly is a felony.  Cooper is somewhat correct, but he—like the media—enjoys duping people so let’s set the record straight about these two braying lowlifes.  Foval is a career staffer with the democrat party.  Judging by the video (which X has seen in entirety) he doesn’t seem very bright at all. He basically spilled the beans to an undercover person that he barely knows.  Hence X cannot call him an empty suit as that would be a disservice to clothes hangers. 

Now on to the braying lowlife known as Robert Creamer.  Creamer is married to Chicago Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky. Yeah, go figure. A guy who hired thugs is from Chicago right?  Creamer also spent time in jail due to voter fraud, once again….Chicago, shocking!  He also visited the White House over 300 times since Barack Obama has been president.  Shocking! Even more so because Obama has made the visitor logs at the White House private.  No chance Obama ever met with this guy because as you recall, President Obama—who sat in Reverend Wright’s church for decades—was suspiciously absent when Wright ranted about god damning America. 

Chicago style politics…rigging our elections…like I stated earlier…Trump was right, he just phrased it all wrong.

Until next time,



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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Why Now is 1984

I’m getting ready to read Orwell’s famous novel with my son. He’s old enough to see what this dystopian future is all about and see the parallels with modern life. One thing that has become crystal clear in the last year is that 1984 is here. While there is a “Big Brother” theme running thru all levels of government, there is something Orwell didn’t see and that is the willingness of privately owned corporations to voluntarily rewrite “the truth” to score points and gain protection from the government.

Big corporations love big government. They give millions to politicians for two reasons: to be protected from legislative harm in the form of taxation and regulation and secondly to have government protect them from competition.

Now corporations are publicly going a step further, they are filtering news and information to prevent the public from learning anything that might be harmful to those in office. This first came to my notice when the University of California, Davis was outed for paying hundreds of thousands of dollars to a company so that an incident on the campus would be scrubbed or at least buried from Internet searches. Students that were protesting on the campus as part of the George Soros funded Occupy Wall Street Campaign were maced by campus police. The school leadership wanted this unfortunate publicity to go away so they hired a private company to sweep the incident under the rug. People sympathetic to the students caused an uproar and thwarted the effort generating even more bad publicity for the school.

Link: UC Davis attempt to cover-up pepper spray incident is useless

Link: Macing Video

Now Hillary Clinton is the beneficiary of companies like Amazon, Facebook, and Google scrubbing articles, suppressing information, and literally rewriting history for her benefit. This is in addition to thousands of college students, homeless, and others employed by Clinton to bully Trump supporters at rallies, online, and via other means.

Here are a few links about the extent of the fraud that are all up today:

• Memo: Google’s Eric Schmidt Working Directly With the Clinton Campaign
Link: Discreet conversations’ also started with Facebook, Apple in 2014

• WATCH: New BOMBSHELL video just released by James O’Keefe on MASS VOTER FRAUD
“Scott Foval, who has since been fired, admits that the Democrats have been rigging elections for fifty years.”

• Elections Expert: “We Now Have 4 Million Ineligible and Dead Voters on American Voter Rolls”
Link: 4 Million Ineligible and Dead Voters on American Voter Rolls

• Top Indiana election official alleges more voter fraud
Link: Indiana Voter Fraud

• Dem Operative Who Oversaw Trump Rally Agitators Visited White House 342 Times

A key operative in a Democratic scheme to send agitators to cause unrest at Donald Trump’s rallies has visited the White House 342 times since 2009, White House records show.

Robert Creamer, who acted as a middle man between the Clinton campaign, the Democratic National Committee and “protesters” who tried — and succeeded — to provoke violence at Trump rallies met with President Obama 47 times, according to White House records. Creamer’s last visit was in June 2016.

Link: White House Coordinates Attack on Trump Rallies

Hillary Clinton is not the only one who is a beneficiary of history revisionism in the computer age, local Elk Grove State Assembly member Jim Cooper has had his past scrubbed as well.

Jim Cooper’s 2010 race against Scott Jones has been scrubbed of damning comments made by Cooper, I know because I heard him say the words, my information was firsthand. At the time, the Sacramento County Sherriff’s Office was experiencing budget cutbacks and laying off employees. Moral in the department was going down. Elk Grove and other newly created cities in Sacramento County had also been poaching employees from the Sheriff’s Department since 2006 and many longtime officers had left for better working conditions. Cooper’s solution was to fully fund the Sheriff’s Department via traffic cameras. He wanted cameras everywhere not for safety but for revenue generation.  He wanted the Department to fine the public enough to pay for law enforcement (which they are already paying for via other taxes). In the early part of his campaign this idea was central to his revenue solution; however, virtually no mention of this can be found on any Internet search conducted today. Cooper’s words have been scrubbed.

Ditto for Jim Cooper’s many mentions by the Sacramento County Grand Jury. Cooper’s record has been rehabilitated, unfortunately he has not.

Oh, since I’m on the subject of Cooper, he is still the one and only Small Business of the Month at the Elk Grove Dos Coyotes restaurant. Let’s see, May, June, July, August, September, October; yeah, six months in a row.


To play with Paul Harvey’s phrase, “You know what the news is, if Liberals have their way, you’ll never know the rest of the story.”

So next time you read something on Snopes or some other allegedly reliable website, just remember that you might be getting the scrubbed version and not the unvarnished truth. Let the buyer beware.

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Friday, October 14, 2016

Warren Buffett Screws Even the Poorest Americans

By “X”

Warren Buffett owns lots of companies through his investment vehicle subsidiary Berkshire Hathaway.  X will give Buffett credit, he does give out very good investment advice such as; taking a long view on the market as opposed to trying to time it, and buying a wonderful company at a good price instead of buying a good company at a wonderful price.  Turn on CNBC or Fox Business and the program’s host will probably mention Buffett several times throughout the day. He is known as both the “oracle of Omaha” and the “greatest investor ever.”  For the most part this is true; however, let’s delve into a few select companies he owns and how they fleece the poorest people living in our country.

One such company is Clayton Homes. Berkshire Hathaway (Buffett) acquired them back in 2003 for 1.7 billion dollars.  Clayton Homes builds and sells manufactured homes. X has no issue and actually believes Buffett made a smart decision to buy a company like Clayton.  Manufactured homes are generally lived in by people who do not have much financially and that is not an issue; people do need to live somewhere.  Clayton sells its products on sales lots similar to an independent car dealer. Typically, when customers visit Clayton’s lots, they encounter flashy signs and banners specifically to target their preferred demographic, the poor, and minorities. (More on this later). 

Clayton was expanded over the years to produce many varieties of the same types of homes under different names, smart move as automakers do the same thing.  Many towns have multiple Clayton Homes dealers but they were intentionally branded under different names to deceive shoppers.  In some sparsely populated parts of the Midwest and South, one would have to drive past as many as five Clayton Homes dealers to find a non-Clayton dealer.  In Texas, there are 12 Clayton dealers and not one competitor for over three hours away!  In Carrolton, Texas—just north of Dallas, Buffet’s Clayton Homes controls 90% of the manufactured home market, yeah think about that for a minute.

Manufactured home selling isn’t unethical or anything so, why is X white hot at Rich Uncle Pennybags?  It’s the way he markets, insures, and finances them.  Clayton markets directly to the poor, but more so to minorities. One former Clayton supervisor said “We market to that demographic because they are not as smart as whites and don’t ask questions like whites do.”  That’s not racist at all is it?  Manufactured homes are a horrible investment to begin with because they depreciate in value extremely quickly, and if you don’t have the $45k to buy the unit outright then Buffett can finance it for you!  Yup, he owns Vanderbilt Mortgage, a low income, high risk lender.  Vanderbilt was the preferred lender for Clayton sales associates to steer their unexpected customers toward at financing time.  Vanderbilt paid Clayton a royalty for each placed loan, and Buffett got a cut as well. (Kinda sounds like the Wells Fargo debacle right?)  Vanderbilt charges very high fees, and the interest rates are exorbitant, often seven points higher than a typical home loan.  So in today’s terms that would be around 11% interest a year.  Other lenders charged around 3.8% higher than a conventional home loan, but remember Uncle Warren wants to get paid at every point of the process.  Vanderbilt Mortgage has a staggering 40% of the manufactured home loan market, the second largest controls just 6%, that would be Wells Fargo.

Additionally Clayton has an insurance subsidiary, HomeFirst Agency. They were the preferred provider of insurance on all the homes sold by Clayton and financed by Vanderbilt.  Again, the sales associates were telling customers that their current insurance company does not insure mobile homes so you should go with our in house option.  So once again he duped unsuspecting people.  So at this point of the sales process Buffett has profited several different times: the loan Clayton got from Berkshire to build the unit, Shaw Carpet and Benjamin Moore Paints to finish the interior (both owned by Buffett), the loan through Vanderbilt Mortgage, and the insurance through HomeFirst.  Sounds like a heck of a gig if you can land it.  However of the three main players in this article, Vanderbilt Mortgage literally may be the devil re-incarnated.

Vanderbilt doesn’t verify or ask for income statements from the individual getting the loan.  This happened on purpose folks, Vanderbilt does this to make a profit up front on the fees and interest for the first few months, then they could repossess the unit and sell it again; lather, rinse, repeat.  Or in the words of the Blogfather, Dewey, Screwem and Howe.  Vanderbilt would tell the customers the loans could be refinanced at a lower rate in the future; not true, Vanderbilt did this so they could repossess.  Vanderbilt customer service members would tell clients that called in pleading to refinance that they should and I quote “not buy medication or medicines, and encourage them to pawn off or sell any items they could to make that payment.”  The customers could not refinance the loans as units depreciate extremely quickly. As a result, many customers lost their homes.  Even worse, many customers lost their land which they had put up as collateral.  In one case, while foreclosure was being introduced, Vanderbilt had already taken the unit and had it listed for sale on a Clayton lot again.  These companies are so corrupt and unethical they defied the orders of a judge.

So once again to recap, the nice guy Warren Buffett who laments that his secretary pays a higher income tax rate then he does, owns companies that allow him to profit at every turn and plays by his own set of rules when it comes to steering customers into making poor financial decisions.  Buffett is a fraud, plain and simple. He is a very greedy human being who is ruthless to the working people while he profits hand over fist.  He should not be regarded as a great person or great investor, as in these cases with Vanderbilt Mortgage and Clayton Homes some people and families literally lost everything to a phony empire know as Warren Buffett.  Wait until I unveil the next hit on him, regarding his profits over employee’s dealings.

Until next time,


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Post Constitutional America is Here

Former Sacramento Congressman Vic Fazio was quoted back in the 1980’s as saying “Don’t go quoting the Constitution to me, let’s get back to reality”.   Unfortunately, this Liberal Democrat was a harbinger of what has come to pass in the intervening years.

The song “Stop the World” by Randy Stonehill puts much of our wrongs into a succinct form:
We’re putting criminals in office
Cause it’s way too crowded in the jails
T.V. is our teacher now
The schools are overrun by thugs
And children skip their innocence
And graduate to sex and drugs
Right is wrong and wrong is right
White is black and black is white

Millions of people in this country have taken an oath to “…defend the country from all enemies foreign and domestic” but look at their actions, they clearly don’t believe it.

Not only have the barbarians repeatedly stormed the gates, but our leaders are inviting the barbarians—including those from the Seventh Century—to come here and stay. They are welcome to setup outposts of insurgence within our borders. Why? Because they have a common enemy: Christianity.

The American experiment in democracy appears to be experiencing its last dying breaths. The country is burdened with so much debt that all the wealth in the world could literally not pay all the obligations of government let alone the consumer debt of its people.

Yes, the United States is experiencing the same civil war that is raging in the rest of the West. Secular Humanism and Islam are uniting to destroy Christianity. Christianity is responsible for Western Culture but its heirs have forgotten God and think they can do it without Him. Each of our leaders—like their counterparts in the Biblical books of Chronicles and Kings—have done more wickedness than all the leaders before them. They glory in their wickedness. Our gods are called Choice instead of Moloch, athletes, actors, musicians, or politicians instead of Ba’al (local deities), Marvel and D.C. instead of Olympus or Valhalla and the power of the State is vested in Washington instead of Egypt.

Pluralism has the practical effect of establishing a modern Rome where you can have any god you want as long as Caesar is Lord. To hold to the supremacy of the Biblical God is anathema to our culture. This is even true of most self-identified Christians.

Sorry but it’s true. The pervasiveness of abortion, divorce, homosexuality, child abuse, drugs, tattoos, or any other metric of evil in our society is the same inside the Church or out. As a whole, there is no measurable difference between those calling themselves “Christian” and the general population. Most children of Christian families that are raised in the church leave their faith as soon as they go off to college if not before. Is it any wonder when only two colleges in the United States still believe the biblical account of Genesis? If Genesis is a myth then so is the rest of the Bible. Without “The Fall” there is no sin and no God; therefore, no need for a Savior.

The Clinton v Trump campaign may seem important to us at the moment but regardless of who wins, the trajectory of the country will continue to further decline. The vote will only determine how fast the decline will continue. The Republic is over; the only struggle now is what will replace it. Look for less freedom, more government, and more persecution. Jesus said to count the cost of following Him and we are beginning to see that even in this country the price is rapidly increasing. To openly follow Him will cost you, jobs, property, and your freedom; not in the future but now. Welcome to the curses of Deuteronomy 28:15–68

We are clearly under God’s judgment but instead of repenting, we are acting like Alfred E Newman from Mad Magazine and saying, “What, me worry?”

Alfred E Newman

The Constitution was supposed to be THE list of the powers of the national government—enumerated powers—but now it means the opposite, unless specifically prohibited, the nation government thinks its fair game to fill their coffers or interfere in you daily life. Rightly interpreted, the government created by the Constitution was so small and remote that it shouldn’t matter who is in office. As envisioned by the document, the President and Supreme Court had very little responsibility. Almost all power was to be in the Congress. (Remember that they just dumped a King and country and were looking not to repeat that mistake again.) As written, the leadership in Washington was to affect your daily lives as much as the winner of the San Francisco 49ers versus the Oakland Raiders game last year.

Triumvirates didn’t work too well in Ancient Rome and it is likely that ours will end-up in the same place. We have the Imperial President that rules by Executive Orders instead of edicts; a legislative branch that is a cheap parody of the Imperial Senate of Star Wars or Roman Senate under the Caesars. (Can you say symbolism over substance?) The only difference is that we have a Supreme Court. The Court gets to make laws too but they have become a laughingstock. They have no real power, no army or way to enforce anything and they serve at the pleasure of the President. When needed, they always fall in line to the will of the President. Lest you disagree with me, look back to Roosevelt and the New Deal. “A switch in time saved nine”  is not a nursery rhyme but an historical fact.

Someday soon, a President is not going to leave the White House at the end of his term but remain in power. He might even change his title to Chancellor or caretaker. The Court will reluctantly find it Constitutional and the Congress will standby idly wringing their hands when it happens but that day is almost here.

Germany once laughed at Hitler and his National Socialists but everything Hitler did including the Holocaust was with the blessing of their Legislature and Courts . Well socialists now run most of this country, the only squabble is will we be National Socialists or Internationalist Socialists (Globalists)?  We might even adopt a Fascist economic model just to spice things up and create the illusion of private ownership of the means of production.

I think Fazio was right; we are no long bound by the Constitution. Like people that go to church and don’t let their professed faith affect their daily lives, we pay lip-service to the founding document but don’t feel constrained to follow it. Conservative Protestants have been saying that we live in a Post-Christian world since Francis Schaeffer in the 1980’s; well I think it’s high time that we called our era in modern America the Post-Constitutional one. My only question is did Post-Constitutional America begin with FDR or Obama? I will have to ponder that one a while longer.

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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Words Speak Louder Than Deeds

Eight years ago, it was our worst versus their worst and Obama won. This time it’s our loudest versus their loudest. The election isn’t over yet but there’s been a hell of a lot of jury tampering going on lately.

Trump was caught on tape saying something that many—especially on the Left seem to claim is reprehensible. Trump used words but Bill Clinton did what Trump said and worse. Nobody has accused Trump of rape but Bill Clinton is a proven sexual predator and gets a pass from the same people feigning outrage at Trump.

Isn’t that what the entire pornography industry is based on; fantasies that men have about women that they can never have. It was Larry Flint—publisher of Hustler magazine—that famously came to Bill Clinton’s defense during the impeachment and Monica affairs.  What party defends and promotes pornography, perversion, and tearing down social norms? It’s in their rainbow DNA. Pornography is such a big deal that it’s even on the California ballot; we get to vote on whether those in adult films must use condoms when filming pornographic movies.

And you thought Liberals wanted to keep government out of your bedroom? Yeah, right!

Trump talks about keeping America safe while Hillary—as Secretary of State—purposely killed those in her care. Thanks to Michael Bay, at least some low information voters have heard of Benghazi.

How come Trump’s words are xenophobia while Hillary wants to expand the Obama policy of flooding the country with Muslims that want to kill and enslave us?  Oh, and implement Sharia Law. People that came here used to want to be Americans, but now they want to reshape America to be just like whatever Third World hole they crawled out of.

Even after campaigning twice for president and spending a billion dollars in political ads during this election cycle, no Clinton supporter can tell you three accomplishments of Hillary.  They only know that Trump is evil because he is a Republican and uses sarcasm when answering stupid questions from the Fourth Estate.

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Friday, October 07, 2016

More on Taxpayer Funding in Support of Measure B

If you needed more proof that taxpayer money is being spent on supporting Measure B here is yet another nugget of evidence.
Please note that the website registrations for Yes on Measure B Link: MeasureB-Yes and the Sacramento Go Link: SacramentoGo websites are hosted by the same Internet server. Sacramento Go is the site being pushed at taxpayer expense by various cities and the county of Sacramento to gin-up support for higher taxes.

Sacramento Go website registration data

Measure B Yes registration data

Both sites have the same Internet Protocol (IP) address. This is more than coincidence.

It’s time to cue the music to “It’s a Small World” There are no coincidences in this campaign, it is one seamlessly orchestrated scam on the low information voters of this region.  Both Republican and Democrat elected officials are united in pulling one over on the voters of this county.  This is what government means when they advocate a public-private partnership.

Also please note that both the taxpayer funded flyer and the mailer from the Yes campaign are using the very same publisher. All the taxpayer funded advocacy literature is illegal and an in-kind contribution to the Yes campaign.

Map key from Yes Campaign mailing

Map from City of Elk Grove taxpayer funded flyer

There is no doubt that both the taxpayer funded flyer and the one from the Yes campaign were created by the same company. The graphics are identical. Both were mailed a few days apart.

When you live in a one party system this kind of corruption is rampant and unchecked.

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Thursday, October 06, 2016

Wilton Rancheria Casino Buys off Elk Grove City Council

By “X”

I’ve decided to wait another week before whacking Rich Uncle Penny bags AKA Warren Buffett to shine some light on the recently passed Indian Gaming Taj Mahal coming soon to Elk Grove.  Just to set the record straight, X is no fan of the new casino; however, I do not oppose it because of a perceived notion that crime, prostitution, and drunk driving will occur more often.  X opposes the casino because Elk Grove was supposedly founded on being a family friendly bed and breakfast community with hopefully enough amenities that you can always find some good clean fun in town.  A casino is not family friendly or a provider of good, clean family fun. 

Let’s face it many of us have been to local area casinos such as: Thunder Valley, Red Hawk, Jackson Rancheria, and Cache Creek. The narrative is the same at all of them; a 2,000 plus slot and table game gambling floor, a hotel, a plethora of buffets and nice restaurants, concert areas, and a golf course.  This is all fine; however, you must be 21 or over to play on the gaming floor, thus children are not allowed. Also casinos are exempt from California’s no smoking laws, so I guess there will be Prop 65 warnings about how the casino can cause cancer right?  While casinos do not show any increase in crime or drunk driving per say, the biggest reason the City Council will regret this decision is these establishments are a horrible vice, one capable of destroying a family.

X will cede the point that alcohol and illicit drugs are a major reason for the breakdown of a family, with the former being served at Indian Casinos. To me, the single worst problem caused by these casinos is that they often prey upon people with limited to no disposable income.  I’ve seen it many times over the years. X only attends Indian Casinos once in a blue moon, but when he does he is startled by the number of people gambling next Friday’s paycheck on red trying desperately to double their money.  This leads to major financial ruin for families eventually causing homes, cars and even retirement savings to be lost in the name of trying to earn a quick buck.  Don’t take my word for it, go to a casino and you will see it first hand; laborers, blue collar workers, and retirees spending copious amounts of money each hour; and these places are extremely expensive.  Wait and watch as Elk Grove burns folks. Any bets on free transportation to and from the nearby Del Webb community?

This was the single dumbest decision ever made in this city’s brief history.

However I will give the executives and decision makers from the tribe big, hearty congratulations.  They single handedly fleeced the entire city council .  The compact will pay the City of Elk Grove $132 million over 30 years to offset the increase in traffic and mitigation issues the casino will cause.  Isn’t that nice of them?  14.5 million of that will be up front to assist with police, road improvements, and community facilities. 

When a casino went into El Dorado County, the county government made the tribe build out the roads and overpass for Red Hawk before they could build the casino but, with this deal, the City of Elk Grove will foot the bill for access to the casino.  Please keep in mind that the City Fathers already spend 30 million for freeway access to the ill-fated mall project. I am not sure what community facilities entail, but I would assume more convention centers or sports complexes we don’t need.  (Can you say aquatics center and Cadillac soccer center?—editor) The tribe was smart; they also are including in their 4.5 million annual payment monies to be directed to Elk Grove Unified School District and local charities, essentially buying off all dissent that could have shown up. 

X was in attendance at the council meeting when this item was brought up. I witnessed concerned and angry citizens being ignored by the city council—which I may add featured CRA endorsed tax hiker Patrick Hume and union lover and revenue supporter Steven Detrick.  It’s funny because a grand total of 0 members from CRA were in attendance; maybe because they want to keep Hume and Detrick happy? 

This goes back to why the CRA and Republican Party are extinct in California, especially in Elk Grove.  Steven Detrick also embarrassed himself by voting in support of the casino before he was even called on!  Hume heard there was a bribe, err I mean money from the tribe coming for transportation projects (He sits on the Regional Transit Board) and immediately voted yes.  These are two CRA darlings’ folks! Say one thing around election time but do another when it comes time to take a stand.  The loan voice of reason on this issue was Steven Lie, sorry Ly, he actually spoke out against, but voted in favor.  X cannot blame Lie because he is running for Mayor on a deceive the public platform.

Now we know why the council was so quick to defeat the call for a local sales tax in Elk Grove. The fix was in way back in July.

So to summarize, here is what the tribe will be paying to Elk Grove.
(This was verified by a resident empty suit who works in the City Hall.)

• 14.5 million up front to pay for roads, police, and community centers.  Likely this money will be used to pay for the Yes on Measure B fliers sent out at taxpayer expense the blog father wrote about earlier. 
• Then the City will get an annual payment of 4.5 million to essentially put toward anything they want.  This is a very measly amount when you look at the total revenue likely to be generated at this Casino. 
• Even worse, the 4.5 million will be subject to only 2% annual inflation increases, even when the City’s own economic staff pegs inflation at around 4% in the immediate future. 

We got a raw deal. X recommends voting against Darren Suen, Steve Ly and Steven Detrick in November; however CRA likely will endorse all 3.

Til next time loyal readers,


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Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Taxpayer Money Spent on Measure B

It’s no great surprise to me—especially in a state that in now governed by one political party—that taxpayer money is being spent to try to raise taxes. Last week, a coordinated campaign flyer was sent throughout Sacramento County to promote passage of Measure B—the sales tax increase for transportation.

Depending on where you live, it was paid for by various local governments. In the Rosemont area, it was paid for by the County of Sacramento. Where I live, it was paid for by the City of Elk Grove. I’m trying to get information on which other local governments were part of this coordinated effort. I’m sure Rancho Cordova and Citrus Heights were in on it too. The flyer is made by the same publisher with some tweaks to target various parts of the county.

Besides being paid for with taxpayer money, the flyers did not have any campaign identification on them. The required committee disclosures and I.D. numbers were not on them. The flyer clearly promoted passage of the tax increase and directed people to the yes on B website.

So why is that a big deal you might ask? Because they were sent not on the basis of utility bills or tax rolls or other relationships to local government, they were sent to registered voters.

My proof is simply. The flyer sent to my house was not sent to my wife and me. All county and city utilities are in our name except for the one that is in the name of my deceased mother-in-law. No, the flyer was sent to my adult stepchildren. Their only tie to our house is voter registration.  My stepson is in the Air Force and lives outside of California. The only government records with his name and our address on them is his voter registration. My stepdaughter’s only government records with her name on them are one motor vehicle, and her voter registration. No insurance, cell phones, utilities or anything else is in their names now or at any time in the past.

Voter registration records can legally only be used for political purposes.

Therefore for a political flyer to be sent to registered voters without being reported as a political expenditure is a clear violation of campaign finance law.

So we have two violations of the law in play:
1. Taxpayer money used to pay for a political mailer that is not identified as such
2. The flyer is sent to people on the basis of being registered voters

This is the second time that I am aware that the City of Elk Grove has funded a political flyer in favor of the tax increase. Clearly the elected officials at city hall are either in on this abuse of taxpayer money or not minding the store; either way is not good for citizens or the rule of law.

I’m encouraging the Sith Lord to file a formal complaint with the Fair Political Practices Committee (FPPC). Any action they take—which is a questionable proposition—would be long after the election in November. However, it might be grounds to get the tax increase challenged in court should it pass.

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Friday, September 30, 2016

Movie Review: Targeted

My wife thought my previous version of this review was too harsh so I’ve rewritten this blog to reflect her critique.

Last night there was a nationwide screening of the documentary Targeted: Exposing the Gun Control Agenda.
Link: Targeted The Movie
The film was made by Jesse Winton and his father Randy . This is the Winton’s second film. Their first was on the subject of adoption.

I saw the movie at a theater in Folsom, CA. Jesse and Randy were both in attendance.  I have known them for several years. Also in attendance was the sheriff of El Dorado County—John D’Agostini—who is featured in the film and Paul Shaver—who portrayed the gun maker in the film.

Jesse Winton

Targeted is the story of 20 year old Jesse Winton as he explores gun control and the Second Amendment. The story was believable and compelling. It reflected the Winton’s family values without being “in your face” about it. It was logically presented. The movie makes an historical case for the linkage of bearing arms and freedom. It begins in the present and explores the background of where the Second Amendment originated. It presents a logical case for how the Founding Fathers built upon the work of others and asserted that the Declaration of Independence was an expression of existing beliefs about the relationship of a sovereign to his people. The film was about an hour long plus the panel discussion that follows.

The film is a challenge to the American people to embrace their heritage. Winton reminds us that Rights come from God not government; therefore, government has no right to deprive people of Liberty; especially with false promises of security.

There will be another showing October 5th. I recommend that you get a few friends to go see the movie. However, please be careful how you invite people. If you mention the title of the movie on Facebook, know that your post and account will be subject to censorship or worse.

Other Thoughts

Please sir, can I have some more?

The thing I really wanted to see more of was politicians calling for gun control that had no idea what they were talking about. These video clips were presented in a staccato fashion and the moment passed too quickly.

I know this project took about three years to get from concept to cinema. I also know that there is lots of great footage that literally didn’t make the final cut. I hope they add a feature on the DVD to give us a look at some of this material. My recollection is that they have some great footage of Diane Feinstein saying some outrageous things about guns (probably on more than one occasion).

Comments on Production Quality
Production and editing were good; especially considering the shoestring budget that was used to make the film. Photography was good but a few spots were too dark or a little off on the exposure settings. Some shots using magnification were slightly pixelated—most of these were outdoor shots of scenery. (That’s the risk you take when you need to get something on the first take.) The film’s audio was well done; however, the panel discussion following the film had some audio issues but I’m not sure if it was from emulating stereo sound or just the challenges of miking five people simultaneously during a live production.

The most difficult thing to watch in the film was the television clips at the beginning. Several were hard on my eyes because the video quality was poor. It seemed like they were made with a camera in front of a television set or lifted from low quality YouTube uploads. Perhaps it’s one of those things where it looks great on a monitor but when magnified to the proportions of a movie theater screen, it just shows all the blemishes that seemed minor on a television.


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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

HD Antenna

The HD antenna that I deployed when our family “cut the cord” was really marginal. The antenna was located in our attic but many local channels were downright unwatchable. All we were able to get on some stations was pixels that changed every four or five seconds and highly fragmented audio. To watch many shows, I had to catch them on Hulu the following day. Watching the evening news was impossible on many stations and ditto for live sports.

Just in time for the new television season—such as it is—I went to Frys and bought a new antenna. (Assembly required) I then got up the nerve to get on the roof to install it. Our ladder is too short to reach the roof and standing on the top step is a dicey proposition—especially when working by yourself. Thankfully, my eleven year old is willing to help his old dad by holding the ladder.

I removed the DirecTV dish and replaced it with the new antenna. I used the same mast but had to exclude some parts from the clamp assembly to get it to fit.

It may not reach the advertised 70 miles but we do get more channels and at a much better quality. After filtering out the Spanish language and home shopping stations, we still have a fairly good variety of over-the-air stuff to choose from.

Clear Stream 4V Extreme Range Indoor/Outdoor HDTV Antenna

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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Trump v Clinton: Debate 1

At the insistence of my wife, I had to sit thru the presidential debate last night.

My first impression was that Lester Holt is a dolt. He was so in the tank for Hillary—yes, unlike Democrats, I can spell her name correctly.


Lester was not evenhanded in his treatment of the candidates and intervened whenever Trump starting pressing Clinton on issues. Whenever the audience would applaud Trump, he would scold them but said nothing when Clinton supporters became vocal or would applaud. His questions were heavily slanted to the Left and never probed into Clinton’s failures. Trump had two opponents on the stage last night.

I was disappointed that Trump did not press Clinton on Benghazi, the Clinton Foundation, and all the foreign money that she is taking from the Islamic world.  Trump also did not press the fact that one in five households has no one working and there are 95 million people out of the workforce under the economy of Obama.

What I must remember is that Trump was not there for my benefit, he was there to “look presidential” to the low information voters in a few swing states.  If he can win the hearts and minds of these people that haven’t paid attention to politics until now, then he just might win.

If I was to score the debate on points, Trump won but not outright. Holt largely kept away from Clinton’s weaknesses and kept attacking Trump using her talking points.

I hope that next time Trump will better explain his economic ideas. His target audience is a bunch of economic illiterates that don’t understand that “the rich” pay most of the taxes in this country and our tax policies are punitive toward success and risk taking. Trump let Clinton get away with repeating the myth that that government creates jobs—no she didn’t use those exact words but if you look at the definition of what she said, that is what it means.

Debating Clinton presents so many potential targets that it’s understandable that Trump let some opportunities get past him. Trump was solid on the race trap that Holt tried to set and did well explaining his opposition to the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade deal. Trump also did well deflecting the Media Matters type attacks that Clinton tried to hit him with towards the end. Trump does use satire and exaggeration and when Clinton tries to take him literally and hit him with it, she looks stupid.

I think Clinton blew her wad last night and is out of ammo for the next round but Trump is just warming-up. Voting in many states will be underway before the next debate and Trump has momentum.

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Friday, September 23, 2016

The Snake from Omaha Part II

By “X”

As we begin part 2 of our series detailing the fraud known as “the greatest investor in the world,” we want to open with a developing story out of Omaha this week.  Warren Buffet was asked to comment about the Wells Fargo banking fraud scandal; remember the company he owns about 10% of? Well Ole Warren belched out a doozy; he is not going to comment on the matter until November.  That’s interesting, that also happens to be after the election for President and congress will be decided.  Great leadership, I would love to work for him, be directly involved in fraud and not have to suffer any consequences.  Maybe if Hillary wins the election she will put him in charge of the Department of Justice?  One could argue he would actually be better than either of the two that served as head of the DOJ under President Obama.

Maybe Buffett will care to comment on this scandal emulating from his subsidiary Berkshire Hathaway Applied Underwriters.  A bicycle courier company is suing the snake from Omaha’s company after being duped by their workers compensation so called insurance policy bought through Berkshire Hathaway.  The company—Breakaway Courier Company—that is suing Buffett calls the policy they bought a reverse Ponzi-scheme.  Insurance—as most people know—is paid by an individual or corporation to minimize or transfer risk.  Workers compensation insurance carries very steep premiums as a result of worker misclassification and fraud that occurs regularly.  In this case, Breakaway Courier paid in over $863,000 in premiums over the years and they were promised by Buffett’s conglomerate that the premium was being placed in a “cell” which means they would get the money back if not used to pay claims.  So in essence, companies were covering each other’s losses, and Breakaway found out the money was not going to be returned as promised. 

Here is an excerpt from Bloomberg Markets;

In the lawsuit, Breakaway Courier Corp. accused Omaha, Nebraska-based Berkshire of creating what it called a “reverse Ponzi scheme” that requires workers’ compensation customers to cover each other’s losses. According to the complaint in state court in New York, companies are led to believe their premiums are being paid into “protected cells” and will eventually be returned to them.

“Instead, Berkshire Hathaway illegally siphons off premiums,” leaving “employers and injured workers without the funds that New York State requires to be available to cover losses,” according to the complaint.

Oh it gets much better folks, the Department of Insurance in; Wisconsin, California, and Vermont have banned further sale of these policies saying they duped the companies that bought them.  It’s worse, in California you are required to get approval for all insurance premium rates by the commissioner, but apparently not Buffett, he is too big to fail.

“California’s insurance commissioner ruled against Berkshire in June over workers’ compensation policies after determining that the company duped a small business, Shasta Linen Supply, and circumvented a review of rates. Earlier this month, the company agreed to stop selling the policies in dispute in California. The regulator said the Berkshire businesses charged customers’ rates which hadn’t been approved by the regulator.”

No surprise here either, when asked to comment about this small matter of being honest, Buffett had no comment.  Hopefully Hillary will bail him out and make all this go away?  This scheme actually runs through multiple shell companies set up by Buffett so he could pocket money during each transaction and buy stock in companies like Wells Fargo.  Typically, Buffett wants to profit at every point of the transaction, not just the final product.  Pretty awesome job ripping off a small business of 63 based in Sacramento ole Warren. Is this the type of thing you and Charlie Munger speak about during your annual meeting? 

X has the 3rd installment ready to go as well, once again targeting subsidiaries of Buffett; Clayton Homes and Vanderbilt Mortgage.  Get in the underground bunker Buffett fans, the A-bomb is about to drop.

Til next week “X”


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Thursday, September 22, 2016

It’s Official: Wells Fargo Customers to Get No Restitution

The headline says it all
Wells Fargo Customers May Never See Their Day in Court, Experts Say
Link: NBC Business

The reason is simple; Wells Fargo employed the law firm of Dewey, Screwum, and Howe. These slick guys inserted a mandatory arbitration clause deep in the bowels of the bank’s fine print and weasel words so in order to open an account with the stagecoach bank you agree to “…mandatory arbitration contract clauses that protect banks from class-action suits.”

The short version is as a bank customer,” you have the right to remain silent…” because by opening an account you waive all your rights to legal protection.

Oh, lest you think this unique, go read your Internet service agreement or other consumer contracts. The software I’m using to write this blog is not mine even though hundreds of dollars were paid to acquire it. I don’t own the software, just a license to use it. It still belongs to Microsoft.

Like home ownership, much that you pay good money for is not really yours; you just use it at the pleasure of the King and his agents.

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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

SEIU Back to the Table

Veggie Tales has a movie called “The Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything” That is what I thought of when I read the latest message from the SEIU to it’s members:

On Oct.10, our bargaining team will return to the table. Our members have demonstrated their support of the bargaining team each week by staying visible; showing solidarity and committing themselves to continuing the fight.

Link: SEIU 09-21-2016

SEIU has done nothing of substance to improve their position in negotiating with the State but they seem ready to declare victor—if they can get anything from the Brown Administration. Are they the Union that doesn’t do anything?

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