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Friday, July 31, 2015

Casting Park’s Pearls

Yesterday, Aaron Park fired off another missive about the CRA online vote to create a Special Litigation Committee. In his post, Park asked a few questions to which he probably doesn’t expect an answer; however, since I find myself as the voice of the “loyal opposition” I thought I would briefly chime in.

Is this related to Tom Hudson’s ego being bruised?


Is this related to Tom Hudson needing to go back to the State CRA’s board after-the-fact in order to get them to sanction his rogue actions?


What does the CRA hope to gain out of this? Members? Good Press?

The CRA expects to protect themselves and their chapters from being pillaged by rogue members who ignore the Bylaws and abuse their office by misappropriating tens of thousands of dollars of other people’s money, deleting membership information belonging to the corporation and not anyone named Park, and behaving like horse’s asses on the Internet. In short, CRA has a right to defend its reputation and corporate assets from abuse.

Do the board members of the CRA think that the timing of this will help their efforts to stop the bleeding in the organization?

Wrong question. The bleeding stopped on May 30th.

Does Tom Hudson think that the Placer GOP and Tom McClintock are going to gain from this as he is publicly tied to both…

Tom McClintock is irrelevant to any of this. This is the second blog post in a row where Park has invoked Tom McClintock when attacking Hudson. The previous day he wrote,

“This is why Mine and George’s ouster from the CRA was centered around the non-endorsement of Tom McClintock…”


From April 17th until the end of May, their whole campaign was that Aaron and George were blowing the whistle on Fraud in CRA—remember the data breach where Aaron put private membership records on the Internet (including their bank routing and account numbers) claiming this was their evidence?

As more information because available, we learned that the data breach on April 17th was the most miraculous technological event since Al Gore invented the Internet; especially considering that the Parks later claimed that all the membership records had been lost a month earlier when their computer crashed and they had no backups.

Never fear. A dead hard drive couldn’t keep Aaron down. Despite its mechanical failure, Aaron was able to bend electrons and computer bits to his will to reveal their darkest secrets and lead him to the truth about conspiracies within CRA. This is how Aaron learned that Alice’s full name when translated into Greek has a numerical value of 666. Aaron’s attacks on Alice were based on his understanding that the devil can appear as an angel of light and unsuspecting CRA members would be beguiled by her charisma. Hence his “Black Widow” comments.

Mr. Park, the CRA Board removed you and your bother for not following the Bylaws and abusing the power that had been entrusted to you. The real irony is that had you acted ethically and followed the rules; you, George and John Briscoe would be running CRA now. Most folks that voted for your removal in May were ready to quit CRA after the Spring Convention. The Sith Lord convinced us to stay and fight one last battle.

Logic is out the window. Political insiders will think about the California GOP’s rules about lawsuits and ask questions from that paradigm, but the pattern of behavior has more resembled a sociopath on a rampage to get his next victim.

Aaron, you and your brother are the ones moving on to their next victims.

“…the pattern of behavior has more resembled a sociopath on a rampage to get his next victim”

yet another admission against interest. You frequently project your motivations onto others. Limbaugh pointed this out about Democrats years ago and you frequently do the same thing.

CRA is trying to remove the knives from their backs that ya’ll put there and figure out how to become whole; financially and otherwise.

Who said the Special Litigation Committee was Hudson’s idea? The Board governs CRA not one man.

Tom has done things that may deserve criticism but his treatment of Aaron and George Park has been measured and reserved.

Aaron, he is about the only person on the Board not calling for your heads on a pike. Tom Hudson is your best friend on the CRA Board and all you do is dump on him. Tom has been urging the Board to leave you alone. The Litigation Committee may act and if they do, Tom will not be leading the charge.

You both owe Tom an apology; sadly one that will never come.

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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Windows 10 Upgrade Hiccups

Yesterday I received an email from Microsoft about upgrading my computers to Windows 10. (I’m on their Insider’s list so I get access to some things quicker than the general public.) If after reading my story you wish to try your hand at Windows 10, here is the link
Windows 10 Download

Anyway, I downloaded the tool that they had linked on the webpage to install Windows 10. Things didn’t quite go as advertised.

I downloaded the 64 bit version of the program (19 MB) and ran it.


The Upgrade this PC now option did not work. Once the program tries to download, it crashed.
Use the second option Create installation media for another PC


It will allow you to pick language. English (United States) worked well for me.

Windows version (Home or Pro). Don’t use choices ending in “N”


Architecture is 32 or 64 bit OS



I downloaded the ISO image to my windows 8.1 computer. When download was completed, I copied file to my son’s gaming computer.

Once copied, I mounted the installation file as a drive. For any newbies reading this, Windows 8 can make an ISO image into a virtual drive. The ISO image will then act as DVD player complete with drive letter.

I double clicked on the setup executable file and selected upgrade. After a few prompts Windows downloaded some update files and began installing. On the Internet I kept reading that it takes 20 to 40 minutes to run. This is rubbish. My best guess is an easy two hours. After nursing the computer for an hour and a half, I went to bed to let it finish. The installation progress was at 32 percent.

Then this morning, I spend another 20 minutes just to get it up to the normal desktop. Upon initial boot, the second monitor was not working and the primary monitor was the wrong resolution. Lots of background activity on the hard drive indicated to me that the OS was still downloading and installing updates and passes. I ran Windows Update and got confirmation that the NVidia drivers were finally loaded and then by doing a restart everything was as it should be.

I have yet to hear about any problems running games and that is a good sign.

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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Told Ya—Judge Blocks Baby Parts Videos from Release

Two days ago I said this:

It’s a safe bet that the full power of the State will be brought to bear on the Center for Medical Progress. I hope they have some powerful friends or these guys will be doing the “perp walk” real soon. Perhaps they should release the rest of the videos before some judge issues an order to “cease and desist” or some such nonsense.

Today I get home from work and see this on Fox News website

Court bars anti-abortion group from releasing new videos
LOS ANGELES –  A temporary restraining order has been issued preventing an anti-abortion group from releasing any video of leaders of a California company that provides fetal tissue to researchers. The group is the same one that previously shot viral covert video of a Planned Parenthood leader discussing the sale of aborted fetuses for research.

The Los Angeles Superior Court order issued Tuesday prohibits the Center for Medical Progress from releasing any video of three high-ranking StemExpress officials taken at a restaurant in May. It appears to be the first legal action prohibiting the release of a video from the organization.

The Center for Medical Progress has released three surreptitiously recorded videos to date that have riled anti-abortion activists. The Senate is expected to vote before its August recess on a Republican effort to bar federal aid to Planned Parenthood in the aftermath of the videos’ release.

In a statement Wednesday, center leader David Daleiden said StemExpress was using “meritless litigation” to cover up an “illegal baby parts trade.”

“The Center for Medical Progress follows all applicable laws in the course of our investigative journalism work,” he said.

StemExpress is a Placerville-based company started in 2010 that provides human tissue, blood and other specimens to researchers. Planned Parenthood is one of the company’s providers of fetal tissue.
Fox New

Please note that StemExpress is in Placerville, CA. Placerville has a history looking the other way on issues of infanticide. Some of us still remember Julice Luke.

Anyway, more proof that I’m Really Right.

Posted by william on 07/29 at 09:54 PM
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Frank Look at Republican Platform Changes

This Saturday, August 1st, the Platform Committee of the California Republican Party will be meeting near LAX. The Committee will have an opportunity to change the wording of the Platform and perhaps reshape the Party. Chairman Jim Brulte will preside at the meeting. Will the same folks that embraced the Log Cabin Club show-up in force to build on their recent victory? Some pundits say, “Yes”.

Recently, Steve Frank published an article on the Republican Party Platform and changes that he expects will be made.

Here are a few of his predictions

Marriage and Family: “At the same time the California Republican Party recognizes the right of same-sex couples in California to enter into a State sanctioned marriage that affords them all the civil legal protections the State offers to heterosexual couples”

Right to Life/Abortion: “Most Republicans pro-life and pro-choice believe the difficult decision to have an abortion in the first months of pregnancy is best left as a private personal and family matter.”
Last Remnant In California of Republicanism is GOP Platform Will It Change

The question I asked was, “Does Steve have inside information that ‘the fix’ is in on these changes?”

The Sith Lord says “No”. He says that what happens Saturday will depend on who actually shows up to the meeting.
• He feels that Brulte would like to see the status quo maintained within the Party.
• Many possible changes have been floated by both Liberals and Conservatives but he knows of no consensus on either side for any particular changes.
• With dwindling registration, it’s not a good time to have a platform fight that will likely result in the Conservatives withdrawing from an active role in the Party.

If Frank is right, the Party will likely split over social issues. Brulte may want the Platform unchanged but the myriad of socially agnostic young folks that were the force behind adopting the Log Cabin gang may not be under his control when they sense victory over the old order (Conservative social issues) is within their grasp.

If the Platform proposal on Saturday is a marked departure to the Left, it will likely pass in September. The Liberals have already proved that they have the votes.

What happens Saturday has the potential to shred the Republican Party to the point of extinction in California. Finally, Charlie Munger has victory within reach but to what end?


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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

American Eugenics in 21st Century

Eugenics, the social movement claiming to improve the genetic features of human populations through selective breeding and sterilization, based on the idea that it is possible to distinguish between superior and inferior elements of society, played a significant role in the history and culture of the United States prior to its involvement in World War II.

Eugenics was practised in the United States many years before eugenics programs in Nazi Germany and U.S. programs provided much of the inspiration for the latter. Stefan Kühl has documented the consensus between Nazi race policies and those of eugenicists in other countries, including the United States, and points out that eugenicists understood Nazi policies and measures as the realization of their goals and demands.

One of the most prominent feminists to champion the eugenic agenda was Margaret Sanger, the leader of the American birth control movement. Margaret Sanger saw birth control as a means to prevent unwanted children from being born into a disadvantaged life, and incorporated the language of eugenics to advance the movement.

Eugenics in the United States

Yeah, American social policy and the Nazis were going down the same ideological tracks together during the 1910’s thru early 1930’s. Social Darwinism was a big hit with the Aristocracy ever since Darwin provided the scientific basis that some races were superior (more fit) than others.

In this mix was Margaret Sanger, who frequently did the European cocktail party circuit with the leadership of the Nazi Party. She was right at home with these guys and so was her belief that the way to eliminate poverty was by eliminating the poor.

Is it any wonder then that Sanger’s ideological baby—Planned Parenthood—has people selling body parts from aborted babies? Why should that surprise folks?

Aborted baby parts have been used in women’s make-up for years. Why do you think labels about the source of collagen are on the bottles?

In this era of belief that stem cells can cure everything, why not sell the most ready supply? Taxpayers pay for abortions; California taxpayers pay for stem cell research. Why not sell the largest ready supply to the industry based on developing genetic cures? This is a logical result of a culture based on eugenic principles.

Many folks play verbal gymnastics with the tenants of eugenics but only so they can find acceptable ways of supporting them.

As barbaric as Eugenics is, it has government protection and funding throughout our country. Somehow many are comfortable that it is used at the beginning and end of life; however, it will not stop there. Soon we will be deciding who is fit or unfit as parents not on the basis of social class or income but on the basis of belief.

Home schooled children and those that are taught that homosexuality and abortion are wrong will soon be taken from their parents. Oh wait, in some places they are…not only in Germany or Indonesia or some far off land but here in the good ‘ole US of A.

Thy sons and thy daughters shall be given unto another people, and thine eyes shall look, and fail with longing for them all the day long: and there shall be no might in thine hand.
Deuteronomy 28: 32

Hey folks, welcome to judgment day.


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Monday, July 27, 2015

Kamala Harris Defender of Evil

If you want a great example of what is wrong with our country, the article below will serve as a prime example.

Last week, a California based group releases multiple videos of employees of Planned Parenthood, negotiating the sales price of body parts from aborted babies.

This is no different than a guard at Auschwitz offering to sell gold and silver confiscated from Jews to the local pawn shop. Or better yet, harvesting organs for transplant or other medical experiments; Nazi Germany or current day China, either is a true illustration.

Question: Why do Liberals tend to view the latter as barbaric and the former as a Constitutional Right?
All the above are equally evil.  The rational is the same; namely, why let these resources go to waste?

So, in the face of such evil what does the chief law enforcement official in California do?
Why she wants to investigate the whistleblowers to see if they violated any laws or violated the Constitutional protections that the State is giving to people making their money killing babies with taxpayer money.

Here is part of the article from the Sacramento Bee. I’m quoting it extensively both to make my point and also because the Bee tends to delete content from their website rather quickly.

Kamala Harris to review group behind Planned Parenthood abortion videos
July 24, 2015
By Christopher Cadelago

California Attorney General Kamala Harris will review whether the nonprofit organization behind controversial Planned Parenthood videos violated state law, her office said in a letter Friday.

Four Democratic congresswomen on Wednesday asked Harris and U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch to determine if officials from the Irvine-based Center for Medical Progress broke any laws when they posed as workers for a biotech company while recording Planned Parenthood physicians without their consent.

Reps. Jan Schakowsky, Zoe Lofgren, Jerry Nadler and Yvette Clarke cited reports that founder David Daleiden filed paperwork to create a phony entity. They also asked the state’s top law enforcement official to look into possible violations of the Invasion of Privacy Act, which bars recording people without their permission…

The videos, in which officials from Planned Parenthood discuss the price and delivery of fetal body parts, have renewed debate about abortion and rocketed the issue into the 2016 presidential race…

Planned Parenthood contends the footage was “heavily edited” and falsely depicts the organization’s tissue-donation programs that support lifesaving scientific research. Democrats, including Harris, have come to its defense over efforts to strip its funding.

Read more here: Kamala Harris to review group behind Planned Parenthood abortion videos

Will Harris investigate the practices of Planned Parenthood? NO.

Will Governor Brown—who supposedly learned so much from his time with Mother Teresa—do anything? NO

It’s a safe bet that the full power of the State will be brought to bear on the Center for Medical Progress. I hope they have some powerful friends or these guys will be doing the “perp walk” real soon. Perhaps they should release the rest of the videos before some judge issues an order to “cease and desist” or some such nonsense.

Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!
Isaiah 5:20

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Saturday, July 25, 2015

Tea Party Promotes Democrats

I’m minding my own business and reading my email.

I get stuff from all sorts of Tea Party groups but this advertisement is out of bounds or should be. I’m reading an article about a Florida gun store being a Muslim free zone and then scroll down to see this.


I guess our transformation into the Soviet Union has a ways to go, even under this President. In the meantime, perhaps the Tea Party needs a new webmaster.

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Friday, July 24, 2015

Carl Baugh and His Book

Last night I finished reading “Why Do Men Believe Evolution Against All Odds?” By Carl Baugh. We were given a copy by Mr. Baugh when we visited the Creation Evidence Museum in Glenrose Texas. I think when he heard that we were from California; he had mercy on us and figured that we needed the help.

The book was a quick read. It was well documented and logically organized. I have seen similar works in the past but this one seemed more “modern” since it incorporated a section on biochemistry and the function of cells; something that literally didn’t exist too many years ago. See Darwin’s Black Box by Michael Behe if you want the full explanation of why cellular function disproves evolutionary theory.

My one complaint is that there are several blatant typographical errors in the book. Baugh could use a proofreader before going to press again.


As I prepared to write this blog I took a look at the book on While Baugh has much praise on the customer reviews of the book, he also has his detractors. The attacks by one reviewer were not on the contents of the book but on the academic credentials claimed by Baugh. On Amazon the author biography reads

Dr. Carl Edward Baugh is founder and director of Creation Evidence Museum, Glen Rose, Texas; scientific research director for world’s first hyperbaric biosphere; scientific research director for water reclamation and energized plant systems; and the discoverer and excavation director of two major dinosaurs: Acrocanthosaurus in Texas and Stegosaurus stenops in Colorado. He holds a degree in theology from Baptist Bible College, a Masters in archaeology, and a Ph.D. in education, both from Pacific College of Graduate Studies.

I tried “Pacific College of Graduate Studies” on both Bing and Google. Surprisingly, this school does not seem to exist. However, I did get a hit on Carl Baugh.

A Matter of Degree: An Examination of Carl Baugh’s Alleged Credentials

This article by Glen Kuban eviscerates Baugh’s claims of holding a doctorate from an accredited institution of higher learning. Interestingly, Baugh’s biography on the Creation Evidence Museum makes no claims that he is a doctor. Accreditation is not the be all and end all of higher learning but it does limit where and how the claim of a degree can be used.

I know from personal experience that Texas has an extremely high bar for any college to be accredited. The library requirement alone is ridiculous. (At least 70,000 volumes and fulltime librarian) A decade or so ago, my church moved their Seminary from Louisiana to Texas. To get accredited in Texas would have bankrupted the denomination. Instead they made an arrangement with a college in England to grant some type of degree for theological studies.

I can see that Baugh or any other creationist might have trouble getting a scientific degree from a typical college. Even Baylor—to their shame—will run you off if you believe in a literal six-day creation…at least from their faculty.

Kuban, however, accuses Baugh of granting himself his degree. It’s an interesting read. What caught my attention was the footnote #40. According to the footnote, Answers in Genesis has tried to put some distance between themselves and Baugh. The URL in Kuban’s article was no good but I went to Ken Ham’s website and found this:
AIG discounts the claims that human footprints were found with dinosaurs at Glenrose. They say that it might be true but …

Given the ambiguity of the evidence and the fact that much of what may have once been present is no longer available for study, we do not believe those claims of coexisting human and dinosaur prints are wholly supportable. Dr. John Morris in 1986 reported similar conclusions, deciding “it would now be improper for creationists to continue to use the Paluxy data as evidence against evolution” unless further research brings new facts to light.

I know that these claims pre-date Carl Baugh by several decades. Morris and Whitcomb cite them in Genesis Flood (1961).

While not on AIG website, I did a search on the article mentioned in footnote #40 and found this:

CSF does not defend Carl Baugh or his claims in regard to his qualifications. We do not regard Baugh as representative in any way of the mainstream creation movement.
plimer-book-our-point-by-point-rebuttal p. 145

My conclusion is that Carl Baugh does seem to have overstated his resume. I don’t rely on him for validating my beliefs in creation.

The artifacts that he has at his museum are persuasive. However, I think the Torah display and model of Noah’s Ark are unnecessary. The movie on how The Flood occurred and what brought it about is speculative and I would like more information before I’m ready to support Baugh’s whole framework.

As for his book on “Why Do Men Believe Evolution Against All Odds?” I think he nailed it. All Baugh does is introduce quotes from evolutionists that point out flaws in their theory.

The only thing Baugh lacks is Ben Stein’s interview of Richard Dawkins in Expelled, where Dawkins says life on earth came from extraterrestrials that seeded the planet.

Evolution is not a science issue, it’s a spiritual one.


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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Musing of a Proud Dad

Yesterday was a surreal experience as my wife and I dropped our 10 year old son off at a local college to attend classes. Walking around the school we had both graduated from some twenty years ago was rather odd.

We parked in a parking garage that wasn’t there when I had graduated, and walked him across campus to a building that wasn’t there when either of us had completed school. On the way we passed many mature trees that were planted about the time we had left.

We are both proud to have a son that has good enough academics to be part of the special classes that he was attending. So sporting a new cell phone and a sack lunch we left him to his first day at college.

He reported in as we had asked. Later he said he really enjoyed eating lunch at the benches near his second class. He was on time when we waited to pick him up. We invited him to go to the pool with us afterwards but he said, “No” because he had homework.

Our son has had a busy summer and hopefully will carry some good memories with him for a long time.

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Friday, July 17, 2015

Glenrose Texas

During our road trip last month, we took the Texas back roads from Abilene to Waco. We went to Glenrose. Glenrose is a tiny town with a creek flowing through it and it has one of the most unique geological features in the world. In the bed of the creek, you can find dinosaur foot prints which is cool but what puts it over the top is that human footprints are also found in the same rock strata.

Yep, humans and dinos left their footprints together.
Photo from Creation Evidence Museum

If you needed to see in order to believe that Darwinism and Evolution is BS then this out of the way place should be first on your list. Right down the road from the Dinosaur Valley State Park Dinosaur Valley State Park is the Creation Evidence Museum.
Creation Evidence Museum
Ken Ham is not the only guy with a Creation Museum. This one is smaller but has some neat stuff in it.

Some artifacts in the museum were reproductions of things I’ve seen in books before but some are the genuine article. Reproductions are clearly labeled as such. Typically they are castings.

Besides the human footprints intertwined with dino prints, I got to see the London Artifact. This is a fossilized steel hammer with wooden handle.
London Artifact photo from Creation Evidence Museum

The museum is the work of Carl E. Baugh. Baugh is credited with the first hyperbaric biosphere. He was there when we visited but I had no idea who he was at the time. His paper Crystalline Canopy Theory (linked on the museum website) is an improvement on the vapor canopy idea popularized by Whitcomb and Morris in their book Genesis Flood (1961). Whitcomb and Morris posited the vapor canopy using the research from the International Geophysical Year (July 1, 1957, to December 31, 1958).

The Baugh paper is an interesting read and attempts to answer the question of what the pre-Flood world looked like. Genesis makes it clear that prior to Noah it never rained so any explanation of this era must explain how plants were watered. This circles back to the hyperbaric biosphere.

Some things at the museum I did not photograph due to their shape or lighting. Phone cameras are not great for low light conditions. Here are the photos that I took.

Image of Stegosaurus


Inca Burial Stone

Inca Burial Stone

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Thursday, July 16, 2015


This year has been a weird tapestry of non-sense perpetrated by the Just Us Brothers.
We are halfway thru 2015; two fronts still haunt their departure from CRA. First is the membership records and the other is the money.

Membership Records
After several email threads and lawyer letters, former Membership Secretary, George Park, finally sent a paper copy of a list to his replacement, Carl Brickey. The file was printed on security paper so it could not be scanned. Later three zipped files with the same information were sent to Brickey. The records that Park sent were heavily edited and frankly worthless.

Here are some examples of their dubious nature:

• Park claimed that his beloved Placer County Republican Assembly had four members. This list is a far cry from the 105 members he and his brother had been claiming earlier this year. He lost 101 members from his own club?

• Sacramento RA was showing 54 members on Park’s list even though they had reported something closer to 20 prior to the convention. All the bogus Igor Birman members were still on Park’s list for SRA. He should know which ones were inactive since he was the one that added them in the first place.

• Several active chapters were missing in their entirety. Most of these seemed to be in one of two categories. Either they were groups like Yuba-Sutter that were assumed would follow the Parks into CIR or groups that George didn’t like so he just unilaterally purged them from the CRA rolls.

No chapter bylaws, territorial maps, or historic data were given to Brickey. Park claimed this data loss was due to computer troubles in March. I guess this is why Park then deleted all the records stored online in April and then closed the Hightail account. Park also had originals of these documents—mostly in paper form. Termites maybe?

Don’t forget that a month after this supposed loss of records that George was able to provide his brother with membership lists, membership applications, and of course cancelled checks just so Aaron could publish the information on the Internet.

Misappropriated Money
Then there is the money that they have misappropriated. Just in the first six months of 2015, the Park Brothers have (by my count) taken over $34,000 from CRA and its chapters. The bulk of this is from the Placer Republican Assembly. In addition there is the CRA Business Round Table, CRA Convention and Placer RA PAC. They also had access to the funds of the Statewide CRA under John Briscoe for about two years. The seed money for their new organization—CIR—could very well have come from CRA funds. Fruit of the poisoned tree anyone?

As more information has come to light, we are slowly learning of some unreported Park campaign activities that may be of interest the FPPC.

Many want to light-up the Just Us Brothers like Roman Candles but Tom Hudson has been reluctant to do so. In the end, I think to protect the CRA that Hudson will have to bless some sort of legal action.

Other outside parties may jump into the litigation arena in their own good time. The Just Us Brothers present such a target rich environment that somebody will go after them eventually. They have calculated that the cost/benefit ratio of their malfeasance is not enough to pursue. They have risked much; including their insurance broker license.

There are times when men should “mutually pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor” but to make such a pledge when you have no honor is pathologically stupid.

These guys are way over the cliff and those of us with signs reading, “GRAVITY” are just being laughed at…for now.

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Monday, July 13, 2015

Just Us Brothers Unveil CIR


The Just Us Brothers have quietly rolled-out their long delayed Impact Republicans website. The website is weak on content and substance. In four months one would think they could have put something better together.

The home page proclaims, “Your Vote Counts! Join Us!” which is ironic because a member organization—such as their group claims to be—has no membership application or way to join on the website. You can only sign up for email updates. Also no Bylaws are available for viewing.

Several statements on the website are ironic when given the previous conduct of the founding members of this group.

“The CIR is committed to recruiting Conservative Republican candidates for local office, training and equipping leaders, fundraising, and endorsing candidates for public office based on a different metric than other Republican groups have used in the past.”

“Maybe what we are doing … will be ground-breaking. If you advertise here – it means an endorsement.” Previous statement by Aaron Park.

Current website
“Our senior officers are elected through a unique process, ensuring that the CIR remains in the hands of the activists.”

In their Bylaws, CIR has the following restrictions:
• In order to serve as President of the CIR, the candidate for this office must have been a member of the CIR for a minimum of 3 years.
• The Administrative Vice President must have been a member of the CIR for 2 years before becoming a candidate for this office.
• County Commissioners and Senate Directors must have been a member of CIR for 1 year before becoming a candidate for this office.

OK, so how does this square with this claim from the website? “Every CIR member will have a voice by being eligible to be a delegate to the CIR yearly convention.”

“you may not realize it - but once we get expelled, it is going to set off a mass exodus.” Aaron Park May 20, 2015

The reality is that CRA has added about ten chapters since the departure of the Just Us Brothers. No chapters have voted to leave CRA and follow the Boys to the Promised Land “free of the drama and the debating society”.

Also on their website, “The CIR will be presenting its credentials for consideration of a charter at the California Republican Party Convention in Anaheim in September.”

Chartering by CRP will require that CIR has chapters in ten counties with ten members each and an overall membership of at least 200. With no mass exodus from CRA and the limits imposed on being an officer, how do they get thru the review process of the California Republican Party. Per their Bylaws, CIR will need a year before new folks can lead at the bottom rungs for their Board. Lastly, why seek chartering by CRP at the same convention that they will vote to gut the social issues from the Party Platform? CIR is a little late to the dance.

Clearly CIR’s idea of leadership involves a chasm between the sheep and the shepherds that cannot be easily bridged.

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Friday, July 10, 2015

Perot Museum

Ross Perot, T. Boone Pickens, and others from Texas have crafted a nice museum in downtown Dallas. The Perot Museum is five floors of exhibits plus the ground floor and a basement. Each floor has its own themes and it touches on history, geology, geography, animals, and electronics. The whole family spent a day there recently.
Perot Museum website

Attached are a few photos. My favorite were the dinosaur skeletons. My only gripe was the constant pushing of everything being millions of years ago.
Yeah, right.

Fossil on display

Triceratops skulls

Mammoth skeleton

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Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Prescott AZ

Our first stop was in Prescott, Arizona to see some old friends. We went to All Saints Church that Sunday. I thought of the song by Larry Norman

“Country church, country people
With their eyes upon the Lord
Built a church with a steeple
As a place to hear His word”

All Saints Church, Prescott, AZ

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Monday, July 06, 2015

Travel Fun

In June, our family went on a two week trek across the southwest. I plan to blog more about the trip later but there were three goofy things that I felt deserved mention on the blog.

Life is peculiar enough that you don’t need to make stuff up. Here’s a little proof of that.

Road Sign
On Interstate 40, just before you enter Kingman Arizona, is an exit that probably has a great backstory; I don’t know what it really is but you can’t help but speculate when you see the exit to Shinarump Road.
For those not so good with syllables it breaks down as “shine-a-rump road”.
I thought San Francisco was the leader in social decay but to see this sign welcoming you to John McCain’s backyard is weird. I guess what happens in Kingman stays in Kingman.

Window Sign
From New Mexico is this peculiar juxtaposition at the UFO Museum in Roswell.
The sign in the right-hand window is the last thing I expected to see in a place where “Aliens are among us” was regarded as true.
OK, I don’t know what Primitive Baptist is either but it does make you wonder.

McDonald’s Sign
This entry from rural Texas really grated on the nerves of my school teacher wife.
Decimals are placeholders or values or something important like that. Anyway, somebody missed the lesson.

Posted by william on 07/06 at 09:00 PM
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