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Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Trump’s 2018 European Tour

Sportscaster, Howard Cosell, famously told it like it was. People either loved him or hated him, but Howard was never shy about expressing his point of view. He grew-up in New York and folks couldn’t deny his love of sports. To many of us, Howard was a big part of what made Monday Night Football a phenomenon for many decades. Howard also helped to make Muhammed Ali and Evil Knievel the household names that they were in the 1970’s.

ABC’s Howard Cosell

In the same frank, plain talking sort of way, President Donald Trump just completed a very successful trip to Europe that has folks here up in arms about nothing.

Below are what I think are the four accomplishments of this trip.

Trump took grief for allegedly insulting the Prime Minister for telling her to honor the vote of her own people and get out of the European Union; i.e. Brexit. The British leadership is feckless and frozen with fear. Trump wanted them to be decisive and act.

Trump told Germany that it was stupid to get all their country’s energy needs from Russia. If NATO was created to protect Europe from Russia then why enrich Russia with this monopolistic energy deal? It is a conflict of interest to be in NATO and have this deal with Russia at the same time.

Trump told NATO nations that they need to take an active interest in defending their countries. Most NATO countries contribute nothing and let the United States pick-up the tab for military spending that they should be paying. This was a campaign promise of Trump so why does the media and many of these nations act like this is something new? The media always bitches about the U.S. being the world’s policeman and then complains when Trump asks them to stand on their own two feet so we don’t have too. If a Democrat said this they would be cheering.

Trump met with Putin. No on mike whispering that after the next election the President would be in a better position to do favors for them like we had with Obama. The media is stuck on stupid about Russian and the election. If the Russians did anything, it was to make Hillary look bad—which only takes a mirror—but this idea that Trump and Russia collaborated to thwart the Democrats and steal the election is just sour grapes. Yes, many of us really do hate Hillary and think the only reason that she had a political career was because she slept with Bill. She has no ideas or accomplishments; she was an incompetent Secretary of State and her track record was painted red with the blood of people all over the world that died because she was/is an idiot.

President departing Air Force One

Trump had a good trip to Europe. How can you tell? Because the media and the political class are having kittens. They talk and Trump does. That ladies and gentlemen is the difference. They still can’t believe that Trump believed all that stuff he promised in the campaign and is trying to make it happen. Donald Trump, promises made, promises kept. That is how you Make America Great Again.

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Friday, July 13, 2018

Free Pass for Criminals and Politicians

Commit any crime and do zero time. Yeah, really, it’s now the law in California. Shoot-up your workplace or school, no jail. Kill someone with your car after smoking pot or being drunk, not problem. Steal a car with children in it and skate.


Check out this article.

It’s a trailer bill, passed inside wide-sweeping budget legislation and signed by Gov. Jerry Brown in June, that creates a diversion program for all crimes, including felonies.  District attorneys across the state are worried about its impacts, saying it could open a dangerous door when dealing with serious crimes.

“Things like this kind of hide in there and now it’s law,” said Yuba County District Attorney Patrick McGrath.

Tucked between dozens of pages of legal language is a new law passed in a budget bill, that could let more criminals off the hook.

“I’m frustrated, I’m frustrated,” said McGrath.

AB 1810 creates a plan to keep people charged with any crime — including murder, mass shootings, and fatal DUI’s — out of jail, as long as they can prove the crimes were committed because of a diagnosable mental disorder that can be treated. 

“So, that would mean anxiety, alcoholism, kleptomania,” said McGrath.

New Law Can Keep Criminals Out Of Jail With Provable Mental Illness

But folks it doesn’t stop there. Think about it. Michael Savage says Liberalism is a mental illness. And he’s basically right. So if you protest anything; Trump, immigration, abortion rights, killing cops, surrendering to communists, conservative speakers on campus, winning the NBA finals, or anything else then you can get off free.

Michael Savage

This applies to politicians as well; take bribes, text to your girlfriend about your hatred of Trump, touch interns on the butt, act like Maxine Waters, buy stock in companies that are awarded government contracts by your committee, steal opponents lawn signs, etc. and you are off scot-free.

Mentally ill politician Maxine Waters

Lest you think I jest, look no further than worker compensation claims. To have a valid claim, you need one person in the State of California to say you have a work related injury and you can cash in. Whether you really hurt yourself working on your car on your day off or climbing Half Dome on vacation is not really relevant.

Half Dome

The person approving your claim does not have to be a medical doctor either. A holistic healer, medicine man, chiropractor, acupuncturist, etc. anywhere in the State. No second opinion is needed. The important thing is that the paperwork is completed properly, the person signing it is of secondary importance.

If you apply the “medical’ standards used in the worker comp system with the new law on mental illness you have a cornucopia of crimes that you can get away with; especially when the medical and psychiatric communities are convinced that pills can cure anything that ails us.

I can hear it now…

“Your honor, psycho Bob was off his meds when he killed his mother. I have confidence that if properly medicated, he won’t do it again.”

Liberalism is a mental and spiritual illness that turns the good that government was intended to do into a suicide pact for the society that it governs. Sadly, here’s yet another example.

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Thursday, July 12, 2018

Stormy Daniels was Arrested this AM

By “Chief” an occasional contributor

When the “Chief” read this headline, Stormy Daniels was Arrested this AM, I knew I had to fire up another troll blog.  Stormy Daniels, we will refer to her as an adult entertainer, most known for trying to extort money from President Donald J Trump, was arrested at a Columbus, Ohio strip club where she was “performing” this Thursday AM.  She “allegedly” touched some undercover police officers while she was performing on stage.  Stormy was arrested and booked into a local jail; no word if said jail had a stage or fireman’s pole on which she could continue her act.  However; traditionally, they do have a camera or two on the premises.

Stormy Daniels taking the perp walk earlier today and she looks way different with clothing

Stormy posted bail of $6,054 and was released shortly after being booked. No word on whether bail was paid in used one-dollar bills, or coupons for future services rendered by Miss Daniels.  As a sidebar I hope the bail officer wore gloves when handling said dollar bills because this money is in need of laundering (with bleach).

As a certified connoisseur of strip clubs since my youth, I would like to weigh in on this topic because I find the lack of details disturbing here.  First of all what patron of a strip club would complain about a dancer touching them?  This is what the officers should be investigating, good lord!  That’s like the Holy Grail my friend and here you are rushing outside to put 911 on blast?  For this?  Fortunately for this “poor lad” there just happened to be a number of undercover police officers at the club to well…to stick-up for him and lend a hand. Coincidence?  I think not!  Rumor has it the officers were investigating a lead on a shooter of famed, rap martyr, XXXTentacion.

Lest you think I jest about Ohio, read the article in the post below on flakka.

“… there have been recent reports of a designer drug marketed as flakka in Ohio and Houston as well as Florida.”

Thank gawd they didn’t let this “Stormy” situation blow over.  Or perhaps these officers were just looking for a reason to get her off the premises, away from the unwashed masses, and get a private show out of this?  Most people don’t look good in handcuffs unless you are into that sort of thing, but something tells me Stormy didn’t mind, and she is likely no stranger to a pair of more “furry” handcuffs. 

Upon being bailed out, her attorney put out a statement saying, “This was a setup and politically motivated, it reeks of desperation.”  I agree, as this appears to be the same thing she did to President Trump. The irony in that statement cannot be made up. 

What is kind of funny in a weird way is this is the law she broke “under Ohio Law, an employee who regularly appears nude, or seminude on the premises of a sexuality oriented business is not allowed to touch anyone who is not a family member while nude or semi-nude at said establishment.”  Well I think that law defeats the purpose of any and all strip clubs, I mean who wants to see a family member nude or semi-nude?  Frankly I would expect a law like this in West Virginia but not its neighbor to the west!  Truth be told I’m slightly disturbed. Now let me get this straight, so touching a family member’s junk while nude is not viewed as a crime, but if it’s not a family member, it’s illegal?  Does this include service animals? Many people regard them as family members too.

Given the above, I think it’s time to change the way we pick Presidents since it usually comes down to Ohio’s “voters.”  Maybe they have these laws because of the old joke, what do you call a good looking women in Ohio?  A visitor!

In an interview with a friend of mine, he commented “Just a few months ago she was on top of the world, being interviewed by Anderson Cooper and Jimmy Kimmel and now this?  My response was if you consider being interviewed by those two as the top of the world; you should get out more often.  Plus, I think that’s the first time I’ve heard the words, “girl”, “on top of” and “Anderson Cooper” in the same sentence, ever.

In closing, Stormy got off on these “alleged” charges this morning. And when I say got off, I mean legally, not sexually because there is no way to prove the latter.  This is why I always urge people to use “allegedly” because until convicted you do have rights in this country…allegedly.  A couple of final thoughts on this; first, the day I call the police because a stripper touched me is the day I kill myself!  Also, boy do I hope Trump tweets his thoughts on this, I’m going to get my popcorn and warm pretzel handy!  Additionally, I’m glad to know the good men and women of the Columbus Police Department were attending a strip club last night rather than you know; cleaning up the hell hole that is known as Columbus!  I am sure there were no shootings, opioid overdoses, or any other crimes committed in that gawd forsaken place!

More as events warrant,



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Justice for XXXTentacion

By “Chief” an occasional contributor

We broke news a little over two weeks ago that there could finally be justice for fallen rapper “XXXTentacion”; today we moved a step closer.  Broward County Sheriff deputies announced the arrest of 22 year old Michael Boatwright today in connection with XXXTentacion’s murder.  Police say he was one of the two shooters to kill the martyr and rap artist XXXTentacion.  Boatwright was in custody on a drug charge when officers informed him of his murder charge.

Michael Boatwright arrested for cappin’ XXXTentacion

Wow, that has to suck. Here you are counting down the hours until you are released from the gawd awful hell hole known as Broward County jail, you spy a few officers headed your way and a smile creeps across your face!  You are getting out, your family will come pick you up, take you over to KFC or Wingstop to reward your release from the pen, and wham, like a ton of bricks you find out that stack of paper you thought was your belongings is a document arresting you for murder!  Man that counts as a bad day, worse yet you get moved from a less serious offender unit to a hardened criminals unit!  Boatwright’s dream of KFC and Buffalo Wing’s, have been replaced with Nutraloaf, oatmeal, and mystery meat.

Before we get too excited about the murder charge, looks like this Boatwright character had a pretty rough week as he was locked up pending trial on a long list of charges.  Inmate records show that, in addition to the murder charge, Boatwright is pending trial on charges of cannabis possession; possession of cocaine with intent to sell; manufacture or deliver; possession of the drug, flakka; battery on a specified employee; resisting/obstruction without violence; and probation violations, among other charges. 

The 22-year-old was already in Broward County Jail after his arrest Thursday on felony cocaine possession with intent to sell or deliver and misdemeanor marijuana possession charges, which brought additional violation of probation charges. Boatwright is on probation until April 2019 from battery and drug charges.

Second suspect arrested in murder of rapper XXXTentacion

It takes some people decades to get a rap sheet that long; Boatwright accomplished this before most people finish college!  I guess you could say he graduated from petty crime, assault, and drug distribution to murder.  By the way just to remind our loyal readers “allegedly.” 

Editor Note:  For those not up on current trends in street pharmaceuticals, here is the lowdown on flakka.

Flakka is a designer drug that can be snorted, smoked, injected or swallowed. It may also be combined with other, softer drugs such as marijuana.

Flakka is most typically made from the chemical alpha-PVP, which is a synthetic version of the amphetamine-like stimulant cathinone. Cathinones are chemicals derived from the khat plant grown in the Middle East and Somalia, where the leaves are frequently chewed for a euphoric buzz.

Flakka is one of a number of cathinone-based drugs that are produced in China and sold online to small-time drug gangs in the U.S. And the business is lucrative. Hall says that with small investment of only a few thousand dollars, a dealer can walk away with as much as $75,000.

What is flakka? Florida’s dangerous new drug trend

A quick look at Boatwright tells me he has never really been in jail before; the lack of a decent mugshot; and lack of any tattoos tell me he may not be the best candidate for jail time.  He looks like a mama’s boy to me. Especially in comparison to Dedrick Williams, the other “alleged” shooter.  Williams looks like he knows the inner workings and politics of jailhouses very well.  Also he is no stranger to an orange jumpsuit or a bowl of jailhouse oatmeal for breakfast.  Hopefully these two can be cellmates because Boatwright will need a good support group.  I also noticed Boatwright has yet to hire a lawyer; bold strategy, but you know what hey, why spend all that money when you can represent yourself!  It’s a constitutional right we all get! 

When reached for comment Boatwright said he “dindu nuffin” so I guess that means he will fit right in with the rest of the animals in jail who also found themselves in the unique position of saying “they didn’t do it.”  Couple words of advice for Mr. Boatwright, first get used to the food quickly, it will ensure your survival.  Might be tough at first because I heard the maggots and cockroaches in the jail kitchen never touch the food, and sprint immediately toward the exterminator hoping to be put out of their misery quickly.  Also do not under any circumstances drop the soap! 


If you happen to do so, just let it go, it’s a painful lesson otherwise brother!  Stay strong!

Finally the police are seeking a second unidentified gunman as well as wanting to speak to one Robert Allen about the shooting as well.  Some unsolicited advice to Mr. Allen you are also wanted for a felony charge of possession of flakka, a concealed gun as well as probation violations. If I’m you brother, I’m Googling countries with no US extradition laws.  Get out while you can before the police can frame you for this heinous crime as well.  Also remember the 5th Amendment, and by that I’m talking about the right to keep your mouth shut, not the right to a 5th of Hennessey.

Hey Mikey, take the 5th

Until next time,


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Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Democrat Future Bleak after Janus

The Supreme Court ruling that struck down unions from requiring non-members to pay dues as a condition of employment is bigger than most people realize. Folks, the Court threw a thermonuclear grenade into the status quo political arrangement.

I’m going to tie three different threads together as we discuss this issue. As the adage goes, “Follow the money.”

First, the amount of money collected in dues just in the State of California is staggeringly large. I knew that combined the California Teachers Association (CTA) and Service Employees Union International (SEIU) collected about $625 million during each two year election cycle but today I learned this is peanuts.

Based primarily on publicly disclosed 2016 form 990s along with information obtained from their individual websites, in aggregate, California’s major public sector unions are estimated to be collecting over $900 million per year

Because there are undoubtedly smaller and less visible public sector unions operating in California, this number may be conservative. The number is also possibly understated because when making assumptions, conservative estimates were always applied. This was the done when estimating average membership dues in nearly all cases, and also with respect to total membership.

California’s Major Government Unions Collect At Least $900 Million Per Year

Yeah, you read that right, 900 million dollars a year is the conservative estimate. And as of now they get zero dollars unless they can convince people to join. Now multiply these numbers all across the other states and the Democrats just lost the gravy train. They and their financial backers have lost billions of dollars. Folks, they will not get all these people back on the union rolls; ever.

The implications for the political environment are huge. The most immediate result will be the congressional elections in November; especially the Senate. Democrats have to defend ten seats in states where Trump won. Without funding, their job just to keep these seats let alone gain anything has become all but impossible. Democrats will have to spend all their cash to keep from losing more seats in the Senate. Becoming the majority is almost mathematically impossible. Furthermore, once the elections are over, they and their special interests will be out of cash.

Against this background, take a look at the Supreme Court. The urgency of the smear campaign against the nominee now comes into sharper focus. It doesn’t matter who Trump put up, they have to oppose him. Again, it takes vast amounts of cash to run this campaign against Brett Kavanaugh. Again, this cash cannot be easily replaced.

Following the November election, Republicans will likely gain a few seats in the Senate.
Fox Business even agrees with me on this assertion. This from Stuart Varney:

Is it possible? A red wave coming, to the Senate? The Republicans pick up seats, increase their majority?

It’s possible, and because of Judge Kavanaugh, it’s probable!

Kavanaugh could make red wave probable in Senate come November: Varney

And this is where things get really interesting.

Justice Ginsburg is at the end of her time both on the Court and on this planet. She’s 85 and in poor health. If Democrats had any strategic thinkers on their team, they would have replaced Ginsburg while Obama was President. This would have assured a young Liberal on the court for the next 30 years or so. But they were so cocksure that Hillary Clinton would win that this never happened. This theme has been voiced twice in the last few days. First by Liz Peek on Fox and then by Rush Limbaugh.


Liz Peek: Democrats are furious about Trump and the Supreme Court – They have only Obama to blame

Limbaugh: Dems blundered by not having Ginsburg retire

If Republicans can pick up two or three seats in the Senate, Trump can appoint a full throated conservative to the Court that everyone knows will vote to overturn Roe v Wade and there will not be a damned thing that Susan Collins and her fellow pro-abortion Republicans can do about it. Look for a female Catholic to be nominated to replace Ginsburg.

Oh, this also explains the logic of putting up Brett Kavanaugh to replace Kennedy.

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Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Kids saved from Cave

Reports are in this morning that the Thailand soccer team is saved from the cave they were trapped in for several weeks. The twelve boys and coach are all safe. Some rescue workers remain inside and must still find their way out. The fact that only one rescue worker lost his life and the whole group was recovered alive is a miracle.

Wild Boars soccer team

The dramatic three-day rescue of a Thai youth soccer team that had been stuck in a flooded cave came to an end Tuesday when the last boy and the team’s coach were plucked from the underground cavern—more than two weeks after they became trapped, Navy officials said.

The Thai Navy SEALS said on Facebook all 12 boys from the team and the team’s coach were out of the cave. Four rescuers, a doctor and three Navy SEALS remained inside.

Entire Thai soccer team, coach freed from cave after daring rescue, Navy says

The linked article is worth a read just to see the illustrations of what it took to get the kids out.

Photo inside cave

As this drama has been unfolding over the last several days, I began wondering about children’s safety in a different sort of cave. One that was warm, and actually has a steady supply of food and water. Sadly, in our supposedly civilized and medically advanced country, the fatality rate for these children during most of my lifetime has been over thirty percent.

I think a death rate from any cause approaching one in three is unacceptable. Doubly so when it is totally preventable by just letting nature take its course. But herein is the problem, folks don’t want to do that.

That’s where a guy like Donald Trump comes into the picture. You see, Trump is concerned about this issue and would like to do something about it. That’s why last night he nominated Brett Kavanaugh to the US Supreme Court. Kavanaugh may not be the first choice of many conservatives but he has a strong track record of reigning-in the power of the federal bureaucracy.

In the first, he found the Consumer Finance Protection Board (CFPB) violated the Constitution because it vested all power over consumer finance in the country in one person, but insulated him from removal by the president.

In the second, he struck down a new federal accounting board, because it too was insulated from presidential control, even though Article II of the Constitution vests the president, and the president alone, with the duty to see that “the Laws be Faithfully Executed.”

In both cases, Kavanaugh has made clear that he would put the text and history of the Constitution first, and mistaken precedent second, which should cheer the hearts of conservatives.

Trump’s Supreme Court pick: Democrats will fight hard to stop Kavanaugh but he has few vulnerabilities

With at least two more picks left (replacing Thomas and Ginsberg), Trump will fundamentally reshape the Court so that children are safe and protected in their mother’s womb. Yes, California and New York may not be safe for unborn children when Roe is toppled but for many, there will be states of refuge where life and not selfishness are the values of the land.

Ruling against a radical abortion claim. In his one foray into the abortion arena, in a very contentious recent case involving a pregnant unaccompanied-alien minor being held in HHS custody, Kavanaugh objected to his court’s grant of relief to the minor. In his dissent, he complained that the majority concocted “a constitutional principle as novel as it is wrong: a new right for unlawful immigrant minors in U.S. Government detention to obtain immediate abortion on demand.” The majority’s decision, he said, “represents a radical extension of the Supreme Court’s abortion jurisprudence.”

Trump Picks Brett Kavanaugh

Judge Kavanaugh is admittedly a “safe” choice for Trump but he should be more solidly conservative than Anthony Kennedy. The real fight will be to replace Ginsberg and give conservatives and constitutionalists a super majority on the Court.

At the end of his administration, Trump will leave the country better off than it was when he took office. If his Court picks are as good as I hope then perhaps the scourge of surgical abortion will go the way of slavery. As the good doctor once said, “A person is a person no matter how small.”


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Monday, July 09, 2018

CRA Failed To Stop Trump Nominee

By “X” the man with no name

The call to action was apparently not answered; chalk this up as another failure from the CRA and its “leadership.”  It is unknown at this time how many calls were made to the White House or to the congressional switchboard, but the effort was a failure none the less.  Perhaps CRA President Thomas N Hudson is expecting too much from a membership composed mostly of geriatric white guys with arthritic fingers and rotary dial telephones. The bottom line is that Hudson put out an urgent call for action, but the membership failed to deliver. 

Rumor has it the “Sith Lord” made many phone calls from both cell and landline phones, including his wife’s phone. As per usual, he was a good soldier in the effort. Perhaps he had his apprentice applicants make calls from the CRA call center since he is reluctant to put his actual name on anything except letters to the RNC opposing Douglas Ose.  The “Drunken Jedi” was enjoying Happy Hour over the last 72 hours and as a result was in a normal state of inebriation, therefore no phone calls from him.  The “Wookie” didn’t even know there was a vacancy on said Supreme Court because he thought the “Supreme Court” was a new item at Taco Bell in honor of the Sacramento Kings.  Oh, by the way these are your three choices for President of CRA folks, just imagine the debates among these three; one is inept, one is clueless, and one is a psycho and I can’t figure out who is who!

CRA motivational flyer as seen at Stop Trump call center

Let’s just chalk this up as another embarrassing loss for the CRA and whatever is left of its membership.  Membership is down substantially over the years, entire counties no longer have units, it’s just gawd awful what’s happened under the current board.  This is exhibit A folks of what happens when you try to take stands against what the people actually want, and as a result, members have been fleeing this stumbling organization.  Sadly, this group opposed Donald Trump every step of the way and honestly, most probably think there was collusion with Russia…nope.  Blog Father and I have really right news for you….Trump will get re-elected in 2020.  Here is my crying towel….womp womp!

That’s right folks, while most are celebrating a 5-4 conservative edge on the court, this band of losers wants Trump gone.  Make no mistake about it, the nominee will easily clear 55 votes with at least four democrats voting to confirm.  Yet still this band of losers can’t stand the man, thinking that one Theodore Cruz was unfairly denied the nomination. Maybe Trump wasn’t born here, and you guys can use that route to get him impeached?  Never mind the fact if these idiots had their way it would be a 5-4 liberal edge on the court, thankfully the masses voted for Trump and it’s a moot point.

Serious analysis now; we can count on the “Sith Lord” to drum up opposition like he tried to against the nominee, despite remaining on the sidelines.  Rumor has it his groin has been bothering him for straddling the political fence for almost 50 years.  No word on the many dead carcasses of suicide bombers he has riled up over the years.  The “Wookie” still thinks Barack Obama is our president and is in disbelief he would nominate 2 conservatives to the court.  Much like the Sith Lord, he still thinks Ted Cruz is up for president in November.  The “drunken Jedi” was asked for comment but his commentary was undecipherable due to the fact it was not certain which was higher his BAC of the percentage of votes Travis Allen got for Governor.  He said something along the lines of he wasn’t sure that it was absolutely Absolut, I guess a reference to Vodka. 

But here is a win for the CRA, a photo of Theodore Cruz, and in the words of Frankie Vallie and the 4 seasons….”Can’t take my eyes off of you!”

Ted Cruz—CRA Savior

Until Next time,


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What If Trump Picked Judge Judy?

As we await President Trump’s announcement of who he will nominate to the Supreme Court to replace Anthony Kennedy we can’t help but wonder if…

In a move that sent shockwaves thru the Washington Establishment, President Trump today announced that he was nominating Judge Judy to the Supreme Court.

Supreme Court nominee—Judge Judy

Judge Judy is well known for her blunt and straight forward manner in resolving disagreements between parties. Judy has agreed to be nominated in exchange for two conditions, first, the proceedings of the Court are to be televised on a cable channel with higher ratings than C-Span. Currently AMC network is the leading contender, and their only condition is that Justice Ginsburg appear in the season nine episode of The Walking Dead where Rick Grimes meets his fate.

Rick Grimes meets Justice Ginsburg on TWD

Judy’s other condition is that the Court room be remodeled. She wants to allow natural sunlight into the room and soften the colors of the wood paneling. She also wanted to “add some damn flowers into this place.” Judy is not known for working as part of an ensemble cast but is willing to give it a try. She also is retaining the right to work during her off time on her television show.

Her views on abortion are not well known. The closest anyone has gotten was an exchange she had on her show a few years back.

She asked a young woman, “If you didn’t get knock-up by this scumbag then you wouldn’t be here asking for child support.”

Her response was, “But he said he loved me.”

Judy then retorted, “And you believed him when he said he would leave his wife for you? Grow-up.” Then she turned to the camera and said, “Where the hell do we find these cases? Walmart?”

Judy then ordered the baby to be put up for adoption and the man to get a vasectomy in exchange for not paying 18 years of child support.

Newt Gingrich reportedly likes the pick and said, “Judy is a kindred spirit to President Trump and will reflect the administration’s new tone of calling it like it is. I just hope she doesn’t have a Twitter account.”

Senator Chuck Schumer met with Judge Judy and described the meeting as akin to two New Yorker’s talking baseball over a few beers. “Judy is a spunky lady and would be an interesting addition to the bench.” He then added, “We have wanted the Court televised for years and now that may actually happen. The transparency that would give the Court makes supporting Judge Judy a good move for my fellow Senators.”

California Senator Diane Feinstein was less supportive. “Judge Judy has a track record of supporting adoption so I must question whether she truly supports a woman’s choice.”

Senate leadership has set confirmation hearings to begin after the summer recess when Congress meets after Labor Day.


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Sunday, July 08, 2018

Bill Cardoza is a Liberal Part 1 of ???

By “Chief” an occasional contributor

Bill Cardoza is a member of the CRA. He serves on the Board and has been identified elsewhere on this blog as the “Wookie” with aspirations to be the next CRA President. The vote will happen early next year. Cardoza is not known for consuming vast quantities of adult beverages, but he pals around with Jorge Riley aka “the drunken Jedi.” Riley has problems holding his liquor unless it’s securely stowed in his backpack. He always impresses me as being wasted and often dresses like he is on a 72-hour bender. Both these fellows are nice enough to talk too at a public gathering, but they are deeply flawed and not fit for leadership. Below I lay-out my case for opposing Cardoza’s aspirations to be statewide President of CRA.

Bill Cardoza—photo from SRA website

In high school I was told the word sophomore meant “wise fool” if that’s the case Bill Cardoza must mean “useful idiot” or “loyal follower.”  This guy worked for many years at the Board of Equalization (BOE). If you’re wondering what the heck that means, it’s the state organization that until last July oversaw collecting sales and use taxes and redistributing them to their respective counties, cities etc.  Of all the people, one would think Mr. Cardoza would have in depth knowledge of tax bills/propositions on the ballot, right?  Especially because he worked for BOE and also did time in and around the State Capital, tax policy should be his forte. 

Two years ago, the CRA had a regional endorsing convention and among the items we were voting on were two tax measures scheduled to appear on the ballot.  I am going to zero in on these two very troubling votes Mr. Cardoza made. 

Measure B
The first, Measure B, a countywide sales tax increase, “allegedly” to fund transportation projects and fix potholes and stuff.  Cardoza decided he was the only man in America that should take the lead in discussing the impact this would have on everyone’s wallet, being he worked for BOE; I respectfully deferred.  He stated Measure B “only rises sales tax by half a cent” (8% to 8.5% in Elk Grove, where I reside).  Note the word, “only” very odd choice for a self-described conservative. 

I had had enough, so I blew him up similar to how I would blow up a bathroom stall after eating four chipotle burritos for lunch!  (Sorry for that image.) 

I immediately called him out saying “only” as in like we can all afford it?  His response was “transportation projects are needed in this area.”  Typical RINO gibberish; we pay some of the highest sales taxes on a rolling county by county basis already!  When I read a quote from Regional Transit General Manager Henri Li saying it would go towards “well needed raises for my staff”, ummm what?  I thought it was for transportation stuff not salaries? 

Henry Li—Regional Transit

When faced with this response “Liberal Bill” looked dumbfounded saying “it’s a transportation tax”.  Obviously shaken, Cardoza retorted “plenty of local electeds are supporting this measure, including Darrell Steinberg” (D-Weak-Kneed Bozo), sounds like a good reason to support this right? 

When I said voting against this measure would actually lower our sales taxes by .25% again I was met with faces in utter disbelief. The reality was that the old Measure A was going to run out, hence the urgency to pass this POS.  Boom roasted Bill! 

Roasted Bill We serve our Bill flame broiled but never fried

In a rare moment of sobriety, Riley turned to Cardoza and said, “dude really?”  The attempt by Cardoza went down in flames just like his run for CRA President will if I have a say! 

Funny, Cardoza looked very similar to Alexander from Pinocchio aka the boy who turned into a donkey after abandoning his morals, and realizing he was going to work hard labor for the rest of his life!  Interesting symbolism there, Cardoza turning into a donkey…the donkey being the Democrat Party image of choice….hmmmmm.  Just a note: the measure barely lost, failing by only 8,100 votes, nice work Liberal Bill!  Despite his best efforts to stop it, our taxes actually went down, a rare win for the little guy!

Alexander from Pinocchio

Measure M
The second showdown featuring “Liberal Bill” was a local (Elk Grove area mostly) school bond authorization, Measure M.  This was near and dear to the “Chief” because his property tax would rise by at least $75 and likely a lot more if it passed.  Cardoza again filibustered. Seated feet away from him was a candidate running for school board in that same district. This candidate had spent several thousand dollars opposing Measure M and was a fellow delegate to the endorsing convention!  Despite his best efforts, CRA finally had the sense to oppose both Bill’s position and Measure M.

Rumor has it “Liberal Bill” even single handedly killed the issue at the local Republican central committee convincing them not to take a stand on the issue.  When election time came, the measure carried by a large margin thanks to “Liberal Bill” and his buddies.  Lots of hard work by both a candidate and a friend of mine went down the drain do to your lack of basic understanding of how taxes and fees work.  Thanks to Cardoza running the end around, my property taxes went up substantially, so I tell people I had to pay a Bill Cardoza tax hike! 

Now, I have heard this character wants to run for CRA President, ummm yeah no.  Bill Cardoza is a liberal, there is no defense to this.  Bill is the worst of the worst, he is a professional chameleon and an obvious Ted Cruz supporting, very confused person who likely hates Trump.  Bill is clueless so I feel badly for beating him up….well not really. Unlike Facebook, we here at Reallyright give our correspondents the freedom to dance on people’s graves and Mr. Cardoza you are next!  By the way are you related to former Congressman Dennis Cardoza?  You both share the same quizzical look!  What are your accomplishments that lead people to believe you would be a good President?  I hear crickets?  By the way I have it in writing from a direct report of yours that you supported both measures passing and did your part to recruit people to vote in favor or take no position.

So, when you see Bill Cardoza ask him:
1.  Why do you think we should pay higher taxes?
2.  Where is your political spine?
3.  When did you get so out of touch with the GOP voter?
Or maybe just tell him he should give lower taxes a try!

Bill Cardoza… out of touch…..dangerous for CRA President!

As the great one Mark Levin would say “HE’s a LIBERAL


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Saturday, July 07, 2018

When a Corporation has no Ideas

By “X” the man with no name

Campbell’s Soup is probably the second worst run organization in the country right now, CRA being #1.  However, Campbell’s situation is fixable, not so much for the CRA. 

Campbell’s another American Institution on the ropes

Some background first, Campbell’s Soup Company owns many brands including; the namesake soup line, Pepperidge Farm, Prego, Pace, V8, and Goldfish among others.  The problem is that these brands are all “center of the store” items that have been experiencing little to no growth over the last decade.  Consumer tastes have been changing. People are not reaching for canned soup much anymore since the economy has improved and we are not in a recession.  The fact that a can of soup might cost you $3 doesn’t help either. For not much more, I can get the Hungry Man dinner and be full after eating it.

As a result, Campbell’s CEO Denise Morrison, who is by far the most incompetent person leading any organization now except maybe ESPN, went on a buying spree to try to save face and earn goodwill with shareholders. 

Denise Morrison, shopping ‘til her company stock dropped

In a little over a decade Campbell bought; Plum Organics (2013), Bolthouse Farms a carrot growing company (2012), Kelsen Group baked goods (2013), Garden Fresh Gourmet salsa line (2015), and many other lesser known companies.  Here is the issue with all these acquisitions, Plum Organics is an organic line of baby food and salad dressing, and there is much competition in this space.  Bolthouse is a yogurt and Salad dressing line, again major competition, but also they own a carrot farm for producing baby carrots, my question here is why?  You’re a canned goods company not a carrot growing company!  Kelsen baked goods isn’t going to move the needle much sales wise and they are far more popular overseas than in the US.  Garden Fresh also made very little sense, you already own Pace salsa line, now you are adding a little known organic salsa line?  Again why?

Maybe Morrison should start by getting the carrots out of her ears. These acquisitions show a Board of Directors and Executive out of step with changing trends in a shrinking industry. However, this wasn’t the last acquisition this desperate company pulled off.  In a quest to ensure their bonuses and stock options vest, Denise Morrison pulled off the most idiotic acquisition in a long while buying Snyder’s-Lance for 6.1 billion (2017).  Synder’s is the maker of pretzels, potato chips, Emerald Nuts, and Pop Secret popcorn.  I call this a horrible acquisition because none of those brands except maybe Emerald are desirable.  As far as potato chips go; Kettle Brand, Cape Cod and Jay’s are ok, but Frito Lay owns the whole aisle!  Pop Secret?  I’m not sure how large the market is for popcorn, but I cannot see this being the answer to all that ails Campbell.  Basically, Campbell panicked and overpaid for a very average company whose brands are at best number 2 or 3 in their respective categories.  Basically what I am saying here is why grab a bag of Cape Cod when you can buy Ruffles or Tostitos?  The acquisition was completed, and the results were um… yeah.. just as most expected.

The company booked a $393 million-dollar loss one quarter after closing on the Synder’s-Lance deal,  and that wasn’t even the most disastrous thing that happened that day.  CEO Denise Morrison unexpectedly “retired.”  Give their earning, this was expected. These CEO types who are used to living a privileged life hate when things don’t go their way and as a result take the easy way out.  These thin-skinned types do not care much for adversity (much like Congressional Republican leadership). Golden Parachutes have their privileges as long as they’re used before the stuff really hits the fan.

Morrison was vicious as far as layoffs go, closing 2 plants during her tenure, one of which being in Blog Father’s backyard, Sacramento.  Morrison knew she couldn’t do anything more for the company short of euthanizing it and took the weasel way out; thus, leaving the chair of the board and her CFO Anthony DeSilvestro to take the heat on the quarterly conference call.  DiSilvestro I’m convinced is Dilbert from the comic strip in human form…not talking about the smartest person here.  Not to be undone, Morrison nominated herself for sainthood on the way out, saying her acquisitions are paving the way for a bright future at the company…of course what was she supposed to say?  By the way, the new interim CEO has essentially put the company up for sale and they are looking for either a buyer for parts of the company or the whole thing.

Campbell’s CFO Anthony DeSilvestro

Here is the bottom line and the biggest issue, Campbell’s made a fatal mistake going on a buying spree trying to make their company something it was not.  Legacy Campbell’s is a preservative loaded canned soup, salsa, and sauces business. This type of business throws-off lots of free cash to be reinvested into the business, pay down debt, or be returned to shareholders.  There is nothing wrong with this type of business. Tastes may change over time but if you’re feeling ill, Campbell’s chicken noodle soup would usually do the trick.  However, instead of sticking with what they know, Campbell’s tried to become a trendy, fresh, farm to fork type company and failed badly.  They are a canned and packaged goods company. They tried to grow carrots, but this division has lost millions over the past 3 years.  The fresh salsa, salad dressings etc. have had the same fate.  Now the company finds itself in a pickle after yet another ill-fated acquisition.

Here is my solution.

Keep the soup business. This is your namesake and legacy product.  Sell the carrot farm and the fresh salsa and salad dressing business, this is not your core.  Keep Pace and Prego as they are also your legacy and very well known.  Dump Pepperidge Farms and most of the Synder’s-Lance business. Sadly, this is never going to pan out, way too much competition in that space. 

This is where the problem lies with my solution, no one really wants those spare parts. The only answer is to call a company like Kraft-Heinz and see if they will buy you outright.

Could the struggling Campbell Soup Co. have a suitor?

The Kraft Heinz Co. (NASDAQ: KHC) is reportedly interested in buying Campbell Soup Co. (NYSE: CPB), according to the New York Post, citing sources familiar with the matter.

Report: Three months after Snyder’s-Lance purchase, troubled Campbell Soup may have suitor

Sadly, a debt laden dinosaur with no vision won’t attract many buyers.  Inept management does this to a great company.  I have a feeling the company won’t exist independently much longer.  Campbell’s too big to fail strategy and move to get hip and trendy has utterly imploded. As a show of good faith to shareholders, fire that Dilbert look alike. Oh, and lastly, if things get really bad and there’s anything worth salvaging, look for Uncle Pennybags to show-up at the fire sale to liquidate the carcass.


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Friday, July 06, 2018

CRA Makes Fox News

The Anti-Trumpers which include the CRA and many in the irrelevant California Republican Party have come to the attention of people at Fox News; well sort of…

Apparently some pundits are bailing on the GOP and embracing the Democrats as a way to stop Trump from reducing government, strengthening our borders, and reshape the Supreme Court. Defending the status quo as it was under weenies like George Bush (either one) is a paramount value for these guys. Sadly, the article never directly mentions the CRA or the confused commentator Glen Beck by name.

Some big-name, anti-Trump conservatives, such as Bill Kristol, argue that it’s better to stay and fight for a better GOP, which they define as veering away from the president’s most controversial policies.

But for others, the Democrats that they’ve spent their lives battling suddenly look like they’re worth dating, if not marrying. 


Even as these pundits argue that Trumpism is ruining the GOP, the president is enjoying record-high support among Republicans. Bottom line: They aren’t bringing many voters along with them.

Divorcing Trump: Why some conservatives are now pushing Democrats

It’s amazing what a guy with a spine like Reagan or Trump can do in a world of invertebrate politicians.

Oh, the CRA and CRP are mentioned in the last part of the article “Bottom line: They aren’t bringing many voters along with them.”

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Wednesday, July 04, 2018

Finally: A Ted I Can Believe In

Ted Hickman, a city councilman in Dixon, CA, has really irritated the Left and made them forget all about their hatred of Donald Trump…at least for a while. You see, on his blog, Ted declared July as SPAM… Straight Pride American Month! 

Ted Hickman’s bold declaration

Now hundreds of millions of the rest of us can celebrate our month, peaking on July 4th
—Ted Hickman

Ted is even on the ballot this November so as you read this, you can marvel as I do at his perky sense of humor. Sadly the Left is not laughing but suffering an aneurism.

…I am proclaiming July as NOT LGBTQ-WTF aka… Straight pride month… You know…  I hereby resolve that I proclaim the month of July to be celebrated as… I am proud to be a heterosexual, monogamous, married to the opposite sex, straight individual that knows what goes where and why. But I’m not going to try to shove this down you throat, so to speak, you can be one or not, that’s your choice.

(emphasis and colors in original post)

Ted’s exhibits as to why S.P.A.M. is necessary for our youth

Last Sunday ended LGBTQF-WTF month Yea! (*Don’t get me wrong I support the First Amendment, as much as the next person, and support the rights of grown men to wear skin tight short-shorts and go-go boots and don tinker bell wings with wand and prance down the streets of San Francisco) with tens of thousands of folks dancing and prancing all over American celebrating the fact they are different than most of the rest of us and showing their “pride” in being so.

Now before anyone gets their pantyhose in a knot, this is not really legally anti anything; instead it’s pro-family; and proud to be a straight American, and me expressing a private opinion… So there! If you remember last week I proclaimed the Month of July as SPAM …(Straight Pride American Month)…(as Vice Mayor don’t know if I can, but what the heck). Now hundreds of millions of the rest of us can celebrate our month, peaking on July 4th, as healthy, heterosexual, fairly monogamous, keep our kinky stuff to ourselves, Americans… We do it with our parades in every state and county in this country with families celebrating together. We honor our country and our veterans who have made all of this possible (including for the tinker bells) and we can do it with actual real pride, not some put on show just to help our inferior complex “show we are different” type of crap. We ARE different from them…We work, have families, (and babies we make) enjoy and love the company (and marriage) of the opposite sex and don’t flaunt our differences dressing up like faries and prancing by the thousands in a parade in nearby San Francisco to be televised all over the world… *And yes, before it becomes an issue, I do believe in faries; I’ve seen them in SF for myself.  Let’s see if I can remember the Peter Pan story about believing in faries…oh yeal, so according to “Wikipedia” faries are powered “bypiezoelectric” crystals which can be energized by sound waves like made by clapping. So, right now if you don’t want any faries to expire, you can clap your hands. See, I do have a heart I just can’t type and clap at the same time… so I had to make a hard choice didn’t I?

URL: Ted Hickman blog

Ted’s response to taxpayer promotion of the rainbow lifestyle

Ted has stones to put this stuff up on the web. As a result, he has the Huffington Post, local and regional papers, television stations, and folks all over the Left upset that he dares to stand-up for the rest of us and mock the “rainbow people” for their moral nakedness.

So be thankful on this Independence Day (‘cause every country has a July fourth on their calendar but only America Celebrates our independence on this day).  Thanks to veterans and people that sacrificed to make this country what it is, and still do. And mostly be thankful for regular guys like Donald J Trump and Ted Hickman that believe that America needs to be made great again. So, enjoy the fireworks on the web and in the sky tonight. Oh, and happy SPAM month. Enjoy it, we’ve earned it.

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