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Saturday, September 08, 2018

Let’s Check in with “The World-Wide Leader” ESPN

By “X” the man with no name

I am aware this is a political blog, but ever since ESPN waded into politics its only right to rain on their parade, and dance on their grave when they are down.  We have chronicled in this space the past doings of John “The nasal dust sniffer” Skipper, so I wanted to check back in an see if things were going better under a new President.  Newsflash, they are not, and this network will likely be doing another round of “cost cutting” soon.  Jim Pitaro the new president, is basically going full George Costanza, and reversing every move Skipper made…..likely while he was on a cocaine bender, during his last year as president.  Here is a snippet of what has happened in the past 3 weeks:  Jemele Hill, decided to leave early, and had ESPN buy out the remainder of her contract.  Hill is most known for calling the President a racist, and basically spewing her filth all over Twitter about how every white male is racist, and players in the NFL and NBA are so oppressed in today’s society. 

Results of American oppression of Black Athletes.

The fact she was allowed to stick around for more than a year after her dust up with President Trump shows you how out of touch they are at ESPN, she was literally murdering the brand every possible chance she could. I still cannot get my head around this, players protesting how “oppressed” they are making more money in one game check then I will ever earn!  Anyway, good riddance Jemele!

Now we will check in on the new show “Get Up” which was rolled out earlier this year.  It is a 3-hour show for which they built a special studio in New York City.  The show was going to talk sports but also have a Good Morning America type feel to it, so I figured they would mix in some news.  The show has been a complete and utter disaster, only registering 300k viewers a couple dozen times, keep in mind “Rusty Rivets” on Nickelodeon earns more than 950 viewers in the same time slot. 

Does it bother readers that Mr. X knows about Rusty Rivets?

Now think about this, in addition to paying many millions to build out the new studio, look at the salaries of the 3 hosts: Mike Greenberg who was a huge hit on Mike & Mike in the morning with ESPN (their most successful show by the way) makes 6.5 million a year.  Michelle (if you give me a ride home I’ll give you a ride as well) Beadle makes 5 million a year.  Jalen Rose a former NBA star and member of Michigan University’s Fab Five makes 3 million a year, I like Rose, he adds a lot to the broadcast, so he is not going to be the target of my fire.  Greenberg used to be the quirky IT type guy on Mike & Mike to Mike Golic’s I’m a former football player, I know sports, what made them different made them great.  He decided he wanted a move and now we have this disaster.  Greenberg is also leading the let’s integrate politics into the news coverage at this network.  Beadle, made big news a couple weeks ago, she announced she was not going to watch the NBA or NFL anymore….Bold move….hope it works out for you.  Well it did not, she has been reassigned, very alpha move saying you were not going to watch sports, so you could give analysis and commentary based on those 2 sports.  Just as a final side note, a show with this high salary and overhead needs at least 500k viewers to break even, keep in mind they can only get to 300k on a really good day.

Well a couple Fridays ago, ESPN announced Get Up would go from 3 hours to 2; again, keep in mind Friday is a slow news day and is a preferred day to announce bad news.  In addition, ESPN executives gave a stern warning to the show hoping they can increase their ratings during football season; I do not see this occurring.  The bottom line is this, ESPN got political, and similar to what happened at Dick’s Sporting Goods and now with Nike, alienate a fan base and your brand suffers irreparable harm.  Times are different now from the past, we have a President who will remind his base daily that ESPN shows and defends players kneeling or sitting during our National Anthem.  Those viewers have tuned out, preferring Fox Sports 1 which is on a very obscure channel, they will not be back.  They think having Monday Night Football will bring viewers back into the fold, incorrect.

The most interesting part of the report looks into the next round of rights negotiations, with the report suggesting that ESPN should drop its “MNF” package in order to pursue “SNF” instead. The report calls Disney’s current “MNF” package a “rotten deal with … a cost/rating point ratio that is 260% to 400% more expensive than any other package.” The report goes on to say, “One of the more interesting theories that we still think has a higher probability of playing out is if Disney instead targets the more valuable, but lower-priced Sunday Night Football package, currently at NBC. We believe Disney should reclaim the Sunday primetime package by paying a significant premium to the existing costs. Even if they pay $900 million more per year, it is a better economic outcome than keeping MNF” (John Ourand, Staff Writer).

WHAT TO EXPECT FROM RATINGS: In N.Y., Richard Morgan wrote NFL ratings are “facing yet another brutal blitz this fall,” and analysts note this season’s ratings “could fall even faster as the league continues to grapple with a slew of ugly controversies  that have turned off viewers.” BTIG media analyst Rich Greenfield said, “The downward trend in ratings is unavoidable—even though NFL ratings are outperforming the broader TV market” (N.Y. POST, 9/4).

Another NFL Ratings Drop Could Impact Nets’ Standing On Wall Street

Mark my words this show will be cancelled by the middle of next year, cracks have occurred in the foundation, and now the show has structural issues that are not repairable. 

I think John Skipper just snorted a line of coke, have another ol’ Johnny you earned it!



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Tuesday, September 04, 2018

McCain—Controversial Life

I promised not to write about John McCain but I found someone that seems to have a some interesting thoughts on the guy.

Who Was the Real John McCain?

I’m not sure what to believe about John Sidney McCain III.

He has the most ferocious detractors, who accuse him of informing on fellow captives in a North Vietnamese prison, and betraying critical military information that enabled the enemy to shoot down more U.S. aviators. His accusers range from obvious flakes to some people who appear pretty credible to me.

But he has credible die-hard defenders, too, who insist that he conducted himself honorably under the most extreme conditions. All we know for sure is that he went into harm’s way in his country’s service, was held in captivity for five years and came home in great pain, unable to comb his own hair. Like most Americans, I’m inclined to give a banged-up ex-POW the benefit of the doubt.

But McCain himself was not so generous toward POW/MIA activists, whom he ridiculed as “hoaxers” and “charlatans.” I have no firm opinion whether we left a significant number of soldiers and Marines behind in Vietnam. I don’t pretend to know. But if the government sent one of my loved ones off to war and he or she never came back, I think we would be entitled to the utmost transparency. At last count, there are 1,597 unexplained missing. The government is accountable for each citizen it sent into harm’s way.

The senator reportedly was hostile to transparency in the Vietnamese government, as well. U.S. files about the extent of POW collaboration and cooperation with the enemy remain airtight (classified), but the North Vietnamese kept records, too. Some were reportedly archived at a museum there.

Fellow U.S. delegates who visited Vietnam with Sen. McCain said he became visibly agitated on the subject, and warned their Vietnamese counterparts that Vietnam would never get diplomatic recognition if it released those records, which included his own.

Without trying to guess McCain’s motives, it’s obvious that he considered government service a personal domain in which he was free to move the chess pieces around without any particular accountability to the pawns.

He once ditched a plane and bailed out while returning to Norfolk after the Army-Navy football game in Philadelphia. He said the engine quit. He lost a plane in the water during training because, he said, that engine quit, too. When the Navy recovered the plane, the engine fired right up but the admiral’s son continued the course in a new plane.

The fact-checking websites have lined up to absolve McCain of responsibility for the catastrophic U.S.S. Forrestal fire in 1967 that killed 134 and injured 161 crew on the aircraft carrier. But it’s still controversial among fellow sailors who said he was notorious for “wet starts” that produced a flare to startle the pilots behind him on the flight deck. He was immediately transferred off the stricken ship after the disaster, to a public relations position in Saigon, far from embittered crewmates.

But it matters if he has lied to us or let his supporters lie to us in order to shame us into acquiescing in his politics, or discouraging us from exercising our best judgment. We’ll never really know whether the North Vietnamese tortured Lt. Cdr. McCain, partly because Sen. McCain used his political power to ensure that the relevant records are unavailable to us. On this subject and others, the senator strongly preferred that we just take his word for it.

Who Was the Real John McCain?

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Sunday, September 02, 2018

Saturday Quick Hits

By “The Chief” an occasional contributor

The Blog Father okay’d overtime for The Chief, mostly because he needs more money to support his family.  Here are some quick hitters in the news from the past 24 hours:

The Las Vegas/Oakland/Reno/Henderson/Los Angeles well anyway the Raiders traded their only good player on defense for a couple first round picks.  How did the last time you traded for two first round picks end up?  Oh wait…The Chief’s favorite team the Buccaneers beat you in the Super Bowl…so betting advice, take “Da Bears” to win it all.  Glad you guys are paying coach Jon Gruden like a billion million dollars over 10 years man….because you traded your only defensive player that could play for like nothing man.  Why am I saying man, all the time man?  Because that’s how Gruden talks man.  Also you guys y=traded for AJ McCarron man…he’s got a hot wife according to Brent Musberger man…….he even ogled her during the national championship game man!  Rumor has it you cut back-up quarterback Connor Cook because he never understood the only play in the Gruden playbook of “spider 2 Y banana.” I should probably say man….man.  In reality I heard McCarron can inhale a 50 piece at Hooters in about 4.42 seconds ….man! 


By the way Mark Davis still looks like Jon Gruden microwaved leftovers…!

In addition I heard the Oakland/Vegas Raiders cut weed aficionado Martavis Bryant, rumors leaked to “The Chief” say he failed another drug test…personally I would blame it on the CA wildfires….man!  Or maybe because you are in Oakland, blame it on second hand weed….man!

In other non-sports news…we have William Jefferson Clinton….experiencing high levels of excitement! 


Clinton; spotted sans Hillary (which is normal for him, when excited)…and again we aren’t sure they have slept in the same bed more than once btw! 


Wow…Bill I’ve gotta hand it to you, not needing to pull a Bob Dole, you are always game for a cute chick. 


Hopefully you “enjoyed” Ariana Grande….or were you jealous of this move made by a bishop? 

Note Jesse Jackson on the left in this photo

Anyway enjoy these photos folks.

“The Chief”

Editor Note: I did get this on Saturday but was out of town when The Chief sent it; thus it wasn’t posted until Sunday.

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Thursday, August 30, 2018

Angry White Male Lanny Davis is Unhinged

By “The Chief” an occasional contributor

Lanny Davis used to be a special counsel to President William “I do weird stuff with interns and cigars” Clinton.  As such, he was charged with defending the president at all costs against everything he was accused of, like any good attorney on retainer would. In fact, in a very sad attempt to stay relevant following the re-election of George W Bush he published a book and went on tour to promote his tome. One stop on his tour was the University “The Chief” attended when he was a freshman.  At first, buying a ticket and his book was required by the faculty (after all the school was in Marin County), but then it wasn’t. As the blessed event drew near, tickets were given away for free so I decided to go.  In addition to a free ticket (the event was held at my college) I was able to obtain his book for free.  Scandal: How Gotcha Politics is Destroying America.  Retail was $24.95 in USA, $32.95 in Canada, thank God I didn’t go to school in Canada, why would I pay $8 extra for the same book?  Are these the Trump tariffs?  Oh wait, this was 2004.

Lanny Davis play Gotcha

I was even invited to meet the speaker…again for free, he was so in demand.  He walked over to me and started a conversation, we talked shop a little. He was likely triggered by my Bush Chaney 04 shirt I had on. I don’t think he really cared who I was supporting.  Turns out his son is Seth Davis of CBS NCAA coverage fame. We found common ground and talked for a while about him.  Like any proud father he talked, talked, and talked some more about how great his son was…….Barf. Commentators are a dime a dozen, and especially those who work like 2 months a year tops and are the definition of replaceable.  But that is okay. He showed me about 5 photos, his son looked the same in each one. Finally, just as I was wishing I was wearing the “Drunken Jedi’s backpack” he was told to get ready to get on stage.  My prayers were answered. I took a seat in the auditorium; it was deemed a sell out by Raider Fan standards…about 70% empty.  He actually gave a good talk, basically referencing a sitting President screwing up and the other side immediately moving for impeachment, that rings true in the last 3 administrations by the way.

Lanny Davis: the man, the myth, telling legends

However this blog isn’t to talk about that speech. “The Chief” specializes in hot takes, so here you go. Lanny Davis has a history of being the angry white male while on camera. As you may recall, Lanny Davis was angry on election night while a guest of CNN…what else is new on that network. The Clinton regime sticks together or else… Maybe Davis felt he would be next in the scores of Clinton “confidants” found to have “committed suicide” (I will use the term “allegedly”) had he done any different. Surely its coincidence that those “suicides” seemed like foul play was involved; however, with the Clintons, it’s best not to leave the reservation. Clearly, William “the intern seducer” Clinton wouldn’t have had anything to do it himself because he’s too busy entertaining.

Bill “can you wag your finger and have no shame” Clinton

Anyway, Davis went off the deep end the other day regarding Donald Trump…who by the way is still the President.  He went postal so badly that it should have resulted in a 5150 hold. He claimed President Trump knew in advance about a meeting in Trump Tower with Trump’s campaign and the Russians.  Well literally on the following Tuesday, Davis back peddled on his story so quickly that if any NFL team is looking for a cornerback, he’s your guy. Davis reversed direction so quickly he lost his lead blockers in the media by saying “I regret not being much clearer in saying I’m not sure about this story.” Davis made this admission to NBC News. “It’s a major mistake for which I am 100 percent sorry. Period. I never should have done it unless I was certain and could prove it.” Hmmmm what is your book titled again?  So basically you made it all up, nice job. You’re about as phony as your low rent son.

So Davis, let’s take a look at your clients over the last few decades.
• William “I was just getting a blowie while speaking to that other countries leader” Clinton
• Martha “I knew nothing about those insider trades, I swear I have great timing” Stewart
• The embassy to the Ivory Coast regarding election fraud

You my friend have a monopoly on morally bankrupt clients, glad you share their morals!  Chief no like bottom feeders. Now you have been provided a retainer by Michael Cohen “allegedly” a friend of Donald J Trump…by the way still our President.  I think Cohen had a role in Shawshank Redemption, you know the grown adult crying for his mommy at the beginning of the film?  Yeah, he was beaten and killed but he realized he didn’t want to be in jail, congrats Lanny, you are a failure.


Hot Take:  The chief coming in hot: Davis, or should I call you Lanny, do you “hook” yourself out to your clients for free, I’m asking for a friend?  Your clients all seem morally bankrupt so do you actually get paid in money or….perks, if you know what I mean? 
Hotter Take: Is the reason you are so triggered that you slept with Hillary?  If you did no big deal, every guy needs a slump buster…but a couple questions, how many paper bags?  (Too bad plastic bags are outlawed in Liberal places.) And how many bottles of Viagra, I’m asking for a friend?  Because no way it took just 4!
Hotter Chief!  Hotter!  Lanny did you “hit your knees as well for el presidente? 
Chief get out the flamethrower!  Is this the reason you still have all your hair because you and “el presidente” did the dirty?  If not why do you have a still semi-full head of hair, and Carville and Begala are bald!  Chief singe your hair now! Take that!
Chief, drop a hot take from the clouds!  Lanny is your son really an illegitimate son conceived by William “just the tip” Clinton and your wife…I’m asking for a friend!  He looks more like Bill then you!

Don’t bring that weak stuff near The Chief. Me steer clear of swamp people in home of Great White Father.

“The Chief”

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Dick Less Profits

Sales at Dick’s Sporting Goods tanked in the last quarter while most retailers are doing better with increased consumer spending. This was due to the store caving in to political correctness.

Comparable-store sales fell 4%, Dick’s said. Not adjusting for the 53rd week last year, the company’s same-store sales declined 1.9%.

The weaker-than-expected results bucked a trend in the retail sector, which largely has benefited from a surge in consumer spending fueled by a booming economy.

Consumer confidence for August, measured by the Conference Board’s consumer-confidence index, was the highest it has been in about 18 years.

That sentiment, along with other factors, has powered companies such as Walmart Inc.  and Target Corp. to their best quarterly results in more than a decade.

Dick’s said part of the company’s sales problems were a result of Under Armour’s decision to sell in more stores including Kohl’s. Under Armour declined to comment.

Also hurting sales was Dick’s decision to tighten its policy on gun sales  after 17 people were killed in a February shooting at a Parkland, Fla., high school. The retailer halted sales of any firearms to people under age 21 at all of its 845 Dick’s and Field & Stream stores and stopped selling assault-style weapons at Field & Stream.

Dick’s Says Under Armour, New Gun-Sales Policy Dragged on Results

Question: Which of these is an assault weapon?

Answer: Neither. They are the same gun. Ruger 22
Ruger 22 is semi-automatic rifle. The stock clip holds ten bullets. It fires one bullet at a time.

Please note that there is no such thing as assault-style weapons. Anything used as a weapon can be used to attack or defend a person, family, or property.  Claiming that a special class of weapons called “assault-style weapons” is the myth of illiterate Liberals and city folks.  Fully automatic weapons have been illegal since the days of John Dillinger. Thus, all guns commercially since the 1930’s are only capable of firing one bullet at a time. So, Dick’s claiming to stop selling assault-style weapons is a bald-faced lie. 

Dick’s has limited buying options, limited who they will sell too, and let gun loving folks everywhere know they are openly hostile to them. As a result, their sales fell. No surprise here. Had they done nothing they would have shown a profit last quarter. I hope this is a trend that hurts them in the pocketbook.

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Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Lies about School Shootings

Believe it or not, NPR (National Public Radio) is reporting that 2/3 of all school shootings reported during the 2015/2016 school year never happened.

This spring the U.S. Education Department reported that in the 2015-2016 school year, “nearly 240 schools ... reported at least 1 incident involving a school-related shooting.” The number is far higher than most other estimates.

But NPR reached out to every one of those schools repeatedly over the course of three months and found that more than two-thirds of these reported incidents never happened.  Child Trends, a nonpartisan nonprofit research organization, assisted NPR in analyzing data from the government’s Civil Rights Data Collection.

We were able to confirm just 11 reported incidents,  either directly with schools or through media reports.

In 161 cases, schools or districts attested that no incident took place  or couldn’t confirm one. In at least four cases, we found, something did happen, but it didn’t meet the government’s parameters for a shooting. About a quarter of schools didn’t respond to our inquiries.

The School Shootings That Weren’t


The article goes on to report:

A separate investigation by the ACLU of Southern California also was able to confirm fewer than a dozen of the incidents in the government’s report, while 59 percent were confirmed errors.

When Liberals are honest enough to admit that “there are lies, damned lies, and statistics” it makes you wonder.

Original article from Joe Miller


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Sunday, August 26, 2018

The Catholic Churches Issues Are Not New, They Never Ended

By Jake the Snake

Blogger’s note:
I am disguising my identity due to my standing in a group that aids and assists the Catholic Church where I worship on Sundays due to my status as the 3rd highest ranking officer.  The opinions in this blog represent one man’s experience and opinions, not those of the Blog Father or his other contributors.  Additionally, some graphic nature of this blog may be disturbing to some of our readers, I apologize in advance.

When I was a young lad, I was brought into the church the old-fashioned way, I was forced to attend.  While I was usually allowed to look at a picture book or sit and read the bulletin, I was a weekly attendee at every Sunday service. Mom insured that I was always dressed up as if I was going to the Oscar’s immediately afterward. Upon receiving the final blessing and going forth after the procession leaving church I was always told to say hello to the priest (or father) as they call them in the Catholic Church.  I always complied and was very impressed with our priest.  As a young lad I found it more interesting that this person said Mass every weekend, and always seemed to wear a different robe, and when he spoke everyone listened. Fr. Barry Brunswick always captivated the audience.  The highlight of my Sunday as a 5-8-year-old was Fr. Barry saying make sure you go to the social hall and grab a donut; good boys get donuts for free. 

Church for me as a young lad was like golf, many attended but few understood. I certainly didn’t, except for the whole “your sins are forgiven go forth” at the end of each Mass.  I thought this was like a get out of jail free card, I was happy going to church each Sunday.  Fr. Barry was eventually moved, the Catholic Church does this every 6 years or so, and as a result we found a new church to attend as we moved as well.  I found out this past week a reason we moved was the priest incoming was transferred from Florida and had child molestation in his background.

As I grew I attended High School at Jesuit High in Carmichael, here in Sacramento County.  I loved my time there, even more so I really grew to like my art teacher my freshman year Brother Charles Onorato.  I couldn’t draw a stick figure very well, but Brother Onorato challenged me, and I grew better for it.  Then everything changed, news of some Catholic Priests abusing young boys came out.  I still remember our Pope saying it was a couple rogue priests and the problem was isolated, I believed it.  Then one day Brother Onorato was not at class. We were told by the Dean of Students Karl “Hiel” Hanff he was removed due to accusations of him abusing young boys. I was devastated, like anyone would be.  I figured Onorato was the least likely to be accused.  As of this writing I am unsure if anything happened to him, and if anything did I don’t want to know, it would break my heart. 

Brother Charles Onorato, whatever caused his removal at Jesuit High School, is still a Jesuit in good standing

Hundreds of priests were accused, rounded up, and shipped out, much like the Salem Witch Trials.  I thought this was only a few rogue priests Mr. Pope?  I questioned my own faith, these same people preaching from the pulpit about morality, and telling me not to lie….lied.  They did not practice what they preached.  I thought very long and hard about switching faiths, the Catholic Church was no longer for me.

Over time, the tragedy quieted down, and faded from the news, I didn’t leave the church, in fact I mistakenly became more involved.  I rose through the ranks after just a few years and became the number 5 in command, I was required to attend a meeting put on by members of Supreme from Connecticut.  At this meeting we were told EVERY MEMBER of our group would be required to do online training and get fingerprinted at our own expense and have the results turned over to the local church office to remain a member in good standing.  Keep in mind the church office staff are not priests and would have access to anyone’s criminal record check.  Several members asked why it was our group being singled out and not the actual priests who had a history of crimes in their past?  We were told that issue is in the past and we could have members with child molestation in our ranks.  So, we all had to pay for background checks, with our own money by the way.  To this day I have not heard of a single member being thrown out due to any criminal past.  Just as an addition, the Sacramento Diocese stretches from Sacramento County over to Nevada and all the way north to Oregon, one of the largest by land mass in the Catholic Church.  The church is divided up into sub groups called diocese, run by the bishop.

The issue largely went silent and many, myself included were under the impression that the church had cleaned house and a new day was here.  We were proven wrong.  A bombshell report out of Pennsylvania alleges that over 70 years 300 catholic priests in 6 out of the 8 dioceses sexually abused over 1,000 victims.  Even more disturbing is in that same grand jury investigation, priests and bishops urged victims not to report the abuse, and law enforcement not to investigate it.  I guess the collar has a separate set of rules from the masses that attend church.  Perhaps even more disturbing, the cover up was ordered by the archbishop of Pennsylvania, this person is akin to being Governor of a state, the top law enforcement officer.  This report came out on the heels of Cardinal Theodore McCarrick of Washington DC resigning after reports surfaced he abused young priests, seminarians, and minors.  Seminarians are those who are studying to become priests, apparently McCarrick didn’t discriminate age wise.  The cardinals vote to pick the Pope by the way, you can see how powerful they are.  Some of those named in this report not only avoided prosecution but they were promoted in the ranks.  One of those bishops named is now the archbishop of the Washington DC diocese.  One priest named, abused 5 sisters in the same family, including one when she was 18 months old.  Luckily for most named in the report the statute of limitations has run out, so they will avoid any penance for their sins.  This just in, the diocese has appealed to the 3rd Circuit to keep the names in the report sealed, so much for that whole transparency thing promised 15 years ago.

Now some excerpts from the report…again, these are very disturbing in nature:
“It catalogs horrific instances of abuse: a priest who raped a young girl in the hospital after she had her tonsils out; another victim tied up and whipped with leather straps by a priest; and another priest who was allowed to stay in ministry after impregnating a young girl and arranging for her to have an abortion.”

Abortion is a sin that the Catholic Church prays for an end to each week by the way.

“Despite some institutional reform, individual leaders of the church have largely escaped public accountability,” the grand jury wrote. “Priests were raping little boys and girls, and the men of God who were responsible for them not only did nothing; they hid it all. For decades.”

The grand jury said that while some accused priests were removed from ministry, the church officials who protected them remained in office or even got promotions. One bishop named in the report as vouching for an abusive priest was Cardinal Donald Wuerl, now the archbishop of Washington. “Until that changes, we think it is too early to close the book on the Catholic Church sex scandal,” the jury wrote.

Here is a good one, on relocation…….brought to us by Cardinal Wuerl named above:
Father Paone was relocated successively to Los Angeles, San Diego and Reno in the following years, with Pittsburgh’s bishops attesting to his fitness as a priest. Among those bishops was Cardinal Wuerl, now the archbishop of Washington. He accepted Father Paone’s resignation from ministry in good standing in 2003, allowing him to collect his pension.

Cardinal Donald Wuerl, an architect of sexual abuse cover-up

Wuerl even nominated himself for sainthood prior to this report coming out, check this out:
Cardinal Wuerl released a letter to his priests on Monday, saying that while the grand jury report would be “critical of some of my actions, I believe the report also confirms that I acted with diligence, with concern for the survivors and to prevent future acts of abuse.”

This quote from a person who attempted to commit suicide due to abuse by a priest:
“From her hospital bed, she asked for one thing,” the grand jury wrote in the report, “that we finish our work and tell the world what really happened.”

Some victims were plied with alcohol and groped or molested, the report says. Others were orally, vaginally or anally raped, according to the grand jurors.

“But all of them were brushed aside, in every part of the state, by church leaders who preferred to protect the abusers and their institution above all.”

Among the more egregious cases, the grand jury reports that:
• In the Greensburg diocese, a priest impregnated a 17-year-old, forged a pastor’s signature on a marriage certificate and divorced the girl months later. According to the grand jury, the priest was allowed to stay in ministry by finding a “benevolent bishop.”
• Another priest in Greensburg groomed middle-school students for sex, according to the grand jury, by telling them that Mary had to “bite off the cord” and “lick” Jesus clean after the Nativity.
• In Harrisburg, a priest abused five sisters from the same family and collected samples of their urine, pubic hair and menstrual blood.
• Also in Harrisburg, a priest raped a 7-year-old girl who was in the hospital after her tonsils were removed, according to the report.
• In Pittsburgh, church officials said that a 15-year-old boy “pursued” and “literally seduced” a priest. A church report later acknowledged that the priest had admitted to “sado-masochistic” activities with several boys.
• In the Allentown diocese, a priest admitted sexually molesting a boy and pleaded for help, according to documents, but was left in ministry for several more years.
• Also in Allentown, a priest who had abused several boys, according to the grand jury, was given a recommendation to work at Disney World.
• In Scranton, a priest who later served prison time for abusing children was found to have been HIV-positive for years.

Tuesday’s news conference began with a short video of three victims who told how they were abused and how it changed their lives.

An 83-Year-Old Man Said He Couldn’t Show Any Affection To His Wife And Children As A Result Of The Abuse he suffered. A woman said the abuse started when she was 18 months old. Another man said, “When you have the priest touching you every day, that’s a hard memory to have. The first erection that you have is at the hands of a priest.”

Church officials followed a “playbook for concealing the truth,” the grand jury said, minimizing the abuse by using words like “inappropriate contact” instead of “rape”; assigning priests untrained in sexual abuse cases to investigate their colleagues; and not informing the community of the real reasons behind removing an accused priest.

“Tell his parishioners that he is on ‘sick leave,’ or suffering from ‘nervous exhaustion.’ Or say nothing at all,” the report said.

He said that the cover-up by senior church officials “stretched in some cases all the way up to the Vatican.”

In summary, it’s once again crisis time at the Catholic Church, and once again they proved they never learned from the past.  Churches in Canada and the Midwest are closing at alarming rates, and no one seems to care.  A weak-kneed email was sent to all members of the group I belong to saying anyone who has abused someone should be removed from public service……I guess the church feels priests are akin to a government worker.  Removed from public service, like teachers who get put in a room and continue to accrue service time and when the time comes enjoy full retirement? The Blog Father and I agree on this; they should be defrocked and removed from the clergy permanently in shame.  The cardinals elected a Pope who is nothing more than a weak-kneed social justice warrior who cares more about America accepting more immigrants than policing his own.  He would rather look the other way and hope the issue blows over as opposed to taking a stand and saying there will be a worldwide review at every level of the church and no one is safe.  However, he won’t do this, because sadly Catholicism has essentially become a multi-level marketing scheme, they care more about bringing in new members than retention or finding true believers.  Try it for yourself, put a few dollars in the basket when it comes around and regardless of your views on marriage, abortion, or the death penalty they will accept you.  Nebraska and Illinois have pending investigations and Australia apparently has a huge investigation into this…..buckle up folks this is going to get very ugly.  Let priests get married you will find a better pool from which to pull from and these issues likely will not be as prevalent… the mean time I may be searching for a faith that actually practices what it preaches. I am embarrassed and upset about my own faith. They are led by weak kneed, spineless people who literally turned a blind eye to abuse of children, innocent young children.

Jake the Snake

Disclaimer: any resemblance to this author and some other guy named Jake is purely coincidental; furthermore, Jake is not related to the snake in the account of Adam and Eve.

Further Reading
Pennsylvania grand jury report exposes decades of clerical sex abuse and Church cover-up
Diocese drops Cardinal Wuerl’s name from high school after sex abuse report

Copy of Grand Jury Report  27.5 MB
Complete Grand Jury Report
Local copy of Grand Jury Report

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Saturday, August 25, 2018

Verizon Wireless a Firefighters Worst Nightmare

By “The Chief” an occasional contributor

Loyal followers know that The Chief very seldom holds back when it comes to hot takes, but this story actually had blood gushing out of my eyes.  Verizon Wireless serves many purposes, largely they are known as a wireless provider “allegedly” they also are the second largest of wireless provider behind AT&T.  Fun fact: Verizon is actually a former “Baby Bell” spun off from the breakup of the old AT&T.  As almost anyone with a cell phone knows, every so often you get the dreaded message “You are close to going over your data limit” or “You must upgrade your plan to get faster download speed” knows you generally must relent and agree to the additional charges.  As far as I am concerned, I don’t have much of an issue with this practice, since usually a swift change in your lifestyle will yield your old plan working just fine.

Here is my “chief issue” with Verizon, they used a similar practice on firefighters fighting a blaze in Mendocino County.  They used a term called throttling which in laymen’s terms means reducing the data speed rates that are used by folks surfing the internet.  While I disagree with data throttling and other manipulation, to do it to firefighters, in the midst of fighting a major forest fire, is downright despicable.  Verizon Wireless in their infinite wisdom, cranked down the data usage by our firefighters fighting a huge blaze.  Yes, you read that correctly, they were in Mendocino fighting the biggest fire in state history—which as of this writing is still only 67 percent contained—one where communication among everyone was key.  Just to clarify for all of you from Rio Linda as Rush likes to say, this was not a drill, or a daughter or son texting their boyfriend or girlfriend and causing a data overage, this was a real life or death situation. 

Mendocino Complex Fire – currently combined 425,177 acres have burned

In order to get more data for their command center in the midst of fighting this fire, they had to agree to pay double their current monthly bill even though they supposedly had an unlimited plan.

Verizon says the fire department was subscribed to an “unlimited” data plan that was limited. The company has come under fire for its use of the word “unlimited” while placing limitations on plans. In this case, the plan firefighters were under was “unlimited” until they hit a certain data point, then their data would be throttled to a slower speed.

Fire Chief: Verizon Throttled Data During Mendocino Complex Fires

Look at this quote from Santa Clara Fire Chief Anthony Bowden “This throttling has had a significant impact on our ability to provide emergency services. Verizon imposed these limitations despite being informed that throttling was actively impeding County Fire’s ability to provide crisis-response and essential emergency services .”

Per KOVR’s report, the fire Chief went on to say:

“Verizon representatives confirmed the throttling, but rather than restoring us to an essential data transfer speed, they indicated that County Fire would have to switch to a new data plan at more than twice the cost and they would only remove throttling after we contacted the Department that handles billing and switched to the plan.”

At this point, Bowden says fire personnel had to rely on their own personal devices rather than the mobile command center. Verizon eventually lifted the throttling, but not until the department signed up for a new plan.

Editor’s Note: In the same testimony the fire chief listed other fires he had fought where Verizon did the same thing to them in the midst of firefighting.

How many additional structures burned as a result of this action Verizon took?  Also, one firefighter died; was he trying to get into contact with his colleagues but unable to due to “data overage?”  While I am no fan of investigations led by the government this is one that needs to happen.  Was Verizon responsible for any structure being destroyed or fire fighter deaths?  If so they should be charged criminally, very similar to how PG&E was held liable for some of the fires their wires started.  Verizon may actually be the lowest of the low, Warren Buffett may be blushing.  Verizon has since come out and apologized, interesting that the apology was issued as Congress announced they would be investigating.  Also, this has not been reported but Verizon announced today, they would offer a new program with unlimited “emergency data” to first responders plan for about double the normal price for an unlimited data plan, I guess as Rahm Emanuel said, “never let a good crisis go to waste.”

Verizon messed up badly, and likely are responsible for additional millions in damage and likely the death of a firefighter due to their “greed.”  Exceptions can and should always be made, and during emergencies is one.  While most people run from fire, firefighters run towards the fire with every intent to save structures and any people in its path.  Verizon halted that, all due to corporate greed.  They put additional structures and people in harm’s way all in the name of profit.  In all likelihood they will be fined, both federally, the state will also get their pound of flesh, a couple of counties may get a pay off as well, but nothing will change.  No lessons will be learned, apologies do not bring back memories or loved ones unnecessarily killed or destroyed.  I’m sure Verizon has their legal department on overtime looking for ways that their insurance policy can cover this.  Who is more morally bankrupt?  Wells Fargo, PG&E or Verizon……I’ll take all of the above.

The lesson here is life goes on, regardless of whether your possessions or loved ones do, corporate profits are far more important, got to hit next quarter’s numbers!

The “Chief”

Editor’s Note: Hey Chief, if they do this for a rural fire what do they do when we finally get hit with “the big one” and much of L.A. or San Francisco is in rubble?

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Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Manafort & Cohen

The Left is getting all charged up because they think they finally may have the leverage to take-out the President.  Sorry but I don’t get it.

Paul Manafort was found guilty of stuff that happened long before he ever went to work for Trump. He was convicted of on 8 of 18 counts. That means the prosecutor threw everything including the kitchen sink at him and less than half stuck. We all know that you only prosecute what you think you can win because almost everything gets plea bargained.

What you have to remember about Trump is that he came into the political world when none of the established campaign consultants were available. His only choices were second and third tier players—bottom feeders if you will. Those with proven track records were already committed to other candidates.

Nobody took him seriously as a candidate. Hiring quality personnel has always been a problem for Trump. Those he knew in the business world were often ill suited for the political world and frankly couldn’t afford the pay-cut even if they could handle it.

Cohen, Manafort, Omarosa, and a host of others have made the Trump campaign and subsequent Administration a revolving door. I knew this would happen and said so many times before he even took the oath of office.

Trump has done nothing criminally wrong. His ethics are not in question either. Trump trusted people to do what they were hired to do but many were deeply morally flawed and gold-diggers. Anything they did illegal is on them. The liberals and many Republicans are hoping for guilt by association that somehow translates into Trump being impeached or resigning.

Drudge Report headline August 22, 2018

Richard Nixon resigned rather than face impeachment; not for committing a crime but for subsequently covering it up to protect his friends and associated. He was guilty of blind loyalty.

Bill Clinton was impeached for lying under oath and nothing happened to him. He and his surrogates attacked—vilified is more like it—his accusers and destroyed them in the public. He just laughed it off and stayed in office.

Trump has had the full power of one and a half political parties plus much of the Obama era appointees gunning for him for three years now. They have unleashed hell on him. Most of what they have done has been based on demonstrably false and phony information but as the old saying goes, why let the truth ruin a good story.

Don’t forget that the backdrop of this is that the unions and Democrats are fighting for their very existence. November is their last shot to change the direction of the government. The amount of money they have been able to spend in the past will no longer be available after this cycle. The Democrat Party is in turmoil. After this cycle, the unions will diminish and the Silicon Valley billionaires will be in a position to take the reins of power. Their Party will never be the same either way but if the existing leadership wants a hand in how the Democrat Party will be remade then they need to have a good showing in November.

So the real story is not that Trump’s existence is at stake, the Democrats are trying to nationalize their fractured party by uniting against the strawman of Trump that they themselves created. Remember that in the weeks ahead as Mueller does whatever he does. Mueller’s goal is the bleed Trump prior to November not to take him out.

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Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Government Regulations Gone Wild

By “X” the man with no name

Regulations come in many shapes and sizes and from every state in the Union, red states included; however, today I want to take a closer look at the devastating effects these regulations have on businesses. 

Let’s take New York City’s famous, 32 oz. soda ban for example.  With the stroke of a pen, if you owned a convenience store, you had to immediately remove any cups over 32 oz. from your store effective immediately.  In addition to being a small business owner or franchisee, you are now an officer of the City Council. As such, it is your job (via your employees) to see to it no customer purchases a soda over 32 oz.  Failure to adhere to this law will result in severe monetary penalties, potential jail time, and probably could lead to you losing your franchise.  Government entities know no bounds these days.  Never mind the fact you could still buy multiple quantities of 28 oz. drinks and still be in compliance.  So much for banning large quantities of soda for human consumption.  Also why just ban soda?  Have you seen the ingredients list of a bottle of Sunny Delight?  Or even some Iced Tea varieties?  Those can have as much or more sugar then soda…..yet because orange juice and ice tea seem to be “healthy” they are spared the hammer from Big Government.  This type of lunacy encourages folks to work for the government rather than in the private sector.  Image having to run a business with all the heartache that causes, but now you must police your clientele and see to it they aren’t drinking too much soda.


The next example takes us to Soviet California where legislators (notice I didn’t just say Democrats, the GOP is complicit as well) devised a ban on single use plastic bags, like the ones you can get at a grocery store.  Never minding the fact the company that produced those bags is located in California, they went ahead and banned anyway.  So I guess they want to literally ban entire companies from doing business even in the state they call home.  The ban passed at the ballot box with just token opposition.  Now as a result we have ugly multiple use bags and paper bags that cost $.10 apiece. No one the Blog Father is aware of (I left California a while ago) actually remembers to bring these bags to the store with them which yields additional “revenue” for the stores. 

Editor’s note: Grocery stores agreed to join environmentalists to support the ban as long as they got to keep the ten cents per bag and not give it to the State.

Despite efforts by the plastic bag companies, retailers will keep revenue from sales of alternative bags to cover the costs of complying with the ban, as outlined in Proposition 67.

Californians say farewell to the plastic bag

This ban was deemed necessary due to the quantities of these bags that ended up in your “lakes, rivers, streams, and alongside roadways” I call BS on this as I believe this was done simply to make life more difficult on smaller grocery chains and due to the fact the old bags were not biodegradable.  I claim it affects the smaller stores the most due to the fact that they now have to renegotiate a contract with a supplier or terminate the agreement and find a new supplier, this is not easy.  While a large chain like Wal-Mart, Safeway etc. would not find this very cumbersome.  They are systematically killing business in California and this is just another nail in that coffin.  Don’t be misled, this is a direct attack on private workers, the goal of the dictator Gavin Newsom is to eliminate all private sector jobs and replace them with government jobs.  (Or at the very least government wants to control the means of production including picking winners and losers in the economy.) Get mad at me and don’t believe me if you will but while you are mad, they are taking away your rights and retirement plans!  Yes, they are coming for your 401K’s very soon. The State wants to control every aspect of your life from conception to cremation. 

Now let’s take a look at all the states that continuously want to raise the minimum wage for workers.  This has led to automation. It’s no small error that in Arizona many McDonald’s fast food restaurants are fully automated now, with only 1 or 2 workers in the store.  This has led to a full on automation craze that is killing entry level jobs and summer temporary jobs.  The hallmark of a fast food or quick service business is to offer food and beverages as cheaply and quickly as possible.  Paying every worker $15 an hour (plus government required benefits) no longer plays to the “cheap” aspect of the business so innovators decided they would create a machine to automatically cook in the kitchen and a kiosk to take your order.  Again if you do not believe me that’s ok, but remember the TV commercials advertising a dollar menu?  The same commercials I see now feature 5 dollar boxes.  This is no coincidence.  Can you blame the business owner?

The future of fast food

Strangely I feel this is the end game politicians want. They want people working for the government, and they want you comfortable in poverty, as well as be able to control every facet of your life.  For example why must a child ride in a car seat until the age of 8?  Do we not trust a parent’s ability to simply fasten a seat belt across said child’s lap?  Why can’t a child order a soda if they want?  We live in the most innovative country on the planet so why is it that a single use bag could not be replaced with a compostable one?  Ditto on the new crazy—not being able to ask for a straw law recently enacted.

In summary the nanny state has failed us in several ways, first by banning certain things from our lives; incandescent light bulbs, plastic bags, straws, and soda being just the latest.  In some cases these laws actually contradict each other, for example why not just buy two 20 oz. sodas?  They banned the Big Gulp but not the smaller gulp.  Didn’t California go through a rough drought a couple years ago, I thought they banned water from restaurants unless it was specifically asked for?  Now they only want to offer water and milk to a child when they can just go back home and drink all the soda they want?  So it’s okay for a child to order an entrée containing 2,000 calories but a soda is not okay?  Don’t really get the logic there.  By the way I am a supporter of calorie counts existing on a menu as it gives you the chance to re-think your options, not take it away.  Regarding those plastic bags, I have heard it from multiple people that take-out places, Home Depot as well as a few other big box retailers still use the single use bags. I guess the rule applies only to evil grocery stores, not everyone else.

Riddle me this: one California law says no water at restaurants while another says only water can be offered

Finally I want to discuss some aspects of our lives that could use regulation, but never will be.  I want to give two very concrete examples; tanning beds and smoking.  Let’s start with tanning beds, they offer little benefit in the health benefit category, actually zero, and can result in skin cancer issues later in life.  Perhaps there is not enough public ire to make politicians act but for health reasons alone tanning beds should be banned.  Cigarettes also have zero health benefit, worse yet it is well known they cause cancer and will kill you eventually.  Not to mention the fact they litter our streets far more than single use plastic bags and expose people around you to harmful second hand smoke.  The reason for this is obvious…tax revenue.  Almost 70% of the cost to purchasing cigarettes goes towards taxes, state, local etc.  These are two very easy things that could be regulated, but the power of the almighty dollar wins out. Isn’t the real reason pot is legal is to get more tax revenue?

How about this doppelganger of political schizophrenia; the same state that brought you the plastic bag ban and the outlawing of straws, was considering a bill that would keep bars open and serving alcohol until 4 am, thankfully this bill didn’t pass.  It is ironic, they want to keep the streets and lakes free of bags and prohibit children from ordering sodas, because, soda causes diabetes, but simultaneously, they want to allow you to hit the bars until 4.  So I guess they are okay with you drenching your sorrows and then risking killing yourself or someone else driving home under the influence; but then again, I get it, once again, it’s about government revenue.


PS If no girl’s ugly after 2 AM, what purpose does 4 AM serve?

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Monday, August 20, 2018

Follow-up: Government Knows What’s Best for Children

Here is the legislative language on fines for daring to offer a children’s meal with anything but milk or water.

114379.50. A violation of this chapter is, notwithstanding Section 114395, an infraction, provided, however, that the first violation shall result in a notice of violation. A second violation within a five-year period from the notice of violation shall be punishable by a fine of not more than two hundred fifty dollars ($250). For a third or subsequent violation within a five-year period, the fine shall be not more than five hundred dollars ($500). A restaurant shall not be found to have committed a violation under this chapter more than once during an inspection visit.

URL: SB 1192 text

Please note that there is no age limit in this bill.

Thus if a senior citizen wants the kids meal then the restaurant must still offer milk or water. Failure to do so is a violation of the law as written.

Also, a change of restaurant ownership or employees during the five year period does not reset the clock for fines.

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Friday, August 17, 2018

Government Knows What’s Best for Children

Parents, you can’t be trusted.

Some of you want to homeschool your children, some of you make lunch for them instead of eating the ones prepared by union cafeteria workers at the local government school, and some of you even let your children drink with straws.


We all know that children must be kept in baby seats until age eight while traveling in cars because parents can’t be trusted to make them use a seat belt or drive safely because driver safety classes are optional now.

We all know that children are fat because parents are afraid to let their children play outside because they don’t really know their neighbors and many of them are registered on Megan’s List (or should be); plus, due to lawyers, schools have fences around them to keep children out after hours so they can’t get hurt on the playground.

Now the nanny state has put yet another bill on Governor Brown’s desk for approval; this is a bill that requires restaurants to offer only two drink choices to children.

A new state bill would give kids two options with their meals at restaurants—water or milk.

Milk Or Water: California Bill Aims To Curb Kids’ Soda Drinking At Restaurants

So, suddenly restaurant workers are becoming the most regulated segment of the economy and most are making minimum wage for the privilege of facing this harassment. Think about it, give a person a straw and a waitress can be fined $1,000 and face six months in jail. Now nanny state idiots are on the verge of passing another law that says she could be in trouble if she offers the wrong beverage to a child. I wonder what the fine will be for that shortcoming. If it’s not in the bill now, it certainly will be added at some point in the future.

No soda or else…

Remember, you are only parents because you engaged in a biological act that had unintended consequences and you chose not to abort the product of conception. Until government can agree on a curriculum to license parents, such patchwork responses to childrearing are necessary in an aspiring totalitarian society. 


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Tuesday, August 14, 2018

CRA 2019 Convention in Nation’s Capitol

Ladies and gentlemen, in what is sure to be the greatest endorsement yet for a CalExit strategy with a date certain, the California Republican Assembly (CRA) proclaimed their next convention (2019) would be held in the “Nation’s Capital.”

Screen capture of official CRA email 08-13-2018

As you read further, the nation’s capital is not Washington, D.C. but Sacramento. This news has yet to be picked-up by the major networks.

Really Right has reached-out to both President of the other 49 states, Donald Trump and CRA’s presumptive President Ted Cruz. Both were meeting with their cabinet advisors before commenting.

Omarosa was called by Mr. X but her answer to the question was such gibberish that X didn’t know what the hell she was saying. I told him not to take offense, nobody else knows what’s with her either.

Word is both Rachel Maddow and producers of The View have reached out to CRA President Thomas Hudson but he has not returned their calls.

Rachel Maddow wonders how CalExit support by CRA will affect women and underrepresented minorities

California’s Supreme Leader in Waiting, Gavin Newsom, reportedly welcomed CRA’s endorsement of a nation free of Donald Trump’s Imperial Presidency.

Stay tuned here for more on this developing story.

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Monday, August 13, 2018

Trump’s Opportunity in Chicago

By “X” the man with no name

Chicago has been in the news quite a bit lately, for all the wrong reasons.  There has never been a better chance for the Republicans to make a difference and their voice and message heard in the inner cities of this country.  By making a difference I don’t mean blow fire breathing right wing rhetoric at them, I want us to lay out how the Democrats have literally enslaved them once again. 

First a little background, Chicago has been the homicide capital of the United States for about 5 years running, more disturbing is the lack of arrests for said homicides.  This goes hand in hand with the culture of “not snitching” so as a result, murderers and gangs are free to continue roaming the streets.  Some neighborhoods on the south and west sides of the city could actually be declared war zones since killings and drug abuse so rampant.  Keep in mind on the rare chance authorities catch the perp that an illegal weapon is usually found on them such as: a tommy gun, sawed off shotgun, grenade, brass knuckles etc.  Keep in mind again, Illinois has some of the toughest gun laws, maybe we should enforce the current laws on the book rather than passing more restrictive ones on its citizens?  Frankly if I was in Chicago I would open carry a weapon just to serve as a deterrent. 

The heart of the issue:
Many who live in the inner cities of this country feel hopeless, stuck in bad neighborhoods.  Most grew up in societies with no father figure in their life.  As a direct result they found their father figures by joining a local gang.  Schools in the inner city are horrible, this is due to school funding rules; however, there is a lack of a charter school as an option as well, again due to teacher unions.  Dropout rates are staggering which shouldn’t be a surprise when you are subjected to teachers “transferred from other schools in the district” with their own issues.  This creates a horrible cycle of poverty (due to not being qualified to land a job) anger at police (due to being arrested) and anger toward “the system” (for your current situation).  In most cases they are right; they are forgotten and left behind by society, they are stuck with decrepit housing, zero police protection (who wants to go there now, especially with the BLM protests) horrible schools, and no businesses meaning no job opportunities.  Their local “elected officials” I say this because they don’t really get a choice, tell them life isn’t bad, and have engrained in their minds government is the solution.  Out of work?  Get on unemployment.  Have a child out of wedlock?  Get on WIC or EBT.  More kids = more $$$.  The reason for you being in your current state is due to GOP policies!  Keep voting straight ticket Democrat and your situation will improve.

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel

The solution:
A few very intriguing things happened over the past month.  Chicagoans from the inner city shut down the Dan Ryan Expressway (a huge commuter route) calling for the resignation of Mayor Rahm (Rambo, Dead Fish) Emanuel, and police chief Eddie Johnson.  Emanuel is Hispanic, Johnson is black by the way.  I disagree on Johnson, I think he is more than qualified to turn around the city, Emanuel can pound sand, he is literally the Mariam Webster definition of incompetence!  Interestingly enough many protestors interviewed want Donald Trump to come there and step in!  Yes, you read that right, they want the federal government to take over.  Some even went as far as saying bring in the National Guard, as the situation has spiraled so far out of control.  No media group will report the percentage of the black or Hispanic vote Trump won during his election, but I bet it far exceeded any other GOP nominee.  Trump gets things done, the folks are noticing this.  Chicagoans like many other inner-city dwellers are tired of the gangs, shootings and bad schools, this presents a great opportunity.  Rather than the usual GOP hot takes like; MLK was a Republican, or Lincoln freed the slaves, speak directly to them, they are a receptive audience.  Harken back to California’s Prop 8 vote in 2008 while Barack Obama won in a landslide Prop 8 passed, mostly due to heavy “yes” voting by both blacks and Hispanics.  I would lead with over saturation of police patrols, drive the crime out of the area, and as a direct result people will feel safer, and more hopeful.  Address the school choice issue; bring in more charter schools, or allow a voucher program, the real bully in the school choice issue is the teachers union.  They protect the incompetent at the expense of the good teachers.  While fixing the broken home issue is not easy, neighborhoods being safer and turning around local school choice could play a role.

The people have spoken they want “The Donald” to come to inner city Chicago.  Don’t misread this, they don’t want GOP fire breather Donald Trump they want negotiator Donald Trump.  Bring in the National Guard, change up the school funding, and get rid of the bad teachers (which is likely all of them) and watch the re-vitalization.

Trump the Negotiator

They pull a knife, you pull a gun. He sends one of yours to the hospital, you send one of his to the morgue. That’s the Chicago way!

The Untouchables (1987)

PS do not be scared, downtown Chicago is beautiful and immaculate as well as free from homeless. The bad areas are on the south side and west side which there is literally no reason to go unless you are flying out of Midway Airport, or wish to be carjacked, or want to see a liquor store held up.  Get rid of Emanuel, he is a clueless idiot.

“Mr. X”

Btw so Great White God Ted Cruz called on Donald Trump to “rescue his re-election” the end of the world is near….or at least maybe the CRA.


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Sunday, August 12, 2018

Why Your Team is Horrible: Oakland Raiders Edition

By “The Chief” an occasional contributor

The Oakland Raiders are a “football team” located in Oakland, California. This is a blog to troll Raiders players, owner, coaches, and fans.  Everything in this blog is “allegedly” true but if you are offended then regard the comment as satire.

So, you made the playoffs two years ago and after a bad year last season you decide to fire coach Jack Del Rio—who mind you is from the Bay Area after going 6-10.  I guess they got mad at Jack for dropping an “upper decker” in the bathroom or something, because 6-10 after a playoff appearance is not a reason to fire a coach.  I think the entire team just decided to play 2017 drunk on grape flavored Dimetapp, which happens to be the official drink of Raider fans. 


First let’s start with your owner Mark Davis, son of Al.  Mark, you actually look like microwaved Jon Gruden leftovers, or a real-life anamorph of a person turning into a hairless cat although I cannot decide which one.  Also, you admit to eating at PF Chang’s every day?  Everyday?  You drive over 8 hours to go to the same barber to get your “bowl” hair cut?  Again, I’m being serious, that’s dedication man!  I’m pleasantly surprised you didn’t re-hire John Madden, since your franchise has been living in the past the 15 years. 

Your owner hired Jon Gruden—yes, a man who has not coached in a decade—and gave him a 10 year 100-million-dollar contract. 

Jon Gruden’s second coming to save the Raiders

Jon Gruden was the last good Raiders coach who is most famous for being traded from Oakland to Tampa Bay and immediately winning a Super Bowl that year, blowing out the Raiders.  All while using Tony Dungy’s players and Bill Callahan’s playbook.  Gruden has been announcing Monday Night Football for the last decade. I’m sure his old dusty playbook will shine brightly in a constantly changing league.  Don’t believe me, here’s Grudens own words, “I want to throw the game back to 1998” the Raiders record that year: 8-8.  (Wasn’t 88 what it takes for a DeLorean to go Back to the Future?) Anyway, you can’t make this stuff up folks. 

Oh, I hear that Gruden loves eating wings at Hooters. Most men I know dine there for the great food and cheerful service. Besides, what happens in Hooters stays in Hooters. Anyway, between him and Davis, no chain restaurant is in danger of going out of business whenever they’re in Las Vegas.

Serious note here: I’m glad you guys hired Gruden, because now Monday Nights it’ll get quieter and I don’t have to hear “Spider 3 Y Banana” every other play.  Or any other jibberish like “The Gruden Grinder” or overused clichés like “He has the grit you desire in a player, man.”  Additionally, I get so pissed off at the hordes of media that surround this guy and hang on his every word, like he’s some kind of sage or something.  Remember the guy went through quarterbacks in Tampa Bay like the old lady at the supermarket going through the cantaloupe’s.  He’s already gotten started trading for Christian Hackenberg then cutting him within 10 days, not even long enough to split a 50 piece with Gruden…man.  Hiring Jon Gruden is literally like going all in on Bitcoin, likely not to end well.

Did I mention Vegas earlier…yeah, they are moving the Raiders there in like a couple years?  Maybe, perhaps, I still think they may be contractually obligated to play in that abandoned Toys R Us warehouse in Elko while waiting for their new taxpayer funded stadium to be built.  Kind of ironic you will be able to buy Raiders tickets at the same kiosk that you can get half priced tickets to David Copperfield and Coyote Ugly and other iconic shows that haven’t been relevant since the Iraq War.  Can you get a hold of this image…Wayne Newton leading the team onto the field while he is on a hover round?  That’s pure Vegas gold brother!  Maybe even hire Gary Bussey as the team spokesman! 

Now let’s move on to their current players. 

Raider quarterback Derek Carr is famous for two things: breaking his leg during a game on December 24th—sort of like a reverse Christmas miracle—and after beating the 4-1 KC Chiefs, when the Raiders were 2-4 he declared “Jesus is on my side” and then this good line “we talked about going 2-5 and it didn’t sound right to us.”  Derek you guys finished the year 6-10. 

Amari Cooper was good what seems like 10 years ago so he will likely break his foot week one on Oakland’s infield dirt.  Truth be told your offense is actually really good.  Your defense however is horrible, outside of Khalil Mack who is holding out, I think every other player has a warrant, rap sheet or some type of career threatening illness hanging over them.  So, what if the team went out and brought in retreads Leon Hall, Derrick Johnson, and Frostee Rucker to fix the issue.  Leon Hall is a nobody, he was good about 8 years ago.  Johnson is about 400 years old and has blown out both ACL’s now.  I don’t know what a Frostee Rucker is?  Maybe a new menu item at Dairy Queen?  But seriously anyone with the name Frostee can’t be that good, unless you are a hardened criminal.  I fully believe a squad of 11 Roomba vacuum cleaners with googly eyes could put up over 42 points on this defense.  On offense they also brought in several re-treads: weed aficionado Martavis Bryant, walking concussion and likely CTE recipient Jordy Nelson, and Doug Martin a re-tread from my Buccaneers. 

Seriously, getting just a re-tread head coach was not good enough?  At this rate you might want to give Ronnie Lott or Deion Sanders a call, I heard they are not busy.  Actually, I am legitimately wondering, are you guys holding open tryouts based on who can win in a wheelchair race outside your stadium on gamedays?  Talk about fantasy football.

Deion Sanders—currently the offensive coordinator at Trinity Christian-Cedar Hill high school

Glad you guys didn’t just stop at the coach and players with the re-treads, you fired your announcer and
hired Brent Musburger, a known gambling enthusiast, and apologist for violence towards women. 

Brent Musburger official announcer for the Oakland Las Vegas Raiders

Musburger?  I thought that is what your concession stands served the day after the sewer backs up into the coliseum?  An old pastime of mine is after the NFL Draft commences every year to look at who the Raiders picked-up, never fails the picks in every round will have one of these 3 words; reach, character issue, or project.  Usually it’s good for several laughs.

Speaking of re-treads that term also applies to their fans, quite literally all of them.  The Raider fanbase all seem to be on their second wife, defaulted on their second mortgage, and/or have likely been hauled back to court for the third time regarding late payments on child support or probation violations.  If you see no future in your life, or just feel jaded and bleak all the time, I think you found a team to root for and fan base to fit into!  Talk about the Suicide Squad. If you start making plans now, you should be just in time to move with your team to Vegas, take up permanent residency in a bottom level hotel like Motel 6, all to watch your team in the land of failure and what if. 

Raider Nation family portrait

Want some comedy relief, click on an article about the Raiders. It can be literally any one and skip straight to the comment section. Honestly there cannot be a more illiterate group of people on the planet…do they all work for the DMV? No, they don’t but more on this later.  What’s even better is when one illiterate gets into it with another illiterate fan, comments turn into a grammar and spell check nightmare.  Then it gets better especially when they get at each other about “where they are reppin from.”  Seriously, Compton, Riverside, East Oakland, Watts, they are all decrepit places to live, get over yourselves.  Best part about the whole commenting shtick, some of these guys think they become hardo’s just by adding Raider to their username, like Bigraiderfan420 or Kingraider69, glad he threw the 69 in there. 

One good thing about the Raiders is there logo makes you appear to be a gangbanger. Back in the day, I walked to college or a BART station many times wearing a good friend’s Raiders shirt, while walking through some very “sketchy” neighborhoods, I was never bothered.  Nice fringe benefit, however I hate the Raiders, hence the writing of this blog.  Also, it’s fun to watch commenters turn on other fans when they use the term “Nation”, since the Raiders call themselves “Raider Nation.” I guess they think own the copyright rights. 

Raider Nation logo

Worse yet, has anyone ever met a doctor or lawyer who is a Raider fan? Nope, they are all truckers, construction workers or “between jobs.”  Hence the obvious question to every fan needs to answer; which is higher your IQ or how many teeth you have left?  Oh, by the way explain this to “The Chief” on my way out, if your fan base is so great why is the top level (over 10k seats) tarped off?

Stay alert Raider fans, as you never know when Mark Davis may stray from his crypt to fire Jon Gruden.

-The Chief

Posted by william on 08/12 at 11:12 AM
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