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Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Trump’s 2018 European Tour

Sportscaster, Howard Cosell, famously told it like it was. People either loved him or hated him, but Howard was never shy about expressing his point of view. He grew-up in New York and folks couldn’t deny his love of sports. To many of us, Howard was a big part of what made Monday Night Football a phenomenon for many decades. Howard also helped to make Muhammed Ali and Evil Knievel the household names that they were in the 1970’s.

ABC’s Howard Cosell

In the same frank, plain talking sort of way, President Donald Trump just completed a very successful trip to Europe that has folks here up in arms about nothing.

Below are what I think are the four accomplishments of this trip.

Trump took grief for allegedly insulting the Prime Minister for telling her to honor the vote of her own people and get out of the European Union; i.e. Brexit. The British leadership is feckless and frozen with fear. Trump wanted them to be decisive and act.

Trump told Germany that it was stupid to get all their country’s energy needs from Russia. If NATO was created to protect Europe from Russia then why enrich Russia with this monopolistic energy deal? It is a conflict of interest to be in NATO and have this deal with Russia at the same time.

Trump told NATO nations that they need to take an active interest in defending their countries. Most NATO countries contribute nothing and let the United States pick-up the tab for military spending that they should be paying. This was a campaign promise of Trump so why does the media and many of these nations act like this is something new? The media always bitches about the U.S. being the world’s policeman and then complains when Trump asks them to stand on their own two feet so we don’t have too. If a Democrat said this they would be cheering.

Trump met with Putin. No on mike whispering that after the next election the President would be in a better position to do favors for them like we had with Obama. The media is stuck on stupid about Russian and the election. If the Russians did anything, it was to make Hillary look bad—which only takes a mirror—but this idea that Trump and Russia collaborated to thwart the Democrats and steal the election is just sour grapes. Yes, many of us really do hate Hillary and think the only reason that she had a political career was because she slept with Bill. She has no ideas or accomplishments; she was an incompetent Secretary of State and her track record was painted red with the blood of people all over the world that died because she was/is an idiot.

President departing Air Force One

Trump had a good trip to Europe. How can you tell? Because the media and the political class are having kittens. They talk and Trump does. That ladies and gentlemen is the difference. They still can’t believe that Trump believed all that stuff he promised in the campaign and is trying to make it happen. Donald Trump, promises made, promises kept. That is how you Make America Great Again.

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Friday, July 13, 2018

Free Pass for Criminals and Politicians

Commit any crime and do zero time. Yeah, really, it’s now the law in California. Shoot-up your workplace or school, no jail. Kill someone with your car after smoking pot or being drunk, not problem. Steal a car with children in it and skate.


Check out this article.

It’s a trailer bill, passed inside wide-sweeping budget legislation and signed by Gov. Jerry Brown in June, that creates a diversion program for all crimes, including felonies.  District attorneys across the state are worried about its impacts, saying it could open a dangerous door when dealing with serious crimes.

“Things like this kind of hide in there and now it’s law,” said Yuba County District Attorney Patrick McGrath.

Tucked between dozens of pages of legal language is a new law passed in a budget bill, that could let more criminals off the hook.

“I’m frustrated, I’m frustrated,” said McGrath.

AB 1810 creates a plan to keep people charged with any crime — including murder, mass shootings, and fatal DUI’s — out of jail, as long as they can prove the crimes were committed because of a diagnosable mental disorder that can be treated. 

“So, that would mean anxiety, alcoholism, kleptomania,” said McGrath.

New Law Can Keep Criminals Out Of Jail With Provable Mental Illness

But folks it doesn’t stop there. Think about it. Michael Savage says Liberalism is a mental illness. And he’s basically right. So if you protest anything; Trump, immigration, abortion rights, killing cops, surrendering to communists, conservative speakers on campus, winning the NBA finals, or anything else then you can get off free.

Michael Savage

This applies to politicians as well; take bribes, text to your girlfriend about your hatred of Trump, touch interns on the butt, act like Maxine Waters, buy stock in companies that are awarded government contracts by your committee, steal opponents lawn signs, etc. and you are off scot-free.

Mentally ill politician Maxine Waters

Lest you think I jest, look no further than worker compensation claims. To have a valid claim, you need one person in the State of California to say you have a work related injury and you can cash in. Whether you really hurt yourself working on your car on your day off or climbing Half Dome on vacation is not really relevant.

Half Dome

The person approving your claim does not have to be a medical doctor either. A holistic healer, medicine man, chiropractor, acupuncturist, etc. anywhere in the State. No second opinion is needed. The important thing is that the paperwork is completed properly, the person signing it is of secondary importance.

If you apply the “medical’ standards used in the worker comp system with the new law on mental illness you have a cornucopia of crimes that you can get away with; especially when the medical and psychiatric communities are convinced that pills can cure anything that ails us.

I can hear it now…

“Your honor, psycho Bob was off his meds when he killed his mother. I have confidence that if properly medicated, he won’t do it again.”

Liberalism is a mental and spiritual illness that turns the good that government was intended to do into a suicide pact for the society that it governs. Sadly, here’s yet another example.

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Thursday, July 12, 2018

Stormy Daniels was Arrested this AM

By “Chief” an occasional contributor

When the “Chief” read this headline, Stormy Daniels was Arrested this AM, I knew I had to fire up another troll blog.  Stormy Daniels, we will refer to her as an adult entertainer, most known for trying to extort money from President Donald J Trump, was arrested at a Columbus, Ohio strip club where she was “performing” this Thursday AM.  She “allegedly” touched some undercover police officers while she was performing on stage.  Stormy was arrested and booked into a local jail; no word if said jail had a stage or fireman’s pole on which she could continue her act.  However; traditionally, they do have a camera or two on the premises.

Stormy Daniels taking the perp walk earlier today and she looks way different with clothing

Stormy posted bail of $6,054 and was released shortly after being booked. No word on whether bail was paid in used one-dollar bills, or coupons for future services rendered by Miss Daniels.  As a sidebar I hope the bail officer wore gloves when handling said dollar bills because this money is in need of laundering (with bleach).

As a certified connoisseur of strip clubs since my youth, I would like to weigh in on this topic because I find the lack of details disturbing here.  First of all what patron of a strip club would complain about a dancer touching them?  This is what the officers should be investigating, good lord!  That’s like the Holy Grail my friend and here you are rushing outside to put 911 on blast?  For this?  Fortunately for this “poor lad” there just happened to be a number of undercover police officers at the club to well…to stick-up for him and lend a hand. Coincidence?  I think not!  Rumor has it the officers were investigating a lead on a shooter of famed, rap martyr, XXXTentacion.

Lest you think I jest about Ohio, read the article in the post below on flakka.

“… there have been recent reports of a designer drug marketed as flakka in Ohio and Houston as well as Florida.”

Thank gawd they didn’t let this “Stormy” situation blow over.  Or perhaps these officers were just looking for a reason to get her off the premises, away from the unwashed masses, and get a private show out of this?  Most people don’t look good in handcuffs unless you are into that sort of thing, but something tells me Stormy didn’t mind, and she is likely no stranger to a pair of more “furry” handcuffs. 

Upon being bailed out, her attorney put out a statement saying, “This was a setup and politically motivated, it reeks of desperation.”  I agree, as this appears to be the same thing she did to President Trump. The irony in that statement cannot be made up. 

What is kind of funny in a weird way is this is the law she broke “under Ohio Law, an employee who regularly appears nude, or seminude on the premises of a sexuality oriented business is not allowed to touch anyone who is not a family member while nude or semi-nude at said establishment.”  Well I think that law defeats the purpose of any and all strip clubs, I mean who wants to see a family member nude or semi-nude?  Frankly I would expect a law like this in West Virginia but not its neighbor to the west!  Truth be told I’m slightly disturbed. Now let me get this straight, so touching a family member’s junk while nude is not viewed as a crime, but if it’s not a family member, it’s illegal?  Does this include service animals? Many people regard them as family members too.

Given the above, I think it’s time to change the way we pick Presidents since it usually comes down to Ohio’s “voters.”  Maybe they have these laws because of the old joke, what do you call a good looking women in Ohio?  A visitor!

In an interview with a friend of mine, he commented “Just a few months ago she was on top of the world, being interviewed by Anderson Cooper and Jimmy Kimmel and now this?  My response was if you consider being interviewed by those two as the top of the world; you should get out more often.  Plus, I think that’s the first time I’ve heard the words, “girl”, “on top of” and “Anderson Cooper” in the same sentence, ever.

In closing, Stormy got off on these “alleged” charges this morning. And when I say got off, I mean legally, not sexually because there is no way to prove the latter.  This is why I always urge people to use “allegedly” because until convicted you do have rights in this country…allegedly.  A couple of final thoughts on this; first, the day I call the police because a stripper touched me is the day I kill myself!  Also, boy do I hope Trump tweets his thoughts on this, I’m going to get my popcorn and warm pretzel handy!  Additionally, I’m glad to know the good men and women of the Columbus Police Department were attending a strip club last night rather than you know; cleaning up the hell hole that is known as Columbus!  I am sure there were no shootings, opioid overdoses, or any other crimes committed in that gawd forsaken place!

More as events warrant,



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Justice for XXXTentacion

By “Chief” an occasional contributor

We broke news a little over two weeks ago that there could finally be justice for fallen rapper “XXXTentacion”; today we moved a step closer.  Broward County Sheriff deputies announced the arrest of 22 year old Michael Boatwright today in connection with XXXTentacion’s murder.  Police say he was one of the two shooters to kill the martyr and rap artist XXXTentacion.  Boatwright was in custody on a drug charge when officers informed him of his murder charge.

Michael Boatwright arrested for cappin’ XXXTentacion

Wow, that has to suck. Here you are counting down the hours until you are released from the gawd awful hell hole known as Broward County jail, you spy a few officers headed your way and a smile creeps across your face!  You are getting out, your family will come pick you up, take you over to KFC or Wingstop to reward your release from the pen, and wham, like a ton of bricks you find out that stack of paper you thought was your belongings is a document arresting you for murder!  Man that counts as a bad day, worse yet you get moved from a less serious offender unit to a hardened criminals unit!  Boatwright’s dream of KFC and Buffalo Wing’s, have been replaced with Nutraloaf, oatmeal, and mystery meat.

Before we get too excited about the murder charge, looks like this Boatwright character had a pretty rough week as he was locked up pending trial on a long list of charges.  Inmate records show that, in addition to the murder charge, Boatwright is pending trial on charges of cannabis possession; possession of cocaine with intent to sell; manufacture or deliver; possession of the drug, flakka; battery on a specified employee; resisting/obstruction without violence; and probation violations, among other charges. 

The 22-year-old was already in Broward County Jail after his arrest Thursday on felony cocaine possession with intent to sell or deliver and misdemeanor marijuana possession charges, which brought additional violation of probation charges. Boatwright is on probation until April 2019 from battery and drug charges.

Second suspect arrested in murder of rapper XXXTentacion

It takes some people decades to get a rap sheet that long; Boatwright accomplished this before most people finish college!  I guess you could say he graduated from petty crime, assault, and drug distribution to murder.  By the way just to remind our loyal readers “allegedly.” 

Editor Note:  For those not up on current trends in street pharmaceuticals, here is the lowdown on flakka.

Flakka is a designer drug that can be snorted, smoked, injected or swallowed. It may also be combined with other, softer drugs such as marijuana.

Flakka is most typically made from the chemical alpha-PVP, which is a synthetic version of the amphetamine-like stimulant cathinone. Cathinones are chemicals derived from the khat plant grown in the Middle East and Somalia, where the leaves are frequently chewed for a euphoric buzz.

Flakka is one of a number of cathinone-based drugs that are produced in China and sold online to small-time drug gangs in the U.S. And the business is lucrative. Hall says that with small investment of only a few thousand dollars, a dealer can walk away with as much as $75,000.

What is flakka? Florida’s dangerous new drug trend

A quick look at Boatwright tells me he has never really been in jail before; the lack of a decent mugshot; and lack of any tattoos tell me he may not be the best candidate for jail time.  He looks like a mama’s boy to me. Especially in comparison to Dedrick Williams, the other “alleged” shooter.  Williams looks like he knows the inner workings and politics of jailhouses very well.  Also he is no stranger to an orange jumpsuit or a bowl of jailhouse oatmeal for breakfast.  Hopefully these two can be cellmates because Boatwright will need a good support group.  I also noticed Boatwright has yet to hire a lawyer; bold strategy, but you know what hey, why spend all that money when you can represent yourself!  It’s a constitutional right we all get! 

When reached for comment Boatwright said he “dindu nuffin” so I guess that means he will fit right in with the rest of the animals in jail who also found themselves in the unique position of saying “they didn’t do it.”  Couple words of advice for Mr. Boatwright, first get used to the food quickly, it will ensure your survival.  Might be tough at first because I heard the maggots and cockroaches in the jail kitchen never touch the food, and sprint immediately toward the exterminator hoping to be put out of their misery quickly.  Also do not under any circumstances drop the soap! 


If you happen to do so, just let it go, it’s a painful lesson otherwise brother!  Stay strong!

Finally the police are seeking a second unidentified gunman as well as wanting to speak to one Robert Allen about the shooting as well.  Some unsolicited advice to Mr. Allen you are also wanted for a felony charge of possession of flakka, a concealed gun as well as probation violations. If I’m you brother, I’m Googling countries with no US extradition laws.  Get out while you can before the police can frame you for this heinous crime as well.  Also remember the 5th Amendment, and by that I’m talking about the right to keep your mouth shut, not the right to a 5th of Hennessey.

Hey Mikey, take the 5th

Until next time,


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Saturday, July 07, 2018

When a Corporation has no Ideas

By “X” the man with no name

Campbell’s Soup is probably the second worst run organization in the country right now, CRA being #1.  However, Campbell’s situation is fixable, not so much for the CRA. 

Campbell’s another American Institution on the ropes

Some background first, Campbell’s Soup Company owns many brands including; the namesake soup line, Pepperidge Farm, Prego, Pace, V8, and Goldfish among others.  The problem is that these brands are all “center of the store” items that have been experiencing little to no growth over the last decade.  Consumer tastes have been changing. People are not reaching for canned soup much anymore since the economy has improved and we are not in a recession.  The fact that a can of soup might cost you $3 doesn’t help either. For not much more, I can get the Hungry Man dinner and be full after eating it.

As a result, Campbell’s CEO Denise Morrison, who is by far the most incompetent person leading any organization now except maybe ESPN, went on a buying spree to try to save face and earn goodwill with shareholders. 

Denise Morrison, shopping ‘til her company stock dropped

In a little over a decade Campbell bought; Plum Organics (2013), Bolthouse Farms a carrot growing company (2012), Kelsen Group baked goods (2013), Garden Fresh Gourmet salsa line (2015), and many other lesser known companies.  Here is the issue with all these acquisitions, Plum Organics is an organic line of baby food and salad dressing, and there is much competition in this space.  Bolthouse is a yogurt and Salad dressing line, again major competition, but also they own a carrot farm for producing baby carrots, my question here is why?  You’re a canned goods company not a carrot growing company!  Kelsen baked goods isn’t going to move the needle much sales wise and they are far more popular overseas than in the US.  Garden Fresh also made very little sense, you already own Pace salsa line, now you are adding a little known organic salsa line?  Again why?

Maybe Morrison should start by getting the carrots out of her ears. These acquisitions show a Board of Directors and Executive out of step with changing trends in a shrinking industry. However, this wasn’t the last acquisition this desperate company pulled off.  In a quest to ensure their bonuses and stock options vest, Denise Morrison pulled off the most idiotic acquisition in a long while buying Snyder’s-Lance for 6.1 billion (2017).  Synder’s is the maker of pretzels, potato chips, Emerald Nuts, and Pop Secret popcorn.  I call this a horrible acquisition because none of those brands except maybe Emerald are desirable.  As far as potato chips go; Kettle Brand, Cape Cod and Jay’s are ok, but Frito Lay owns the whole aisle!  Pop Secret?  I’m not sure how large the market is for popcorn, but I cannot see this being the answer to all that ails Campbell.  Basically, Campbell panicked and overpaid for a very average company whose brands are at best number 2 or 3 in their respective categories.  Basically what I am saying here is why grab a bag of Cape Cod when you can buy Ruffles or Tostitos?  The acquisition was completed, and the results were um… yeah.. just as most expected.

The company booked a $393 million-dollar loss one quarter after closing on the Synder’s-Lance deal,  and that wasn’t even the most disastrous thing that happened that day.  CEO Denise Morrison unexpectedly “retired.”  Give their earning, this was expected. These CEO types who are used to living a privileged life hate when things don’t go their way and as a result take the easy way out.  These thin-skinned types do not care much for adversity (much like Congressional Republican leadership). Golden Parachutes have their privileges as long as they’re used before the stuff really hits the fan.

Morrison was vicious as far as layoffs go, closing 2 plants during her tenure, one of which being in Blog Father’s backyard, Sacramento.  Morrison knew she couldn’t do anything more for the company short of euthanizing it and took the weasel way out; thus, leaving the chair of the board and her CFO Anthony DeSilvestro to take the heat on the quarterly conference call.  DiSilvestro I’m convinced is Dilbert from the comic strip in human form…not talking about the smartest person here.  Not to be undone, Morrison nominated herself for sainthood on the way out, saying her acquisitions are paving the way for a bright future at the company…of course what was she supposed to say?  By the way, the new interim CEO has essentially put the company up for sale and they are looking for either a buyer for parts of the company or the whole thing.

Campbell’s CFO Anthony DeSilvestro

Here is the bottom line and the biggest issue, Campbell’s made a fatal mistake going on a buying spree trying to make their company something it was not.  Legacy Campbell’s is a preservative loaded canned soup, salsa, and sauces business. This type of business throws-off lots of free cash to be reinvested into the business, pay down debt, or be returned to shareholders.  There is nothing wrong with this type of business. Tastes may change over time but if you’re feeling ill, Campbell’s chicken noodle soup would usually do the trick.  However, instead of sticking with what they know, Campbell’s tried to become a trendy, fresh, farm to fork type company and failed badly.  They are a canned and packaged goods company. They tried to grow carrots, but this division has lost millions over the past 3 years.  The fresh salsa, salad dressings etc. have had the same fate.  Now the company finds itself in a pickle after yet another ill-fated acquisition.

Here is my solution.

Keep the soup business. This is your namesake and legacy product.  Sell the carrot farm and the fresh salsa and salad dressing business, this is not your core.  Keep Pace and Prego as they are also your legacy and very well known.  Dump Pepperidge Farms and most of the Synder’s-Lance business. Sadly, this is never going to pan out, way too much competition in that space. 

This is where the problem lies with my solution, no one really wants those spare parts. The only answer is to call a company like Kraft-Heinz and see if they will buy you outright.

Could the struggling Campbell Soup Co. have a suitor?

The Kraft Heinz Co. (NASDAQ: KHC) is reportedly interested in buying Campbell Soup Co. (NYSE: CPB), according to the New York Post, citing sources familiar with the matter.

Report: Three months after Snyder’s-Lance purchase, troubled Campbell Soup may have suitor

Sadly, a debt laden dinosaur with no vision won’t attract many buyers.  Inept management does this to a great company.  I have a feeling the company won’t exist independently much longer.  Campbell’s too big to fail strategy and move to get hip and trendy has utterly imploded. As a show of good faith to shareholders, fire that Dilbert look alike. Oh, and lastly, if things get really bad and there’s anything worth salvaging, look for Uncle Pennybags to show-up at the fire sale to liquidate the carcass.


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Friday, July 06, 2018

CRA Makes Fox News

The Anti-Trumpers which include the CRA and many in the irrelevant California Republican Party have come to the attention of people at Fox News; well sort of…

Apparently some pundits are bailing on the GOP and embracing the Democrats as a way to stop Trump from reducing government, strengthening our borders, and reshape the Supreme Court. Defending the status quo as it was under weenies like George Bush (either one) is a paramount value for these guys. Sadly, the article never directly mentions the CRA or the confused commentator Glen Beck by name.

Some big-name, anti-Trump conservatives, such as Bill Kristol, argue that it’s better to stay and fight for a better GOP, which they define as veering away from the president’s most controversial policies.

But for others, the Democrats that they’ve spent their lives battling suddenly look like they’re worth dating, if not marrying. 


Even as these pundits argue that Trumpism is ruining the GOP, the president is enjoying record-high support among Republicans. Bottom line: They aren’t bringing many voters along with them.

Divorcing Trump: Why some conservatives are now pushing Democrats

It’s amazing what a guy with a spine like Reagan or Trump can do in a world of invertebrate politicians.

Oh, the CRA and CRP are mentioned in the last part of the article “Bottom line: They aren’t bringing many voters along with them.”

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Wednesday, July 04, 2018

Finally: A Ted I Can Believe In

Ted Hickman, a city councilman in Dixon, CA, has really irritated the Left and made them forget all about their hatred of Donald Trump…at least for a while. You see, on his blog, Ted declared July as SPAM… Straight Pride American Month! 

Ted Hickman’s bold declaration

Now hundreds of millions of the rest of us can celebrate our month, peaking on July 4th
—Ted Hickman

Ted is even on the ballot this November so as you read this, you can marvel as I do at his perky sense of humor. Sadly the Left is not laughing but suffering an aneurism.

…I am proclaiming July as NOT LGBTQ-WTF aka… Straight pride month… You know…  I hereby resolve that I proclaim the month of July to be celebrated as… I am proud to be a heterosexual, monogamous, married to the opposite sex, straight individual that knows what goes where and why. But I’m not going to try to shove this down you throat, so to speak, you can be one or not, that’s your choice.

(emphasis and colors in original post)

Ted’s exhibits as to why S.P.A.M. is necessary for our youth

Last Sunday ended LGBTQF-WTF month Yea! (*Don’t get me wrong I support the First Amendment, as much as the next person, and support the rights of grown men to wear skin tight short-shorts and go-go boots and don tinker bell wings with wand and prance down the streets of San Francisco) with tens of thousands of folks dancing and prancing all over American celebrating the fact they are different than most of the rest of us and showing their “pride” in being so.

Now before anyone gets their pantyhose in a knot, this is not really legally anti anything; instead it’s pro-family; and proud to be a straight American, and me expressing a private opinion… So there! If you remember last week I proclaimed the Month of July as SPAM …(Straight Pride American Month)…(as Vice Mayor don’t know if I can, but what the heck). Now hundreds of millions of the rest of us can celebrate our month, peaking on July 4th, as healthy, heterosexual, fairly monogamous, keep our kinky stuff to ourselves, Americans… We do it with our parades in every state and county in this country with families celebrating together. We honor our country and our veterans who have made all of this possible (including for the tinker bells) and we can do it with actual real pride, not some put on show just to help our inferior complex “show we are different” type of crap. We ARE different from them…We work, have families, (and babies we make) enjoy and love the company (and marriage) of the opposite sex and don’t flaunt our differences dressing up like faries and prancing by the thousands in a parade in nearby San Francisco to be televised all over the world… *And yes, before it becomes an issue, I do believe in faries; I’ve seen them in SF for myself.  Let’s see if I can remember the Peter Pan story about believing in faries…oh yeal, so according to “Wikipedia” faries are powered “bypiezoelectric” crystals which can be energized by sound waves like made by clapping. So, right now if you don’t want any faries to expire, you can clap your hands. See, I do have a heart I just can’t type and clap at the same time… so I had to make a hard choice didn’t I?

URL: Ted Hickman blog

Ted’s response to taxpayer promotion of the rainbow lifestyle

Ted has stones to put this stuff up on the web. As a result, he has the Huffington Post, local and regional papers, television stations, and folks all over the Left upset that he dares to stand-up for the rest of us and mock the “rainbow people” for their moral nakedness.

So be thankful on this Independence Day (‘cause every country has a July fourth on their calendar but only America Celebrates our independence on this day).  Thanks to veterans and people that sacrificed to make this country what it is, and still do. And mostly be thankful for regular guys like Donald J Trump and Ted Hickman that believe that America needs to be made great again. So, enjoy the fireworks on the web and in the sky tonight. Oh, and happy SPAM month. Enjoy it, we’ve earned it.

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Saturday, June 30, 2018

Ted Cruz is Really Right

Yeah, we just said that and here’s why…

Just as a stopped analog clock can be correct twice a day, we need to give credit where credit is due. Yes, we are hard on Ted’s supporters but we here at ReallyRight are man enough to praise him when he gets it right.

I saw this from Joe Miller today and wanted to let you know that I agree with Ted Cruz.

Trump Just Added the Worst Possible Name for Dems to SCOTUS List

. .It’s also Democrats’ worst nightmare. If you thought they were freaking out this week over Justice Anthony Kennedy‘s retirement announcement, imagine how they’d react to the Utah senator [Mike Lee] joining the High Court. . .

President Donald Trump has asked his advisers about nominating Lee to replace Kennedy, according to a Bloomberg News report Thursday that cited “three people familiar with the matter.”

Lee’s rock-solid voting record has earned him perfect 100 percent scores from Conservative Review and the Heritage Foundation. In addition, he has the highest lifetime score from the American Conservative Union at 99.43 percent.

The senator also has a strong background in the law. He has served as a federal court clerk, assistant U.S. attorney and general counsel for Utah’s governor, in addition to his private practice work specializing in appellate and Supreme Court litigation. . .

I think he would be extraordinary ,” [Ted] Cruz said of his friend. “If you look back at Republican nominations to the Court, Democrats have batted almost 1.000. Just about every nominee they’ve put up there has voted the way they wanted on just about every single issue. Republicans at best bat .500. About half of the nominees Republican presidents have put on the Court have turned into train wrecks — have turned into liberal activists.”

Ted is right in saying that the Dems have a perfect track record with their appointments to the High Court and Republicans get skunked about half the time with theirs.

Folks, Trump will get to have four or five appointments to the Supreme Court during his presidency. Over the next six years; these will include replacing Ginsberg and Thomas. You may actually have the opportunity to see the Liberals loosing in the Court six-to-three or seven-to-two. The dream that began with Reagan may finally see the light of day, a bright future for the city on the hill. Please God, let it be so.

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Friday, June 22, 2018

Disturbing News out of Florida

By chief correspondent

Jahseh Onfroy was a rap singer that was gunned down in Florida on Monday. His stage name was XXXtentacion. From what is known of him, he can best be described as a horrible person who spent most of his juvenile years in and out of the Florida legal system for things ranging from false imprisonment all the way to beating the tar out of his pregnant girlfriend.

XXXTentacion, who sported dreadlocks and facial tattoos, was a rising star. He notched a No. 1 album in March with his sophomore effort “?”and had a top 10 hit with “Sad!”

But he also generated controversy. In 2016, he was arrested on charges including home invasion for a 2015 incident, and less than a month later was jailed on charges that he attacked his girlfriend, who was pregnant at the time. Later, he faced more charges including witness tampering.

In a recent interview with the Miami New Times, XXXTentacion described his upbringing, which included seeing his mother infrequently and being raised by friends, family and baby-sitters. His mother bought him clothes, phones and other gifts. He said he used violence so she would engage with him.

Suspect In Murder Of Rap Artist XXXTentacion Appears Before Judge

Rapper Jahseh Onfroy AKA XXXtentacion

On Monday, June 18, the 20-year-old was shot and killed during an apparent robbery as he was leaving a motorcycle dealership in Deerfield Beach Florida, CNN reported. The controversial talent, whose real name was Jahseh Onfroy, was departing the shop before 4 p.m. when he was gunned down by two armed men who fled the scene in a dark-colored SUV.

Bystanders attempted to check his pulse, but X was transported to a local hospital, where he was pronounced dead just after 5:30 p.m. Monday.

On Thursday, June 21, Cleopatra Bernard, mother of the slain rapper, shared an image of an ultrasound to her Instagram account inscribing the sonogram with the note, “He left us a final gift.”

URL Murdered Rapper Expecting a Child

Broward county Sheriff’s officers arrested 22 year old Dedrick Williams and charged in connection with the shooting death of rapper Jahseh Onfroy AKA XXXtentacion. 
Days after rapper’s Florida slaying, a suspect is arrested

Dedrick Williams was arrested for murder

First of all Mr. Williams is just 22 years old, which still makes him a baby or a child.  A baby who now faces the prospect of spending every last day of his life in jail due to 1 poor decision.  Also he is a man of the cross, witness, said cross tattooed just near his eye.  I think he was just doing the Lord’s work.  Please don’t point to Mr. Williams’s criminal history and the fact that he was still on probation for Grand Theft Auto four years ago, he was still a juvenile damn it!  His past should not matter because it is not relevant! 

Court records show Williams has been charged previously with several felonies, including grand theft auto, domestic violence, cocaine possession and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon.

It does not appear, however, that he has ever done prison time for these charges and some of them were dropped. Williams does not appear in the Florida Department of Corrections offender database, but was on probation for the auto theft conviction.

Suspect In Murder Of Rap Artist XXXTentacion Appears Before Judge

This guy was on the straight and narrow and getting his life back together, this incident was just a mere slip-up in my eyes.  So now the State is going to take this kid’s freedom away on a permanent basis?  For this?  Look Black Lives Matter tells me police officers do this same thing daily and I don’t see any of them going to jail! Murdering someone I know isn’t really right, but there is a time and place to discuss Mr. Williams losing his freedom forever, but I don’t think it’s appropriate on the day of his arrest!  I find it extremely distasteful because this is not the time or place!

Williams was loved by all friends and family and deeply respected in the community. He had aspirations to get a degree in breaking and entering but I guess he moved on to murder.  His own mother was even quoted as saying “He a good boy!”  Word has it, William’s was owed money by Mr. XXXtentacion, that being the case he was jus gon collet his debts!  I mean he was just trying to provide for his family like any good man would!  Or maybe XXXtentacion had stolen his unlimited pass to the local Centerfolds?  Also do we even know if he committed this heinous crime?  I want to use the term “allegedly” for what he did, because I think he is a victim of being in the wrong place at the wrong time!  I don’t even think there is reason to believe this crime even really happened to tell you the truth.  So now one alleged transgression is going to cut short the life of someone who had a very bright future in front of them!  I call this yet another example of a fine young man just being screwed over by our education system! Also please do not rush to judgment I’m not sure there is any direct correlation between felonies and facial tattoo’s.  Stay strong my brother!

A few more thoughts, I want to know why the police didn’t ask Williams if his actions were a coping mechanism as the direct result of President Trump’s constant racism!  Also in regard to the death of XXXtentacion, I hope grief counselors are available to all the young adults who feel they lost an artist who spoke directly to them, hopefully they can find a new role model.  Mostly I’m just in disbelief I was told there were no guns in Broward County, another reason this was likely a set up.  Where is David Hogg? By the way, just for the record, Planned Parenthood has killed more innocent blacks than this guy, why is he going away?  Does this guy have a family? I don’t know if I can stomach seeing another case of children being separated from their parents.

Just an additional note I doubt the Broward County Sheriff’s framed him, they are not known for approaching a hostile situation or shooting during times of crisis.

Note: The author of this article is attempting to illustrate the hypocrisy of the Black Lives Matter movement’s standards of “justice” by applying them to this situation. BLM is mute on the fact that Planned Parenthood kills more blacks in one year than have died in racial violence since the emancipation of slaves during the Civil War. Also the vast majority of black men murdered are killed by other black men but again BLM is silent. BLM is a political weapon to divide people on the basis of race not fix problems in the black community. The defense of Mr. Williams herein is intended as satire.

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Wednesday, June 13, 2018

CRA Scorecard for June 2018: Epic Failure

As you might recall (no pun intended), the week prior to the June election Secretary of State Alex Padilla reported that:

Republicans are now just a quarter of registered voters in California, with both Democrats and independents outnumbering the party that once dominated politics in the Golden State.

The percentage of voters registered as Republicans has been falling steadily over the past two decades, from 38.5 percent in 1998 to 25.1 percent in the latest figures.

Republican Party Drops to 3rd Place in Latest California Registration Numbers

I decided to take a look at the CRA endorsement list for the June election and see how they did. It doesn’t seem fair that MR. X seems to frequently whack this organization and I don’t. I looked at the statewide races of Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Secretary of State, Controller, Treasurer, Attorney General, Insurance Commissioner, Superintendent of Public Instruction, and US Senate. (These are in the order used by the Secretary of State website and not the CRA endorsement list.)

Of these nine offices, CRA failed to endorse in the following races: Controller, Insurance Commissioner, and, Superintendent of Public Instruction. Thus CRA ceded one third of the races.  Of these three, the Controller race has a registered Republican that made it to November with no help from CRA; recovering Republican Steve Poizner came in first for Insurance Commissioner; and Superintendent of Public Instruction did not indicate party on the ballot so I don’t know who they were. The implications of this inaction is that we must conclude that CRA doesn’t care about California.

Look at what each of these offices do.

First, Betty Yee is arguably the worst incumbent on the ballot. Yes, even worse that Garvin Newsom. Her track record is terrible and in my opinion, she is the worst Controller that California has seen in decades.
The backbone of California’s financial records system is a UNIX based program called CalSTARS that was implemented last time Jerry Brown was Governor back in 1983. Yeah, this is the program that caused the Y2K crisis in California. Millions were spent to pay retired state employees to return to work to patch this P.O.S. so it could handle four digit years.

For many documents that her office processes, SCO has a backlog to 2015.

Under her leadership—or lack thereof—the Controller’s Office is slower and less efficient in a state that thinks it is the technology leader of the world. Can you say Irony? Oh, her Agency still uses tractor-feed paper and dot-matrix printers to give documents to various departments because they aren’t available in digital formats.

I could go on but the thing that should really frost not only CRA but all Californians is that Betty Yee and Fiona Ma—the Treasurer candidate—are personally responsible for the disinformation campaign that dismantled the Board of Equalization last year. Since CRA’s current President, Tom Hudson, worked for BOE, I would think it a slam-dunk that CRA had a candidate they could support to “take-out” Yee but no dice. Like everything else under Hudson’s leadership, all you get from CRA is crickets.

You would think that Hudson, Sue Blake, George Runner and the other so-call Republican stalwarts would stand-up for themselves and their livelihoods even if they won’t stand-up for the taxpayers that they claim to represent at BOE. Democrats threw the token black guy (one of their own) under the bus and all you got was crickets.

Insurance Commissioner
CRA claims they hate Obamacare. We all know that Obamacare was a stopgap solution on the socialist road to single payer healthcare. So did CRA run or endorse anybody that is running for Insurance Commissioner? Heck No! Once again, their rhetoric and their actions don’t agree.

CRA has had many opportunities to change their endorsement process to conform to the “Jungle Primary” system that we have in California. They have refused to face the reality that not every race will have a Republican in it. At my last CRA convention (you know the one where they overwhelmingly endorsed Lyin’ Ted), I brought the issue before the convention and they killed it at the earliest opportunity.

In his Republican days, Poizner was a CRA endorsed candidate but in a race with no Republican, CRA didn’t have the guts to go with him when he clearly is the best guy on the ballot.

Superintendent of Public Instruction
At my last CRA Convention, much energy was spent bashing Common Core but again CRA has no dog in the hunt for this job; somehow I don’t think it’s because they figured-out that in California, Common Core is here to stay.

Secretary of State and Attorney General
CRA did actually hit two winners in the statewide offices. For Secretary of State, Mark P. Meuser, came in second. For Attorney General, Steven C Bailey also came in second. If the June results are any indicator, both Republicans will face the slaughter in November.

Sadly, this brings us to the third act of the CRA train wreck. CRA had four big misses in the endorsement department. Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Treasurer, and US Senate.

Before I get into the details, I know some will try to nitpick what I’m about to say so in the interest of full disclosure, the numbers used below are from the Secretary of State’s website on June 12, 2018.

At Convention, CRA spent much time debating the pool of potential candidates and threw their weight behind Travis Allen. Meanwhile, their arch enemy, Donald J Trump, threw his support to John Cox. From the votes tallied thus far, Cox received 25.8 percent of the votes cast while CRA’s all-star candidate received 9.55 percent. Trump’s guy got about three times the number of votes.  Oh, Allen came in fourth place  in the race while Trump’s guy will be on the ballot in November. Since the jungle primary was implemented, this is the first time a Republican gubernatorial candidate has made it to November.  For that we have Donald Trump to thank not CRA.


Lieutenant Governor
CRA fared even worse in their choice for governor in waiting. Their choice was David Hernandez. Hernandez received 6.1 percent of the vote. Out of four republicans on the ballot, CRA’s anointed came in fourth. My prolife Facebook friends said to go with Cole Harris who ended up being the top Republican vote getter. Sadly, Harris was beat by two Dems so he won’t be going to November. Oh, CRA’s guy came in seventh place .


CRA had a chance to go after Fiona Ma with their choice of a Treasurer candidate. They picked Jack Guerrero. Jack apparently didn’t know jack and came in third place . He was bested by Ma and Republican Greg Conlon.

US Senate
From a Conservative Republican point of view, if any candidate on the ballot embodies the opposite of what is good, right, and Constitutional it is Dianne Feinstein. Surely CRA had a guy to go after the ancient Senator from San Francisco. Charged with this task at their Spring Convention was the noble Tom Palzer. In a field of 32 candidates, surely the CRA endorsement would be decisive in propelling a solid Republican to the head of the pack. 11 of the candidates were Republicans. Among Republicans, Palzer placed a solid fifth place thanks to CRA. Sadly, he came in seventh place overall with 3.09 percent of the statewide total.


CRA is a lost and irrelevant organization. In my mind, their “jump the shark moment” was the endorsement of Ted Cruz. Their vote of over eighty percent endorsing Ted Cruz on the first ballot proves that they are out of touch with rank-and-file Republicans. They are bleeding membership and still have many paper clubs in their midst. Tom Hudson was supposed to be a caretaker President to heal the organization and provide stability and integrity. Instead, he is the undertaker President leading the group into the wilderness to atrophy and die. They should either pull the plug on the organization or hand it over to Johnnie Morgan and his group in LA. Either way, the current leadership needs to walk away now.

CRA—a dumpster fire waiting to be extinguished

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Tuesday, June 12, 2018

California Republicans Continue to Fail

By “X” the man with no name

The Republican Party in California is dying a very slowly painful death by 10,000 cuts and they have no one to blame but themselves.  The CRA is the main culprit in this…..remember they are the conscious of the party!  Think about it, the CRA didn’t even offer token opposition years ago when the State Party was going to change their platform on same sex marriage.  Actually I remember seeing some CRA members, and some in leadership actively campaigning to support the platform change.  So much for being the conscious of the party, just like the national party under Bush, you decided to play nice and it cost you at the ballot box. 

Same thing is happening in Southern California, the groups down there were so incensed by Janet Nguyen, Ling Ling Chang and Young Kim winning Assembly and Senate seats that they made sure that two of them did not get re-elected later.  Yes, you read that correctly, because of a couple bad votes, the CRA wouldn’t endorse Janet Nguyen or Ling Ling Chang and as a result, we lost the ability to stop tax increases and gave the other side a super majority.  And raise taxes they did, the newly elected Senator Josh Newman voted along with several Republican colleagues to raise the gas tax to fund “transportation projects” also known as the Bullet TrainOnce again the CRA took no stand against any of the seven Republicans who voted for it, likely they endorsed their re-election as well.  Because hey, we need to play nice and it’s only a few dollars extra added to fill your tank up with gas.  This is another reason the party is failing, they usually campaign and win on the issue of taxes, but if you support higher taxes and a majority of your rank-and-file go for it, is there really any difference between the parties?

California Republican Assembly sinking to the depths of oblivion

Now about the recall election of Josh Newman that took place last week.  Please don’t gloat too much CRA rank-and-file because your organization did nothing to lead this battle.  Mostly because Ling Ling Chang, there’s that name again, got elected to replace him.  The effort was led by Carl Demaio and a host of southern California radio hosts who had finally had enough of the steaming pile of B.S. being pushed by your organization.  The recall passed with 59%, you were once again on the wrong side of a result, maybe Ling Ling endorsed Trump?  I would love to hear the spin doctor try to spin this one, lol.

While you are at it, maybe have your fellow elected and endorsed Republicans explain this comment by Newman;

“It saddens me, colleagues, Republican colleagues, that despite all your nice…words, not a single one of you had the integrity, the decency or the courage to stand up and say…‘this is wrong. This is an abuse of the recall process.”  URL: Recalled Democratic senator condemns GOP in defiant speech

Think about that and let it set in for a moment. This now recalled Senator is basically saying to the opposition party, you guys supported me behind the scene, how come your didn’t come out publicly?  Where are the conservatives in the party?  Where is the CRA?  Like usual, nowhere to be found.  Maybe that’s why registered Republicans are now the 3rd political preference after Democrat and Decline to State?

Lastly, maybe you should take a long hard look in the mirror regarding your so called “conservative credentials”; especially, seeing that your group almost always winds up endorsing the most liberal candidate under the guise of “only they can win the seat.”

Until next time,


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Friday, May 25, 2018

California’s Ideological Version of the Zombie Apocalypse

Given: The following logical propositions are true:

• Actions have consequences.

• Ideas have consequences.

• Elections have consequences.

Therefore, as we approach the anointing of Gavin Newsom as the next governor of California, I promise that you will see the attacks upon thought and personal beliefs accelerate in ways never seen before in the history of our nation .

Two harbingers of this have already been seen in the legislature—and be warned—they are just the beginning.

California Senate Bill 1146 (2016)

This threatens religious institutions ability to require that students attend daily or weekly chapel services, keep bathrooms and dormitories distinct according to sex, require students to complete theology classes, teach religious ideas in regular coursework, hold corporate prayer at events such as graduation, and so on. In other words, it threatens every practice that makes religious institutions distinct from secular institutions.

“The bill effectively eliminates the religious exemption under current law that allows Christian colleges and universities to operate in accordance with their beliefs, including the freedom to hire only Christian faculty and staff. If passed without amendments, the new law would also very likely disqualify students attending California Christian colleges and universities from eligibility for Cal Grants, a key state-level student aid program.”

California Bill Would Ultimately Erase Religious Schools

Religious leaders and colleges in California claimed victory this week after deflecting a proposed California bill that would have jeopardized state funding for students at religious schools that did not conform to state policy on gay rights.

At stake were hundreds of thousands of dollars in state tuition subsidies for tens of thousands of low-income students attending private religious schools. These subsidies come in the form of Cal Grants that provide substantial subsidies for poor students at private and public colleges.

The bill would have required any school whose students receive Cal Grants to comply with state nondiscrimination law and provide housing for same-sex married couples on an equal basis with heterosexual couples and to provide bathroom access to transgender students based on their chosen gender identity.

As amended, the bill would now be limited to two types of disclosure. First, colleges would have to publicize if they have requested a religious Title IX exemption from the federal government. Second, they would have to report to the state if a student is expelled for morality code violations.

This disclosure-only shift was hailed as a victory by religious schools and their advocates, but the victory may be a fleeting one.

Kristen Soares, president of the Association of Independent California Colleges and Universities, which opposed the bill in its earlier form, said she expects the bill’s author to be back next year.

“This gives us more time to work on this issue,” Soares said. But, she says, she is under no illusion that this compromise is anything more than a pause .

California legislature balks at pulling grants from religious schools over LGBT issues

Assembly Bill 2943 (2018)

A new bill passed by the California Assembly on Thursday would classify the selling or advertising of gay conversation therapy as a fraudulent business practice.

Assemblyman Evan Low (D) said the practice of trying to change someone’s sexual orientation is ineffective…

California bill would classify gay conversion therapy as a fraudulent practice

A supporter of the concept of the bill, Conor Friedersdorf, wrote in the Los Angeles times, “…to settle what the law really is saying will require a decade of court battles .”

Conversion therapy for gays is awful, but so is California’s bill to ban it

Both the above pieces of legislation (and others I could cite) would be passed under Newsom. Governor Brown may or may not sign the one on Conversion Therapy. The thing you must remember is that all such legislation is just the next step to something else not the end in itself.

Folks, if you are a traditional, orthodox Christian whether you call yourself Roman Catholic, Orthodox, or Protestant, the State of California has placed you in their crosshairs for the purposes of extinction. You will conform or be persecuted. Sticking to your beliefs and teaching them to your children will have a cost.

They’re coming for you brethren

The logical next step after private colleges are denied access to the Cal Grant program will be this: if you graduate from an institution that is not eligible for Cal Grants then you will be denied employment in any level of government. This may happen via the backdoor and the State may word the denial in terms of accreditation of institutions or some other weasel words. Perhaps they will require an affirmation of your support for homosexuality or abortion or whatever social issues they wish to attach. It will effectively be a Test Oath to swear allegiance to the power and wisdom of the State.

Truthfully, I’m surprised that current State employees don’t have to do this in some form already. I guess the assumption is that we really believe all the B.S. that they tell us or it just never occurred to them that many of us dissent from the wisdom of the rainbow people in government.

For example, State employees are subjected to sexual harassment training on an annual basis. Employees are required to sign-in at the training but currently no document is required with a signature saying that we agree, support, or affirm all the stuff the legislature says we need to do or believe. If you tune-out about 90 seconds of the one hour presentation then you likely just skipped the token rainbow pug for the year. I foresee the day coming when sitting in the room will not be enough, we will have to sign a pledge to tow the Party Line.

Most folks don’t understand that those elected to the Legislature are not bound by their consciences or oath to support and defend the Constitution; instead, their attitude is if you don’t like what we do then take the issue to court. Otherwise, shut-up and hold on.

The tyranny of the majority is here and they’re coming for you. The ideological version of the zombie apocalypse has begun and it’s an inside job.


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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Future History Today

Two thousand years from now, some poor child in a history class is going to be presented the following three headlines from today and then asked to explain what caused to downfall of the United States of America.

1 NFL considers proposed 15-yard penalty for kneeling, report say

2 Parents can kick their 30-year-old son out of their home, court rules

3 Publix wouldn’t write Summa Cum Laude on graduation cake due to profanity, SC family says

Folks what more can you really say?

Let’s look at each of these just a bit more.

NFL considers proposed 15-yard penalty for kneeling
The National Football League did this to themselves by allowing politics into the game. The San Francisco Forty-Niners and then the NFL Commissioner allowed this to happen much to my amazement. I watched zero NFL games last season and will watch none until this practice is outlawed. A penalty is not enough. It is a half measure from a group of spineless owners that have been given billions of taxpayer’s money for the sole purpose of playing a stupid game.  The owners should have their government protected monopolies removed and be forced to seek only private funding in the future.

Update 05-23-2018

On Wednesday, the league announced new guidelines that require players who are on the field during the anthem to stand, but allows individuals who decide to skip the “Star-Spangled Banner” to remain in the locker room.
Liberal media outraged after ‘racist’ NFL adopts ‘un-American’ policy to combat national anthem protests

Parents can kick their 30-year-old son out of their home.
As I have written about before, “The compassion of the wicked is cruelty.”

The man in this story is selfish and by all accounts has failed to honor his parents. The Commandment doesn’t say honor your mother and father only when you agree with them or when they deserve it, it is not qualified by such weasel words.

A verse in Proverbs comes to mind but it doesn’t really mean what you think it does.

Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.
Proverbs 22:6

Accordingly, Prov. 22:6 is not so much a promise, as it is a solemn warning. Parents, if you train up your child “according to his way”—in other words, if you quit the hard work of loving discipline and just give in and let your child have his own way—you will reinforce his sinful proclivities to such a degree that, apart from supernatural intervention, “even when he is old he will not depart from it.”

Proverbs 22:6: Train Up A Child His Way or God’s Way


Dr. Crenshaw is a smart guy and the article that I quoted above is well worth the time to read it.


Publix wouldn’t write Summa Cum Laude on graduation cake due to profanity
For those of you on the Left Coast, Publix is a grocery store chain which apparently has a bakery with employees that were given average publix-school educations. Since Latin is no longer taught, I’m not that surprised. Most folks now-a-days only think in terms of bodily fluids and how to satisfy their base urges. The thought of these words being associated with academic excellence is clearly beyond their comprehension. Clearly Publix employees only use that word in another context when messaging their friends on social media.

So, student of the future, what did you conclude about the state of our Republic and its demise?

We had a saying in our era that “Hindsight is 20/20”. But sadly, the people living during this time never comprehended the peril that we were in. The Good Book warns us that “As in the days of Noah…”

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Friday, May 18, 2018

The State of Our “gig” Economy

By “X” the man with no name

Hi, how is the local economy doing near you?  I recently toured some areas in California with the Blog Father and was stunned at what I saw.  I saw shopping malls and strip malls opening all over the Sacramento area; however, these are all low paying, barely minimum wage jobs, few of which offer any benefits! 

I am old enough to remember when Ronald Reagan, whose modern-day heir is alleged by all you CRA and Tea Party folks to be Theodore Cruz, felt if the economy isn’t adding close 500k jobs a month we were going backwards, not growing!  I find it ironic that the US population is 35 percent more than 1980 and adding half that number of jobs is regarded as a thriving economy. No wonder so many college graduates are living with their parents while they pay off their crushing student loan debt.

In the Reagan era, most jobs were decent paying private sector jobs; think factories, office buildings, etc.  Now the jobs we are “gaining” are low skilled, low paying jobs, and oh by the way, the job numbers now also include a growing number government jobs, so I guess low wage and government sectors are growing nicely in this “service economy”; at least that is what I saw in sunny California. In the Blog Father’s town, several new government buildings have been added and several more are scheduled to be built. I guess if you owned the local Five Guys, BJ’s, Subway, etc. you are doing better but I argue the economy in general is doing poor and we are living in a mirage economy.

Look at how most corporations such as Intel, Apple, or even Comcast organization their employees. For example, I had Comcast install cable at my house; however, I noticed something funny when the technician showed up.  The truck and their identification badges read: O. C. C. Communications, no Comcast logo anywhere.  When I questioned this, not wanting to let strangers into my house, they said they were independent contractors used by Comcast for installs and service work. Since they were the only guys knocking on my door during the time the appointment was scheduled I let them in. 

These guys do not work for Comcast; instead, they are contracted out and paid by the job, no benefits, or anything.  Intel does the same thing, I bet in the Ivory Tower in Folsom, most of those “employees” are not affiliated with Intel at all, just vendors or contractors.  The guy who delivered my FedEx package?  He works for Package Delivery LLC, not FedEx. Want to take odds he is a contractor as well? 

Now there are benefits to having a mostly contracted workforce do not get me wrong. Corporate labor costs become just another fixed expense because the details are somebody else’s problem. This makes product prices lower and outsources compliance to government’s myriad of labor regulations.

Such a workforce could/should be more motivated. Labor suppliers are motivated to perform because they know that their contract could end and they all may be terminated after a set date based on performance. Such an arrangement gives the parent company limited liability exposure if the labor force does poor workmanship. 

But now the downside. In such an arrangement, you have no bargaining power, and no rights. If your “contracted employer” wants you gone…adios.  You get no healthcare and pay no taxes so you’re on your own to settle up with Uncle Sam at Tax time.  You are 100% at the mercy of your contracted company. If the contract goes out for bid and your company doesn’t bid the lowest, you’re out of a job.  You are essentially a Labor Ready employee, knowing full well you are 100% disposable and completely at the mercy of your employer.

In our economy, there exists a tier below even this level. This is the “gig economy”.

In a gig economy, temporary, flexible jobs are commonplace and companies tend toward hiring independent contractors and freelancers instead of full-time employees. A gig economy undermines the traditional economy of full-time workers…

Definition: Gig Economy

Examples of the gig economy are companies like Airbnb, Uber and Lyft.  Again you are an independent contractor but you are able to work in your spare time, as much or as little as you want. 

Here is the problem with this system….government regulation.  Well that fear is coming true in California, as the State Supreme Court ruled those workers need to be classified as employees not contractors. Yes folks that Uber ride you take to the airport, used to be $15, likely will be $25 soon. 

This is the way it works folks, if you’re no longer a contracted worker then your employer is not going to allow you to wait around in your house for your Uber app to ding saying someone requested a ride.  So you will be burning more gasoline driving around aimlessly. Oh what’s that, you want to work the late shift?  Sorry we need you to work the morning shift! What’s that you don’t like it?  You’re fired.  Really the end game here is the State of California wants to allow these folks to unionize and pay more dues into the system to elect more socialists to give them “handouts.”  This ruling actually hurts the people who depend on it the most, I’m talking in terms of Uber, Lyft etc.  The gig economy allows younger people to work whenever they feel like it and earn a little extra money on the side, like to buy and smoke weed for example, or pay off your student loans, or something. 

The gig economy has its place. It’s a nice supplemental income to support your minimum wage paycheck. Also it can be fun to have flexible hours.  Lost in all this is the idea that the minimum wage was intended as a training and entry level wage, not something to continue earning for the rest of your adult life. It is not the minimum income to support a family and be a productive member of society.

This court ruling is being aimed at cracking down on big businesses trying to skate employment law, but it’s going to hurt the ones who depend on it most.  I learned a lot about how millennial and Gen-X live these past few days.  As much as I faulted them for being “live in your parent’s basement types”, boy was I wrong.  How does one live on a paycheck of $1,750 gross a month?  Especially when an apartment costs $1,100, and you have a car payment, insurance, cell phone, cable bill etc.?  Along with $100k in student loan debt?  Yeah I would drive for Lyft or Uber too.  It’s too bad because the futures of these kids just got set back a decade, or forced them to become government slaves for life.

However if I may address the other side of this coin, the older workers on contract for a big company.  This is a horrible way to live life, no benefits, being lied to, and living on a 90-day contract cycle.  Some workers exist in a sort of limbo because the company they went to work for doesn’t want to pay medical or other benefits.  Even worse, if the company doesn’t meet earnings expectations for its shareholders, your job could well be outsourced. This was the case for Conagra Brands (Chef Boyardee, Reddi-Whip, and Hunts) as they outsourced their entire sales team (over 1,000 jobs) to a Florida outsourcing company.  The bottom line is, in today’s regulatory and Wall Street driven world economy, there are two sides to the coin.  Heads I win, Tails you lose.

Until next time,



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Wednesday, May 16, 2018

CRA Week at UC Berkeley and the #METOO Thing

Editor Note: This dispatch from X was sent yesterday but my family activities resulted in a delay.

By “X” the man with no name

Greetings on a rare Tuesday blog from your humble correspondent! I just wanted to check-in with some thoughts regarding recent goings on in Soviet California.  First, I want to thank the CRA Board and current President Thomas Hudson for renting the “stress” llamas for the use of their membership.  These llamas were at UC Berkeley last week for students to hug, cuddle, etc. to relieve stress from final exams.  Yeah I guess that’s a thing now……

Llamas in Berkeley are so cute they could melt the heart of a snowflake

Here’s something stressful, being a CRA member and knowing full well that Donald J Trump is literally kicking butt and winning at everything important; yet somehow you still despise the man!  Seriously, the whole Board, including President Hudson, hates this man so much that I heard they even offered to write the articles of impeachment of our president!  Problem is they approached their great white God, Theodore Cruz (who I think most believe was the victim of a rigged primary), to be installed as President following the impeachment of Donald Trump, however true to form, Theodore voted no, saying we need to have a President with a conscious. 

So, to the CRA, President Hudson and the entire Board…… you made a great investment with those llamas.  They should go on tour to all CRA meetings, everyone should get to hug those llamas and relieve the stress of Donald Trump as President!  You might even make them available to former members as well because I remember so fondly that endorsement convention where, with the nomination already wrapped up, Trump was not endorsed by the CRA, instead it was Theodore Cruz (Loser-TX).  I rest my case, please hug a llama, relieve your stress lest you be tempted to harm yourself or others.

Oh, and if your life is stressful now, just wait until the votes are counted in June. By then, the llamas will be gone but take comfort in the fact that Governor Garvin has promised to fight against Trump with all his being. Both Bush I & II taught us that “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” so naturally I expect for CRA to endorse Newsom in November.

I need to say my piece on this #Metoo thing. I never could grasp this phenomenon. I don’t have a tweeter or whatever it’s called.  I used to think the hashtag was a pound sign, so I would read that as POUND ME TOO. So just like any other red-blooded American man would do, I was waiting for Jennifer Aniston to have her turn holding said sign.  Sadly, I found out what it really meant and naturally…well embarrassment set in.  Like I said, thank god there’s no tweeter for me.

Jennifer at last year’s Oscar Awards

By the way, as for the two paranoid CRA members in Sacramento County who keep trying to track down my identity; rest assured, I am a former board member living in exile.  You both knew me very well.  I am so glad that I’m gone from the CRA and that the Blog Father departed as well.  By the way William, I heard the statute of limitations is up for my “shenanigans at the salsa bar” at our favorite Mexican place, shall we go when I’m out your way in a couple months?


Editor’s note: Hey X, the statute may be up but I’m confident that she stills remembers you.

Posted by william on 05/16 at 06:59 PM
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