CRA: Fraud, Lies, and Video Tape

Membership Secretary, George Park, has fired off his first two installments in the continuing tale of fraud, lies, and misdirection which have been the CRA Presidency of Celeste Greig and her advisor, Steve Frank.

Park’s first salvo was a video recording of Frank misrepresenting the CRA Bylaws so he could prevent the largest chapter of CRA in California, Santa Clarita Valley Republican Assembly, from participation in an endorsing convention. The disenfranchisement was because the chapter was not supporting his preferred candidate in a regional endorsing convention.

Frank –while on camera—was blowing more smoke than a steam locomotive, as he prevented the rules established in the State Bylaws from being followed and instead substituted his own novel interpretation. He used his rank as a previous past statewide president as justification for buttressing his unique interpretation. After the endorsing convention, an appeal was made to CRA President Celeste Greig as statewide President. She upheld the actions of Frank.

I have experienced similar abuse at a CRA endorsing convention when I was barred from voting by John Stoos and Wayne Johnson because I did not agree with their candidate choice and the outcome was too important to be left peons like me. Interestingly, Frank, Stoos (at the time), and Johnson are all political consultants. Perhaps folks who make their living as political consultants should be barred from officiating at endorsement conventions in which they have a financial interest in the outcome.

Next, Park directed his guns at the other Santa Clarita CRA chapter, the Republican Assembly of Greater Santa Clarita Valley. This group has a short but colorful history. It is a club created for the benefit of one candidate. Park has documented that the chartering documents for this group contain improprieties. Some listed members not only say never joined the group but say they never paid any dues.

Scott and Vanessa Wilk never signed the petition for Charter. Both Assemblymember Scott Wilk and his wife Vanessa Wilk (also a Deputy Senate District Director) have certified via email that they never signed the RAGSCV petition for charter…Neither Scott nor Vanessa ever paid dues, and did not fill out membership applications!

Links to Vanessa and Scott Wilk emails denying joining the RASCV chapter.

Normal folks call this evidence but not Steve Frank. He refuses to deal with the facts. Instead he employs Zen and the Art of Political Science. He just wishes all the negative energy that he radiates not be held to his account. Instead he says, “If you do not have anything positive, unifying or productive to say—keep it to yourself. Don’t harm CRA for a personal agenda.”

Frank seems more akin to Rodney King screaming, “Can’t we all just get along?” Clearly he has one set of rules for his friends and a different standard for everyone else. Isn’t that one of our complaints about Democrats?

Steve’s line of argument is old, tired, and uninspiring. I think he needs a new tactic. I think he should follow the advice given in the Paul Shanklin parody Drag the Dog. In one portion James Carville and OJ Simpson have the following discussion and how Bill Clinton should handle the affair with Monica.


JC “Listen-up and just do what he says.”
OJ “Hey, I got here as fast as I could. What’s the situation?”
JC “Well it ain’t so good. They got they got tapes, gifts, witnesses, clothing, DNA, finger prints.”
OJ “That don’t mean anything. Do you have a rhyme?”
JC “A what?”
OJ” Like, he can’t quit, she’s just a twit.”
JC “Man you’re good.”

Yeah, Steve Frank needs a rhyme! Truth is not on his side. His only hope is to raise obfuscation to a whole new level. Hey Steve, get a rhyme ‘cause your outta time.


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